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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Argus Enters the Studio

From Argus:

We enter Soundscape Studios on Friday to begin recording our debut full-length, at this time self-titled. Track listing (no order determined yet) will include:

“Devils, Devils”
“The Damnation of John Faustus”
"Bending Time”
“The Effigy Is Real”
“None Shall Know The Hour”
“From Darkness, Light”
As-yet untitled 10+ minute mini-epic

We also expect to include a short instrumental prelude to “Devils, Devils,” as well as a special contribution to “...Faustus” from a good friend... don`t want to jinx it so I won`t announce it until I have the goods in hand.

"Sleeping Dogs" will be exclusive to the 10" vinyl release (entitled Sleeping Dogs). That will be a remastered for vinyl version of our demo, minus "The Effigy Is Real" (time limitations). That is coming out on the Miskatonic Foundation.

“Dogs” is the oldest of the songs in our set and we love the song but those cats have been playing it since before I joined the band and have recorded it two or three times already and weren`t up for recording it again.

We`re hoping to complete all the basic tracks this weekend. Vocals and leads will follow later in the month (as soon as we can get back into the studio). We`re hoping to post some photos and video of the proceedings. I`ll keep ya updated.


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