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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Heavy Water Experiments

Today I have an awesome band for you guys to check out. They are called Heavy Water Experiments and hail from sunny Los Angeles, California and have just released their new self-titled CD on Intrepid Sound Recordings.

"Formerly known as Imogene, LA-based Heavy Water Experiments passionately resists the tendency of modern bands to revive sounds of bygone eras. While admittedly taking influence from 60’s and 70’s genres such as psychedelic and progressive rock, this is a group who strives to break new ground according to an avant-garde or art rock sensibility. One of the ways HWE achieves this is through unique instrumentation, such as the use of an 8-string bass along with a regular 4-string bass, keyboards, and drums. However, the band never relies on this approach as a marketing gimmick since it also incorporates electric and acoustic guitars in the usual way.

The sound of the band is eclectic and can range from a dark, heavy quality to a mellower, acoustic-oriented vibe. Certain tracks might seem to fit well in the stoner rock category, for example, while others could be deemed indie rock or some other current genre. In the past, the band has used marriage characterizations such as “Pink Sabbath, “ “Doorphine,” and “Radio Queens of the Stone Head.” These are intended to underscore the notion that HWE neither sounds like one particular band nor like any specific combination of bands. Accordingly, HWE has been compared to a vast number of past-to-present artists, and yet there has never been a tendency toward one or even a few in particular.

So far, HWE has enjoyed a laudable degree of progress while still remaining independent. To date, the band has toured the US and the UK (twice) as well as performing a handful of shows in Holland and Belgium. Locally, the band has played a wide range of venues from Spaceland, The House of Blues, and The Viper Room to more acoustic-oriented venues like The Hotel CafĂ©, which culminated in being chosen as one of Amoeba Records’ local picks. The band’s debut release has received over 50 enthusiastic reviews internationally, and the album has been accumulating steady international momentum through underground radio airplay and live interviews from DJ’s in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Tracks from the album have also appeared on popular American TV shows such as Friday Night Lights, and the band’s promo poster appeared on various sets for an entire season of The OC. The band has also self-organized two underground music festivals in the neighboring Mojave Desert with many notable LA bands performing.

The band is fronted by singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, and producer David Melbye—an LA native whose past bands/projects include Ludivine. Fuzz Beloved, and Zanzibar. His creative/artistic partner Roberto Salguero, originally from El Salvidor, plays drums and percussion."


"This may be a new band, but the main man behind the project is not a new name. David Melbye has been featured at MSJ through his work with Imogene, Fuzz Beloved and Ludivine. While all of those projects shared some common ground in terms of psychedelia meets progressive rock, Melbye has upped the stakes here and given us the best album of the bunch. The majority of the music here has a lot in common with both Porcupine Tree and early Pink Floyd, you’ll also hear other sounds that might call to mind bands like King Crimson and Rush. All in all this is a killer album that’s both progressively challenging and catchy. Melbye handles all the vocals, guitars, basses and keyboards on this album while Roberto Salguero keeps the beat on drums and other percussion. The one exception to that is the fact that Erinn Williamson lends her voice to “Conflagration Song.” Read more...

Track Listing:

01. Goldenthroat 6:34
02. Mirror the Sky 5:31
03. Anodyne 4:44
04. Clairvoyance 4:57
05. Neverlove 4:21
06. Oracles 4:10
07. Octavian 2:35
08. Otherland 4:31
09. Dementia 4:37
10. Conflagration Song 5:25
11. Solitude 4:14
12. Book Colored Blue 9:44

If you like the band please show your support and purchase their music and merchandise. It is available on their MySpace page.

Official Website

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