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Thursday, March 13, 2008

OZZY OSBOURNE On BLACK SABBATH Reunion: "If It Happens, It Happens, If It Don't, It Don't"

Ozzy Osbourne recently spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald about the possibility of reforming BLACK SABBATH's original lineup for a 40th anniversary tour. "You know what, if it happens, it happens, if it don't, it don't," he said. "They're [saying], 'I'll be able to do it', then a week after, you get a phone call: it's off; then it's back on again — tellin' ya." However, he is quick to add, "I'm glad at the end of the day we all made friends again." Osbourne's fine with the group doing their own nostalgia tour recently with the singer who replaced him, Ronnie James Dio, under the HEAVEN AND HELL banner. "I'm too old to f---in' have a fly up my arse any more about it," Ozzy said. "I just hope they're all having fun.

"I've been solo ... like three times longer than I was together with BLACK SABBATH. Looking back, it seems like it was a lot longer with that band than any — 'cause everything happened so overnight for us; from album one, it just hit ... I mean, with any band the best parts are the early days, when you got bugger all to lose and everything to gain."

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