Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sons of Otis To Play One Last Toronto Show

From Sons of Otis:

One more time Toronto... Sept.28 at The Elmo (upstairs), 10 pm sharp!

Do to the lame turnouts at shows in this town (10 - 20 people), we have decided if only 10 cats want to see us play, then they can come to our studio and watch us jam! We`ve been doing this for 16 years and we don`t need the hassles from shit clubs anymore! We`re not kidding - that`s it!

We are not breaking up since we have a new CD coming out, but it`s just not worth playing out in this town anymore! If something special comes up, we`ll see! We would rather play in the US or Europe! Thanks for your support!


Blows the Mind...Cools the Head
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