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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Mr. Peter Hayden

Mr. Peter Hayden is a rock/stoner/post-five-piece from Satakunta, Finland. The group consists of Lauri Kivela, Simo Kuosmanen, Touko Santamaa, Mikko Marjamaki and Vesa Vatanen. Their sound is formed with two guitars, bass, drums, percussions and finished with as much vocals as seems necessary. On some live shows the groups performs fully instrumental, but sometimes even additional vocalists are brought to stage to fulfill the momentary visions.

Review of Mr. Peter Hayden/Galacticka – Orbit: Orbit 10”:

The Finnish have a reputation for not being very communicative, and for sure, this 10” came with a nice sketch drawing and instructions to “Stop and relax, please. Listen.” That’s it, and then some of the most beautiful music to fall into my hands so far this year. I already knew this band from their 7” “First Cycle Complete”, reviewed in LowCut 42, which scared the pants off me with its eerie, esoteric rumblings, a heavy, post-metallic instrumental music with added woodwinds to complete the picture, so I had an idea what to expect this time around. This 10” takes the sound a step further, adding some psyched percussion and more of a spacerock flavour. Absolutely magnificient! The other side is Galacticka, a band of whom I know nothing, but whose sound is much in the same area as Mr. Peter Hayden, although they lean more towards an Ash Ra Tempel freak-out. You can screw all those unworthy crap Neurosis wanna-bes that clog the touring circuit, this is music that actually wants to do something to you. (Jon A., Lowcut.dk)

Review of First Cycle Complete 7":

It's a spooky little record, this one. Apart from some scrawling on the inner label, which reveals its origin as probably Finnish, there's not much info here, and the music itself doesn't give away much. Esoteric, gloomy, repetitive, dark, occult doom metal with occasional vocals far behind in the mix and arbitrary voodoo drumming on top. Two alternate versions of one song, one of which sounds like Black Sabbath, the other like Hawkwind, both of which sound like they crawled out of the tundra and belong to some secret order. I'm a bit scared by this record, I must admit that, but no more than I've been putting it on again and again these last few weeks to keep the demons at bay. (Jon A, Lowcut.dk)

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