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Monday, September 1, 2008

Asva`s Second Album Is a New Frontier

Asva - What You Don`t Know Is Frontier

As the title suggests, Asva`s second album maps an internal landscape - wild, vast, open - at once breathtakingly beautiful as it is potentially dangerous. A psychogeographical vista of mountain highs, barren rolling plains and oceanic lows.

Helmed by Stuart Dahlquist, formerly of Burning Witch, Goatsnake, and Sunn0))), and recorded with the cream of the Pacific Northwest`s rich musical talent, including members of Burning Witch, Mr. Bungle, and Earth. What You Don`t Know Is Frontier is a lyricless album of immense personal meaning to its creator, giving a very real sense of catharsis for both listener and performers alike. But there`s also real hope and resolution at its core.

"...Frontier shows you another way of thinking about life; a bona fide piece of art..." 9/10
- Terrorizer, album of the month

"Like Carl Orff covering Winter... It reminds me of the first time I heard Mozart’s Requiem, or Gould’s Goldberg Variations. The music has a punishing sort of beauty, an inflicted aesthetics that hands the hearer no choice."
- Oaken Throne zine

"Vast yet intimate, its slo-mo soundscapes resonate with decaying guitar bombast, desolate organ and wracked, wordless female vocals." 4/5


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