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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sound&Shape Signs to Engineer Records

Nashville, Tennessee`s Sound&Shape join the Engineer Records roster to release their soon-to-be timeless The Love Electric EP. Adventurous in a way only Sound&Shape know best, this compelling EP is set to blow minds. We`re not jesting... we truly believe Sound&Shape are planting the seeds to a long career ahead. Armed with an insight and musicianship beyond their years, alongside a bombastic quality to their live set that leaves most jaws dropped, Sound&Shape is a blue-collar progressive rock band, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and machine guns under their coats.

This EP is a taste of what is to come. With already a boundless amount of music to stand behind, Sound&Shape released their first full-length, the enveloping Where Machines End Their Lives, through local label Smith7 Records, and hit the road relentlessly (220 shows in 2006). They`ve continued on this path supporting their ambitious debut from coast to coast and back again in the continental US during 2007 and 2008, all the while writing and recording what was to become The Love Electric EP, as well as an entire second set of songs to be recorded over the Winter of `08/`09 which will make up their next full-length.

While searching for a new label, mutual friend and We`re All Broken guitarist Frank Giokas caught wind, an introduction was made, and not much more convincing was needed than a few listens to the pre-masters of songs which would shape The Love Electric. A partnership was born, Engineer Records welcomes Sound&Shape to the family. A January release is set for this EP, and the turn of the year couldn`t come soon enough. Keep an eye out on the road, Sound&Shape will be headed your way shortly.


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