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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Album Launch Show Announced for Hotel Wrecking City Traders

The hometown album launch for Hotel Wrecking City Traders` debut full length Black Yolk takes place next Thursday in the fine city of Melbourne, Australia.

The album was recorded at Head Gap Studios, Melbourne with Neil Thomason (Ricaine/Grey Daturas/My Disco) and mastered by Nao Anzai (Laura/Goatwitch/Firewitch)

HWCT will be celebrating it`s release thru (Bro Fidelity) -

Thursday, July 24, at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

We have two amazing bands in the form of Bachelor of Arts (Exo Records) and Spider Goat Canyon (Chairfish Recordings) joining us for the night.

Get down at 8 pm, so not to miss out on all the bands. The show is free. Black Yolk will be available at a reduced price for this show. Limited edition t shirts will also be available.

HWCT will slay their little black hearts out.

What folks have said about Black Yolk:

"So many shadowy images of it`s influences and peers appear that the album never sounds as if it was ever dependant on them. Across the album the ghosts of Torche, Karma to Burn, Mogwai, Capricorns, Goliath Bird Eater, Circle, and of course, Zeppelin and Sabbath, rise from the tracks like hypnotic, post-metal leviathans with these two grand mages in the centre conducting and realigning."
- Lobster Quadrille Magazine/Not For Resale - UK - June `08

"You know those bits on Young Team when Mogwai build up softly layered guitars then absolutely detonate a song with big dirty riffs and distortion? Well Black Yolk, the debut album from Melbourne psychedelic rockers Hotel Wrecking City Traders, is sort of like a really grimy and stripped-back version of that, minus the all the wussy soft bits. Before I put on the disc, I read that the album was mastered by Nao Anzai who has worked with fellow Melbournians Laura and I was half expecting the thing open with some to some delicate washes of sound and swirls of post-rock drama. It didn`t."
- Sammy W/The Dwarf (http://www.thedwarf.com.au)- Australia - July `08

"Here`s the Australian 5ive. Not that easy to get this review over with apparently. I took a long time to get this name right. Hotel Wrecking City Traders. I frankly didn`t know what to expect from an instrumental guitar-drum brother-duo`s first album - would it be some Explosions in the Sky type thing? or is it going to be like Earth? Om? The right answer of course is, none of the above. 5ive and Karma to Burn are very valid reference points dear readers, but this band, unlike that bitch Stella, has its own groove right at start and has no problem whatsoever finding it."
- Review By Srikanth Panaman (www.kvltsite.com) India, July 2008

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