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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Album Of The Day-Soundgarden-"Ultramega OK" (1988)

The Album Of The Day is "Ultramega OK" by Soundgarden.

The best expression of Soundgarden's early, Stooges/MC5-meets-Zeppelin/Sabbath sound, Ultramega OK is a dark, murky, buzzing record that simultaneously subverts and pays tribute to heavy metal. At times, the band and its recasting of over-the-top '70s hard rock seem smirky (Hiro Yamamoto's ridiculous vocal on "Circle of Power"; a "cover" of John Lennon's "One Minute of Silence"); a few, like the cover of "Smokestack Lightning," really do sink into turgid metal silliness. But the best moments are startling fusions of classic metal, punk rock, and psychedelia of the fuzz guitar variety, plus the local flavor of Green River and the Melvins. The difference was, Soundgarden were better songwriters, and their feel for memorable riffs and hooks lends greater power to both the rockers and the creepy, dirge-like slow numbers. It's a shame the album as a whole isn't more fully realized, because when separated out from the filler, the numerous highlights show why Soundgarden had such an enormous impact on the development of grunge. It may not be quite as complex or consistent as some of Soundgarden's later albums, but Ultramega OK is easily the best document of grunge's early, pre-Nirvana days. (Steve Huey, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. "Flower"– 3:25
02. "All Your Lies"– 3:51
03. "665"– 1:37
04. "Beyond the Wheel"- 4:20
05. "667"– 0:56
06. "Mood for Trouble"– 4:21
07. "Circle of Power"– 2:05
08. "He Didn't"– 2:47
09. "Smokestack Lightning"– 5:07
10. "Nazi Driver"– 3:52
11. "Head Injury"– 2:22
12. "Incessant Mace"– 6:22
13. "One Minute of Silence"– 1:00


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