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Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-John Wilkes Booth

Here is another cool band for you guys to check out.

"Like a Derringer blast to the back of your head John Wilkes Booth's brand of "Dirt Rock" will knock you out of your theater seat. The band had played with such national acts as The Hidden Hand, La Otracina, Zoroaster, Puny Human, Solace, Wooly Mammoth, Wrecketh and many others. JWB is the melting pot for separate personalities to come together and make one kick ass stew of dirty rock power. So far they have managed to build a loyal following and land gigs at some of the popular venues in the NY area. In 2007 they were chosen as a featured band on Fatcat Radio as well as band of the week for Joe's Podhole & band of the month in June on local radio station Radiox. Keep your eyes and ears on John Wilkes Booth... their power is infecting."

Click the links below for more information on this very cool band.

Official Website

Random review:

"The rumbling and monolithic sludge rock pushed forth by Long Islands John Wilkes Booth evokes the hesher wares of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Scissorfight, as this crusty quartet demonstrate heavily doped-up grooves equipped with memorable hooks and organic musicianship on its four-track sampler. Fully trained in the art of rocking with bloodshot-eyed exuberance, this units sinewy rhythms and bong-fueled jams bust out of the speakers like gangbusters on tracks like L.I.P., while Unknown Waiting takes the listener on a rowdy ride down a road well-traveled by bands like Cathedral, Clutch, and Nebula. Spacey enough to be considered cosmic yet providing those gargantuan vibes that weight them down to the ground, John Wilkes Booths self-titled endeavor is a worthy companion to your stoner rock discs and blacklight poster collection." (Mike SOS www.316productions.com)


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