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Thursday, February 5, 2009

OSSEIN/ERASER EYE Collaboration Available for Free Download

Nile Bowie of experimental sound artists OSSEIN recently checked in from Europe to announce the completion and release of a brand-new OSSEIN-related recording – Opal Sativa.

"We've recently completed this new collaborative LP with Eden Lustig's new project ERASER EYE. Eden has contributed to OSSEIN before, having played on the 'Osaka' release. This is the first LP we're releasing as a full collaborative effort. It serves as the fourth OSSEIN LP, and the debut ERASER EYE LP. It's a creative collaborative live percussion & electronics recording."

"Thematically, the recording retains a very primal aura, the concept of altered physical & psychological states are the kinds of ideas that influenced this music. The idea of being lost within sound is one of the consistencies you'll find in OSSEIN records, and this may be one of the best examples. We're interested in hearing your interpretations. Enjoy, dissect, and distribute."

Song titles:

1. Opal Sativa (Part 1) 56:53
2. Opal Sativa (Part 2) 20:04

The album is available for free download on OSSEIN's Myspace page.

OSSEIN's previous release, a double album entitled FÜHRER, is also available on Ossein's Myspace page, alongside free downloads of their other releases (2008's Declination and Osaka).

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