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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Album Of The Day- Bad Wizard-"Free And Easy" (2001)

The Album Of The Day is "Free and Easy" by Bad Wizard.


Though they hail from the alt-rock mecca of Athens, GA, Bad Wizard keep their collective feet firmly planted in the classic rock world -- '70s hard rock and the late-'60s Detroit sound to be precise. Now based in New York City, the ill-shaven combo's rambunctious 2001 debut, Free and Easy, is a retro-rock wet dream come true, recycling tried and true classic rock riffs with a healthy dollop of distortion and enthusiasm inspiring in their simplicity. In many ways, Free and Easy is similar to an AC/DC album in that three-chord nuggets like "Lay Your Love on Me" and "Tiger Tooth" are instantly familiar to rock & roll-schooled ears (almost disturbingly so, at times), but one still can't help but ignore these coincidences, such is the band's conviction in getting them across. "Come On" is pure Bon Scott-era AC/DC, the frenetic "Keep High/Stay Low" is little more than an excuse to let loose and solo like crazy, MC5-style, and the Four Horsemen-ish "Natural High" is simply awesome, the band cutting loose with wild abandon behind wild-eyed frontman Curtis Brown's full-throated howl. The fact that the entire disc clocks in at less than half an hour only adds to the raw vitality captured herein, qualifying Free and Easy as one of the new millennium's first retro-rock classics. (Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Lay Your Love On Me
02. Barefootin' Man
03. Hey Mama
04. Endless Lady
05. Keep High/Stay Low
06. Natural High
07. Tiger Tooth
08. Free and Easy
09. Come On




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  2. Wow! Thank you for you for the inclusion of Heavy Planet. I will link asap.

  3. First, i have to listen to the mentioned album in this posting; second, a big thanks to zer0_ii for the work on his blog.

    Greetz @both of you


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