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Saturday, May 31, 2008

JUCIFER: Limited-Edition 'Veterans Of Volume' DVD Now Available

Athens, Georgia's JUCIFER has just released "Veterans Of Volume: Live With Eight Cameras", a brand new, limited-edition DVD packed to the gills with great special features. It's available right now for the measly price of $10 (plus postage) at www.JuciferDVD.com.

Here's what the DVD contains:

* A full 35-minute JUCIFER show shot with eight cameras and recorded digitally across 20 tracks of HUGE audio.

Track listing:

01. She Tides the Deep
02. Queen B
03. In Combs
04. Lambs 1
05. Lambs 2
06. Good Provider
07. Antietam
08. Fall of the Bastille
09. Firefly
10. Pontius of Palia
11. Pinned in Glass
12. Hennin Hardine

* All of JUCIFER's official music videos, with optional director's commentary.

01. The Plastic Museum
02. Hennin Hardine
03. Pontius of Palia
04. When She Goes Out
05. Superman

* Five out-of-print or never-before-heard JUCIFER studio tracks. Listen to them on your DVD player:

01. She's 21st Century
02. Licorice
03. 77 Chevy Supreme
04. Hero Worship Remix
05. Redeemer

* Rock poster gallery featuring 60 great JUCIFER posters from past tours, plus artist information. Rare or unreleased JUCIFER songs play while the poster slideshow happens.

* Discography Section

01. An exhaustive discography listing every time the band appeared on record.
02. A nine-minute discography trailer featuring song snippets and album covers from all the major JUCIFER releases.
03. A sneak peek at the book cover of "Jucifer Rising" by former Flipside writer Jim Hayes.

* MP3s Folder

This is a folder on the DVD that can be accessed via your computer. MP3s of the five rare songs are here. Listen to 'em on your computer or iPod.

* Easter Eggs

Yes, there are some secret goodies here.

* Packaging

The DVD is housed in a six-panel DVD digipak, featuring artwork showing close-ups of Amber's massive wall of amps.

The "Veterans Of Volume: Live With Eight Cameras" trailer can be viewed below.

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