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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mangoo Signs with 7:45 Records

Hailing from Turku, Finland, Mangoo represents the true essence of stoner rock. There`s enough fuzz in the band`s sound to grind down mountains and the wall of boom just tramples all in its way. But what truly makes them stand out from the crowd is their eye for strong pop esthetiques. When you`re droning on in a herb induced coma, you don`t expect the chorus to catch your ear and make you wanna shake your bottom like it was 1974 all over again. That`s the magic that Mangoo brings to the table, so beware or you`ll get caught twistin`n`shouting in the wrong place!
The basic setup in Mangoo`s case is topped off with the amazing synth works of Nikky. Everything from searing analog leads to heavy organs are added on to the guitar and bass wall of Mattarn, Pickles and Igor. With Pickles handling the lead vocals and both Nikky and Igor taging along here and there, the live sound of Mangoo is also something to experience. On the album, the drums were laid down by Peer G√ľnt -man Sakke Koivula, but his hurries and worries with his main band didn`t permit him to join the clan full time, so Teemu was found to fill the fills and keep up the beat.

The bands debut album, titled Neolithic, will see daylight in Finland through 7:45 Records within a few months and from there, the band is ready to take on the world. Mixed by Mr. Dango of the mighty Truckfighters, Neolithic will surely be one of those albums that sneaks up behind you and just knocks your teeth out. The Mangoo clan will invade your country soon enough, so the question is: Do you want to stand united with them, or feel the wrath of their thundering axes?


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