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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Armed for Apocalypse Readies New EP

From Armed for Apocalypse:

We just started getting the mixes back for our new EP, which we haven`t named yet, and they sound immense. We recorded it with Matt Pedri, who is a former band member and long time best friend. He`s also done stuff with the Iron Sloth and is currently doing the new Death Valley High record, which is amazing by the way. It`s being mixed by Eric Stenman, who has been involved in pretty much everything I have done in music, and for good reason - he is awesome. The song is called "Fists of Gods" and it marks the debut of our new vocalist/guitar player Kirk Williams, and our new bass player, Cor Vaspra. They have been playing with us for a while, but this is the first recorded material with them on it, and by far our best.

The bad news is that this also marks the debut of our new myspace site, www.myspace.com/armedforapocalypsesludge, because our last one got hacked. Our entire network of contacts is lost, and we are totally opposed to searching out random people and adding them, so it has been a big blow. It took a long time to build up to where we were. But oh well, I`m sure it`s a blessing in disguise or something. Anyway, hope you like the new tune, there are several more to come, and a new label as well.

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