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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Bassist Chuck Robinson of legendary Chicago doomsters TROUBLE is selling one of his Fender Precision Bass guitars for $800 (see photo below). According to Robinson, the axe was used in the studio only and is "100% A+ condition." He added, "I have two of these; I use one on the road and the other to record. Must sell."

Go to this location for more details on the bass.

Contact Robinson via his official MySpace page for more information.

TROUBLE has released a live recording from Los Angeles via the band's web site. "Live In L.A.", recorded on the group's last West Coast tour, has been mixed and mastered and is available at NewTrouble.com.

As previously reported, TROUBLE is in the process of writing songs for a new album for a tentative summer 2009 release. Tours will follow both in Europe and the U.S.

Regarding the new music's direction, TROUBLE guitarist Rick Wartell told Rock N Roll Experience, "I know people have said this a million times and I know you've heard this a million times, but it's pretty fucking heavy, let's put it that way! The music end of it that Bruce [Franklin, guitar] and I are writing is getting heavier and heavier...it's getting heavier and then we want [new singer] Kory [Clarke; WARRIOR SOUL] to incorporate his style to what we are doing, that's basically all that we really want out of this."

Speaking to Viewmag, guitarist Bruce Franklin stated about Clarke's inaugural tour of duty with TROUBLE, "We had sent him some MP3s and he had the chance to listen to some stuff but it is not the same until you are playing with the band. We only had a couple of rehearsals before the tour started and the first few shows were a little rough. By the fourth show it was getting pretty good and from there on it just got better. We couldn't expect him to learn twenty songs at once, so we picked the most popular songs. We were hoping to do more early songs but Kory was latching on to the early Nineties stuff because it has the most hooks and is the catchiest material. It's probably easier for him to remember those. We did a setlist that was heavier in that era and finally managed to get one or two old ones in by the end of the tour."

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