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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Darkest Seed Finishes Recordings of Debut

The heavy/hard band Darkest Seed recently finished the recordings of drums and guitars of their new album, which shall be released in the next few months. Right now the group is going to record vocals and bass, then begin the mix and mastering process to finish the album, which is being produced by Roger Fingle (Blood Tears and Seduced by Suicide) at Nitro Sound Solutions studio.

About the recordings, guitarist Ricardo Reolon (ex-Burning In Hell), comments: "The recordings of guitars and drums were fine and pleased us very much. Since we had lots of rehearsals before entering in studio, we didn`t have any problem when recording. Now we are going to record bass ans vocals, then begin the mix and mastering. We are very anxious to see this album ready and to show everyone the power of Darkest Seed songs".

Recently the band posted online a promotional EP called The Seed is Rising, which has two new songs and a cover for the hit "The Show Must Go On" by Queen. Download it at www.myspace.com/darkestseed.

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