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Monday, July 7, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-DriveByWire

Citing influences from The Stooges to Sonic Youth and Black Sabbath to PJ Harvey, this band from Deventer Deserts, Netherlands has concocted a unique and refreshing heavy-psyche sound.

"DriveByWire operates from the sultry town Deventer; Simone Holsbeek-vocals &guitar ( ex-Cords, ex-Telefunk) , Alwin Wubben- low-down-dirty-guitar & slide, and Remco Cornelissen ( ex- Incense) beating the shit out of the drums. The band is recently joined by René Rutten ( The Gathering), who adds heavy-ass bassrumble to the DriveByWire sound. A throat, a buch of guitars, a set of drums and a bottle of single malt whisky is all they need to burn the stage with their heavy grooving desertrock . So how would it sound if you put Korn, the Carpenters and Madonna in a rehearsal room jammin together? Well it sure as hell won't sound as Drive By Wire. A beaten up 69 Dodge Challenger doing 160 through the smouldering desert towards an raging thunderstorm with Chris Goss at the steering wheel and The Stooges kicking it with P.J. Harvey on the backseat, would be the best possible description of the Drive By Wire sound...ooh yeah!"


The Netherlands are filled with windmills, wooden shoes, and of course psychedelic stoner rock. Drive by Wire mixes distorted guitars and haunting female melodies to make for an enjoyable listen.

At first listen DBW have a very strong Sonic Youth sound. This may be in part to lead vocalist Simone Holsbeek's monotone Kim Gordon-esque delivery. But as the album unravels itself more and more, it reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age smoking way too much reefer. This is not a bad thing; overall the album has a very haunting feeling. Depressing, slow riffs abound on this nice slab of Dutch alt rock.

So, feel free to listen to sadness drenched grooves from this female led group. I really doubt you will be disappointed. (StonerRock.com)

The band has a tentative release date of October 1, 2008 for their second album. For more information, more reviews and to purchase their self-titled debut album go here.

Official Website

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