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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Album Of The Day-Ogre-"Seven Hells" (2006)

The Album Of The Day is "Seven Hells" by Ogre.

"OGRE is a band from portland,plays HEAVY hard rock with DOWNER feeling,their tracks read to 70s &doom!They describe their sounds as "Proto - Doom",it says all.If you love Toad,Buffalo,Dust,Saint Vitus & Pentagram,don't miss this great band,this album must be your instant classic!OGRE are a call to arms for those music fans who feel they were born too late!"


Them that think Maine is all about crabapple coves, lobster fishing, and moose calls best think again. "Seven Hells", the second sonic platter from Maine's most savage metal beast, OGRE, has finally been unleashed upon the world. And this outing, the thunderous vibrations are sure to shake trees and houses all the way to the southern shores.
OGRE really "gets it", musically speaking. Two distinctive traits of the very greatest heavy rumble-rock from the 70s are largely missing from most of today's heavy music. First, bands like SABBATH, BUDGIE and CACTUS had a knack for writing and performing very distinctive, tube-amp driven epics with lots of tempo changes and air guitar moments. Second and perhaps more important, bands like these always sounded like they were having a ball dishing the stuff out. They had a sense of humor, and an honest love for blues-based jams. Think about Lemmy's dark, humorous wise cracks that take an hour to figure out. Think about Burke Shelley's hilarious between-song banter that you've heard on the live BUDGIE boots or a grinning stoned Ozzy from...well, any time period. These guys weren't making science projects for chrissake! The tunes cracked your ribs with savage analog fuzz, and the bands had a blast playing them. OGRE has found a way to tap into this seasoned approach to heaviness. It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.
The first song is called "Dogmen". Whether they had us in mind or not, I'm still compelled to say, "Aww shucks". The lengthy opus "Soldier of Misfortune" moves from CHURCH OF MISERY crawl to an uptempo crescendo that recalls "Hand of Doom" musically and "War Pigs" lyrically. Ed Cunningham continues to amaze us with his ability to move from Bon Scott snarl to Messiah Marcolin wail in the blink of an eye. The clever instrumental entitled "Sperm Whale" sounds like a genuine lost outtake from HUMBLE PIE's "Rockin' the Fillmore" crossed with ZEP's "Moby Dick", complete with drum solo. Cunningham manages to coax out warm, buttery bass tones throughout the entire affair, but they particularly shine during the PENTAGRAM cover, "Review Your Choices". This band has all the best qualities of the classic power trios, but somehow the finished product has a "plus one" component in its richness and depth.
There are maybe ten bands in heavy rock right now that can lumber along a crawling doom riff or blistering uptempo jam with as much heartfelt gusto as OGRE. These guys have spent a lifetime studying the good stuff and "Seven Hells" is a by-product of the journey that is as invigorating as it is essential.

4.5 out of 5 (Peacedogman.com)

Track Listing:

01. Dogmen (Of Planet Earth)
02. Soldier Of Misfortune
03. The Gas
04. Woman On Fire
05. Review Your Choices
06. Sperm Whale
07. Flesh Feast


If you like this album you can purchase it along with the rest of the Ogre catalog through their MySpace page

*This download is for preview purposes only. It will be deleted in 24 hours. Please support the band and purchase their merchandise.

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