Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heaven and Hell Records announce Twisted Tower Dire Re-issues

In the beginning of 2009, Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing re-issues of the first two Twisted Tower Dire albums, The Curse of Twisted Tower and Isle of Hydra. Both will be a limited 1,000 press two-disc set. Each will include a ton of bonus material from the beginning of the band’s career up through the time of each album’s original release date. Including material never before released on CD. More details to follow soon.
We are proud to be working with one of the best underground true heavy metal bands around today. Over their career TTD have built a strong cult following among the legions of heavy metal fans around the world that has truly been earned. The power, the glory, and the honor of these real metal warriors is more than deserving of these upcoming releases. Please watch for more details on these releases, they are sure to satisfy all fans both new and diehards.
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