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Friday, November 14, 2008

HERMANO Guitarist Bleeds For Rock And Roll

American heavy blues rockers HERMANO, who feature in their ranks musical heavyweights John Garcia (KYUSS, UNIDA), David Angstrom (BLACK CAT BONE, SUPAFUZZ), Steve "Dandy" Brown (DOCK ELLIS, ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO), Chris Leathers (SUPAFUZZ), and Mike Callahan (DISENGAGE, EARSHOT), have issued the following update:

"During the [November 12] show in the packed Kassablanca Club in Jena [Germany], the very last song was ended before its time. David 'All Over The Place' Angstrom, HERMANO's guitar player, walked into the bass head of Dandy Brown's bass guitar. As a result blood everywhere. He was taken to the hospital and they stitched him up good. They lost count after 12 stitches. He is doing okay, but got the advice to take it a little bit easier so the wound doesn't open up. That will be a hard thing to do for Dave all over the place. The last three dates will take place as planned."

"…Into the Exam Room", the third album from HERMANO, came out in January 2008 in North America via Regain Records.

HERMANO went for a classic old-school escape-ism approach with "…Into the Exam Room". No messages, no hidden meanings just pure heavy rock lined with beautiful harmonies and Garcia's distinct yowl.

Formed in 1998 as a side project, HERMANO has flourished for nearly a decade, despite its members being scattered across America. The group's writing sessions happen in its members' respective cities, with ideas tossed into the song library by every member until the quintet sifts through and chooses the best.

HERMANO's unconventional approach pays off in the end. "…Into the Exam Room" is a diverse record with a character all its own. "This is the most emotional record in my entire life," said Garcia. "It's been a long time since I felt this strongly about a record. Honestly, I haven't felt this strongly since KYUSS."

"I could not be more pleased with the way this band continues to conquer through adversity," Leathers said. "Faced with thousands of miles between us, babies being born, wives having surgery, divorces, and a record on a deadline, this band still managed to release a kick-ass record. Being willing to be challenged and punch life right back in the mouth is a testament to everyone involved."

Fan-filmed video footage of HERMANO's November 5, 2008 concert at Atak in Enschede, Netherlands can be viewed below (clip uploaded by "weinandt").

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