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Friday, July 4, 2008

Album Of The Day-Soilent Green-"A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down" (2001)

I remember when I first got this album, I was simply blown away by all the different challenges that were provided to the listener. This album is not for everyone. It is one in which the listener must open their mind and listen to everything that is going on, from the tempo changes to the insane vocal stylings. While not really Stoner Rock, the album does provide a conglomeration of Doom, Sludge and Southern Rock groove elements. That is why I am making "A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down" by Soilent Green the Album Of The Day. Check it out!


Soilent Green's third album continues in the vein of their 1998 breakthrough, Sewn Mouth Secrets, mixing together grindcore, hardcore, and Southern rock, along with elements of doom, death, and black metal, in the form of quick-hitting, constantly shape-shifting songs that just do not let up. Compared with Sewn Mouth Secrets, this album puts more emphasis on the band's grindcore side (not that it wasn't already prevalent), and the instrumental twists — the constant tempo shifts, baffling time-signature change-ups, and maze-like guitar flurries — are even more convoluted than before. Together with frontman Ben Falgoust's schizophrenic, bark-growl-and-screech vocal tirades and lyrics about drug abuse, sexual misdeeds, and broken-down lives in general, it all adds up to an intimidating listen the first few times around. However, the band is not dealing in random chaos or shock for shock's sake. This is a challenging album, but as repeated listens will reveal, the songs are carefully structured and flow remarkably well from one section to the next, especially considering how fast-paced they are. Plus, the band's patented swamp metal riffs are as memorable and imaginative as ever when they appear (e.g., the massive breakdown during the middle of "Afterthought of a Genius") and despite the emphasis on grindcore and blastbeats, there are still plenty of choice groove-oriented sections (e.g., most of "Later Days"). Appropriately brief at just over 33 minutes, A Deleted Symphony is a masterful display of aggression and unpredictability in keeping with Soilent Green's high standards. (William York, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Hand Me Downs
02. A Grown Man
03. Swallowhole
04. Afterthought Of A Genius
05. An Addicts' Lover
06. Later Days
07. Clockwork Of Innocence
08. Daydreaming The Color Of Blood
09. Last One In The Noose
10. She Cheated On You Twice



Purchase "A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down" here.

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