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Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Serpentina Satelite

SERPENTINA SATELITE was formed by the end of 2003 in Lima, Peru. Band members are: Aldo Castillejos (drums), Felix Dextre (bass/vocals), Flavio Castillejos (voices/poetry), Dolmo (lead/rhythm guitar) and Renato Gomez (rhythm/lead guitar/vocals). In late 2004 the band edited independently their first EP named LONG PLAY, featuring 5 epic songs which oscillate among calm, violence and ecstasy, in the spirit of Space and Krautrock. Constant appearances, underground festivals and freak-outs followed during the next years under the cloudy city of Lima. Now, their new record NOTHING TO SAY gets released on TRIP IN TIME (distributed by World in Sound). Again, it is an extended 5 track epic recording but this time, SERPENTINA
SATELITE brings us a turbulent and more powerful rough sound. For best listening pleasure, this EP was mastered analogue in Walldorf at Perplex Tonstudio (Guru Guru, Embryo, Kraan). The epic opener NUEVA OLA takes you right away on a mysterious trip to the satellite’s new musical galaxy. And for the title track NOTHING TO SAY, better fasten your seatbelts—this is a high energy rock & roll freak-out! THE LAST DROP and MADRIPOOR establish the EP's strong overdrive sound before KOMMUNE I, a final 23 minute journey to the roots of psychedelia.


"South America is quickly becoming one of the greater sources for Heavy Rock. This time around, Peru's Serpentina Satelite is the impressive act making its way from the Southern hemisphere to my most highly rated MP3's.

Got a hankering for drawn out chords with a melodic adventorous tone? This atmospheric fivesome has an aggressively tasty touch instrumentally. Lyrically, vocallythere are some weak points, but even there I can make a very respectable comparison. Imagine Henry Rollins meets EITS, with a chiming of H.U.M.

Nothing To Say being their second EP since banding together in 2003, these guys will be an indie to look for in 2009. Look to track one Nueva Olva for an epic gouging of the experimental guitar soul. A bit of tweaking on the vocals and I'm begging for their next release. In fact, I'm on the trail for a copy of their first EP oddly, but I imagine deservingly titled Longplay" (Brian Rutherford, Musicemissions.com)

FREE MP3-"The Last Drop"

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