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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-The Buffalo Club

Check out this band from the U.K. The Buffalo Club are currently getting rave reviews and critical acclaim for their energetic live performances and their self-titled EP .

"However you describe the sound, its heart is pure rock 'n' roll. There are doses and pinches of everything mixed up and spewed out of cranked up valve amps. From slabs of heavy driving juggernaut riffs to angular punk rock aggression, psychedelic tripping to Sunday morning comedowns and creepy carnival waltzes. Musically, its the basic ingredients, a three-piece band- guitar, bass, drums and a voice-but despite being a skeleton crew the band don't seem to be lacking anything. The drum kit looks like it has a good case for filing a GBH charge against its owner Chris(Nedzynski). The bass (Stu Toms) wants you to continuously soil your own underwear by persistently loosening anything from the waist down. Meanwhile the guitar is chucking out a mix of heavy grumbling belches and ichy dark staccato riffs, as catchy as crabs and just as difficult to shake...courtesy of Ian (Barnish) who also provides the vocals, which are a surprising contrast to the music, a very laid back, melodic affair.

The band are based "around" Cambridge U.K. Their extensive gigging schedule in and around the city has seen them securing headline and support slots among bands including Union Of Knives, Kharma 45 and punk legends The Subhumans and winning the crowds vote twice at The Junction Red Stripe Band Competition. Interest and praise was given from the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show and tracks were played on the late, great John Peel show. Extensive gigging has taken them up and down the U.K. and into Europe on festival dates. The band also self funded and arranged a tour of the U.S in support of their limited edition vinyl single "How To Hang Off A Rope"."

As well as continuously playing live the band has plans to self-record and produce their first album and are currently looking for management/record label interest.


"...sounding like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club playing Stooges' riffs through The Melvins' guitars, whilst wearing shirts stolen from Johnny Cash..." ~Headmusic

"They know what you want and they're gonna give it to ya full throttle. Don't be the one to be told about it the day after." ~Club 85


Download- "Drive It Like You Stole It (MP3)
Download- "29 Miles" (MP3)

Go here to purchase the band's merchandise

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  1. OMG these guys are awesome.

    When are they back in the US?


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