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Monday, March 3, 2008

Album Of The Day-Weedeater-"Sixteen Tons" (2002)

The Album Of The Day is "Sixteen Tons" by Southern Fried Sludgecore legends Weedeater.

"Sixteen Tons" churns out a black hole of thunderous, snarling Swamp Doom from acclaimed rebel rockers WEEDEATER (featuring Dixie Dave of confederate metal legends BUZZOVEN). With monstrous production courtesy of Billy Anderson (MELVINS, SWANS, CATHEDRAL), these ten whiskey soaked anthems are heavier than a mastodon trapped in a tarpit. Crusty, wasted, and buried. (Crucial Blast)

"While the commanding presence of ex-BUZZOV-EN man Dixie Dave heightened the bloodshot Southern boogie of WEEDEATER's debut into the outskirts of demonic,nauseous swamp-sludge,this aptly-named second album emphasises raw doom atmospherics over the 'good ol' boy' rawk-posturing,to much greater effect. "16 Tons" rumbles and heaves like a bloated stomach full of undercooked Cajun chicken and whiskey, WEEDEATER really bringing biliousness New Orleans-style direct to your doorstep...(Read more)

Track Listing:

01. Bull
02. Potbelly (MP3)
03. Time Served
04. Dummy
05. #3
06. Woe's Me
07. Buzz
08. Lines
09. Riff
10. Kira May


This is some of the heaviest shit I have ever heard. Check it out!

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