Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Album Of The Day-Moss-"Sub Templum" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "Sub Templum" by Moss.


"Electric Wizard main man Jus Oborn again takes the producer’s helm this time around, though the knob twiddling, in true EW tradition, is kept to a minimum, with slight vocal reverb and fade-outs the only signs of deviation from a strict analog template. As if they needed it. Dom Finbow’s insanely down-tuned guitar sounds like a Great Old One approaching orgasm, Chris Chantler’s Atsuo-on-Quaaludes drumming could provide the war beat for the stoned Viking hordes, and singer Olly Pearson’s raspy, from-the-asshole-of-hell death-growls make Nortt sound like Judy Garland. "Sub Templum" is completely devoid of any redeeming social qualities, and will purge from your soul the last gasping traces of hope and humanity—in other words, essential listening." (Josh Ruffin,

Track Listing:

01. Ritus (05:25)
02. Subterraen (23:25)
03. Dragged to the Roots (09:33)
04. Gate III: Devils From the Outer Dark (35:31)


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