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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gruesome Greg Announces Open Call

From Gruesome Greg:

Well, it seems that ever since I`ve purchased my PO Box, it`s been pretty empty. Granted, a couple bands have sent me stuff, but there have been a few others who said they would send me a CD, and I`ve yet to receive it Whether U.S. Customs, Canada Post, or the effect of marijuana on the memory is to blame, I`m not too sure at this point.

However, I would like to take this time to announce an open call for music submissions. If you play anything within the realm of stoner, psych, sludge, doom or heavy rock and are looking for radio airplay, then feel free to send me a CD! There has been a large amount of local (Ontario) content played on the first few episodes of Smokin` Green, and that`s partially because I`m not receiving anything new and fresh from other parts of the wold. As much as I love Kyuss and Sleep, I don`t wanna be playing their records every week, you know?

I always check my mailbox on Tuesday, the day before my show, and I`ll be looking forward to getting a lot more mail in the future!


Gruesome Greg,
Host of Smokin` Green

Smokin` Green (with Gruesome Greg) is a weekly radio show airing from midnight until 2 am Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings on CKLN 88.1 FM in Toronto, Canada. It can be heard online at www.ckln.fm by clicking on the Listen Live icon at the top of the screen. For more information on the show, you can email gruesomegreg@toohightogetitright.com or visit toohightogetitright.darkbb.com/smokin-green-f17

Bands seeking airplay can send their music, via CD format, to:

"Gruesome" Greg Harris
465 Yonge St.
PO Box 73013
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4Y 2W5

PLEASE NOTE: American bands will likely have to fill out one of those Customs Declarations stickers in order to ensure a safe delivery. Contact your local post office if you`re not sure what I`m talking about.

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