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Friday, April 4, 2008

MELVINS Ready New Album, "Big" DVD

Greg Prato of Billboard.com reports that 2008 is shaping up to be one of the MELVINS' busiest years, with a flurry of activity on the horizon. First up will be the July 8 release of new studio album, "Nude with Boots", followed closely by the first DVD from the FANTOMAS-MELVINS BIG BAND, "Live from London 2006", both via Ipecac.

Joining MELVINS long-timers Buzz Osborne (vocals/guitar) and Dale Crover (drums) once more are Jared Warren (vocals/guitar) and Coady Willis (drums) from the group BIG BUSINESS.

"This album we recorded after having done a lot of touring with those guys," Osborne tells Billboard.com. "And the other album we recorded, '(A) Senile Animal', we recorded with them before we played any shows. So it was a different vibe off the bat. We also knew exactly what we hated about each other, which was really good," he adds with a laugh.

Read more at Billboard.com.

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