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Monday, April 21, 2008

Album Of The Day-Kamchatka-"Kamchatka II" (2008)

I heard that Kamchatka (from Varberg, Sweden) was on tour with Clutch so I figured I'd check them out. If you are into late 60's, early 70's riff-rock in the lines of Hendrix, Cream, Black Sabbath, do yourself a favor and show this band some love. With that, I am making "Kamchatka II" by Kamchatka the Album Of The Day. Groovy!


“Volume II”, the aptly titled mega-awesome second studio disc from Kamchatka, features 11 tracks (66 minutes) of brain-damaging, killer, cycodelic, bluesy, authentic, retro-70’s heavy guitar power trio riffage that is guaranteed to trip your brain and rip your head apart. A brilliant and electrifying slab of stunning, hard-hitting heavy cosmic blues rock that digs deep and goes way beyond the norm.

Hailing from the land of Sweden, Kamchatka is a finely tuned power trio rock machine that “plows through” and “blows the roof off” raw, dynamic, powerful, riffage and sets new hard rock standards on the “Volume II” disc. To give you a better idea of what they sound like: put large amounts of Hendrix, Trower, Frank Marino into a blender; add in a healthy dose of Gov’t Mule, Cream & Cactus with a pinch of Captain Beyond & Budgie and out comes the intoxicating, potent, muscular “musical brew” known as Kamchatka. They have all the rite influences, however Kamchatka create an original and cerebral, cutting edge sound/vibe that is all their own. We like to call it progressive stoner rock/jam band madness. Kamchatka fuses the sophistication of progressive 70’s rock with the thunderous assault of Hendrix / Frank Marino styled guitar playing and a bone crushing rhythm section. To say Kamchatka is heavy is an understatement. Featuring Thomas Andersson on guitar & vocals, Roger Ojersson on bass & vocals and Tobias “Shrimp Monkey” Strandvik on drums, the “good musical Kamchatka brothers” work together as a “team” to reach their “sonic power trio explosions” and vast musical visions. All killer accomplished players in their own rite and with Thomas Andersson being one of the most prolific, bluesy, get-down, supernatural, Hendrix-inspired axerippers you have ever heard (or never heard of for that matter). The man is a virtual juggernaut on the guitar. When he breaks into a solo all hell breaks loose and Jimi is smiling somewhere up in “Electricladyland”. This is the stuff heavy guitar dreams are made of.

The highlights are many on “Volume II” and coming straight out of the gate with the fierce & brutal riffage of “Who I Am”, Kamchatka has landed down hard, mean serious business and is here to set the record straight. This one track is the epitome of what Kamchatka is all about. Other highlights include “Heritage”, a deep, amazing workout/tribute to their Blues roots that winds down with pure blues/rock fury, the mega-killer but bizarely titled instrumental track called “Pogonophonics” which will rip your face off and have you waving your heavy guitar freak flag in 5 seconds flat. We are talking serious air guitar boner to the max!!! And on the brilliant closing track called “Jigsaw” the band create outstanding, jagged, quirky riffage reminescent of “Hemispheres” era Rush. It all comes together with ferocious rock power on the Kamchatka: “Volume II” disc.

The KAMCHATKA: “Volume II” disc is HIGHLY recommeded to fans of JIMI HENDRIX, ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH, MOUNTAIN, SABBATH, CREAM, CACTUS, STRAY DOG, TEN YEARS AFTER, GRAND FUNK, HUMBLE PIE, GOV’T MULE, CAPTAIN BEYOND, BUDGIE, RUSH and awesome new school power trio players like ERIC GALES, LANCE LOPEZ, WARREN HAYNES , FIREBIRD & PLANKTON, to name a few. Serious guitar freaks and music heads worldwide who are already familiar with Kamchatka through their phenomenal debut disc will rejoice and praise the heavy guitar power trio heavens with the amazingly killer, mindblowing “Volume II” disc. Exclusively released on GROOVEYARD RECORDS, a label dedicated to outstanding TOTAL GUITAR music from around the world.

Kamchatka is all about the rock. True pioneers and visionaries of serious power trio guitar rock. Don’t be fooled or alienated by the unusual band name, Kamchatka is the REAL deal when it comes down to top-shelf, serious, bad-ass, bluesy heavy guitar power trio rock. 70’s heavy guitar rock has never sounded better and Kamchatka is living proof that great original hard rock music isn’t dead. Dig in deep and smell the Kamchatka. (Grooveyard Records)

Track Listing:

01. WHO I AM (MP3)
10. FEEL

Official Website

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