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Monday, April 21, 2008

Freeks Get a Release Date

Freeks get release date and more surprises! That`s right, it`s about time. Patience is a killing floor but to certain rabbits it is also a virtue. The Freeks self titled debut disc is out on May 16, released by Cargo Records Germany.

Now for the surprise:

Tour dates!

September will be the month that the Freeks will hit the cobble stones of Europe and they are coming to get you! Confirmations will be done than dates will be posted, stay tuned.

The live line up will be fantastic! Check this out!

John McBain(Monster Magnet/Wellwater Conspiracy)
Ruben Romano(Nebula/Fumanchu)
Isaiah Mitchell(Earthless)
Carl Horne(Zen Guerilla)
Andy Duvall(Zen Guerilla)
Glen Slater(The Walkabouts)
Luke Trimmer-Ninja Psycho

See Ya there! You FREEK!

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