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Friday, February 29, 2008

MINSK Announces Spring Tour

Chicago/Peoria, IL quartet MINSK has announced a spring tour in support of its "The Ritual Fires of Abandonment" album. The band will begin this two-week run of dates on March 18 in Columbus, OH, working their way to meet up with Atlanta’s ZOROASTER in Wilmington, NC. From there, the two groups will tour together through much of the Southeast.

MINSK has announced plans for the vinyl release of its "Out Of A Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive" album. This double vinyl set is expected to see a spring release through Original Sound Recordings.

MINSK tour dates:

March 18 - Columbus, OH - Café Bourbon Street
March 19 - Cincinnati, OH - Dirty Jack’s
March 20 - Johnson City, TN - The Hideaway


March 21 - Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox
March 22 - Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
March 23 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
March 24 - Athens, GA - Tasty World
March 25 - Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic
March 26 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit’s
March 27 - Winter Park, FL - The Haven
March 28 - Tampa, FL - The Brass Mug
March 29 - Savannah, GA - The Jinx

March 30 - Nashville, TN - The End
May 08 - Chicago, IL - Reggie’s Rock Club (with BATTLEFIELDS, AMENRA)

"White Wings"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

MASTODON: Cover "One" By Three Dog Night For Use In "Army Of Two" Ad Campaign

MASTODON's cover version of the THREE DOG NIGHT track "One" is currently being used in the ad campaign for the upcoming multiplatform videogame "Army of Two". A trailer for the game featuring the song can be viewed below.

"Army of Two" will arrive in stores on March 6.

MASTODON is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in the spring to begin recording its follow-up to 2006's "Blood Mountain". A late 2008 release via Warner Bros. Records is expected.

I'm kind of disappointed in what the cover sounds like. It is a depressing song and should be played at a slower pace, was kind of hoping for a cool fucking groove. Wrong cover for a cool band.

Album Of The Day-Earthless-"Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky"

Album Of The Day is "Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky" by Earthless

Aside from the Fall, which, of course, sounds like the inside of Mark E. Smith’s brain, bands that express an affinity for ’70s hard rock act the Groundhogs tend to be of a similar aesthetic. This elite group favors blues, prog and basically anything that smacks of patchouli and sulfur. California trio Earthless mixes all of the above on their second and latest, Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky, an album that ends with a cover of the Groundhogs’ should’ve-been classic “Cherry Red.” The Earthless version is notable not only because it’s so faithful—a feat that requires chops seldom bestowed on mere mortals—but also because it’s the only track that: a) features singing, and b) clocks in at less than 20 minutes.

The two originals that precede it are best described as jams. Guitarist Isaiah Mitchell fills the spaces between riffs with solos that seem as if they’re never going to end. And his compadres—bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba—respond with support that’s heavy, funky and anything but static. Together, they sound as if they could do any of this in 9/8 and still hold their own in a bar fight. The band’s stars are so dark and brews so bitchy that even the Groundhogs’ old barnburner seems kind of earthbound by contrast. It’s a neat trick, and one that makes perfect sense coming from a band that calls itself Earthless. —Brent Burton (Decibel Magazine)

1. Godspeed — 20:55
a. Amplified
b. Passing
c. Trajectory
d. Perception
e. Cascade
2. Sonic Prayer — 21:12
3. Cherry Red — 4:36

total time 46:43


Download Free MP3 of Groundhogs original version of "Cherry Red" here.


"Sonic Prayer" Live @ The Casbah

CLUTCH: High-Quality Baltimore Footage Posted Online

High-quality, three-camera multitracked audio/video footage of CLUTCH performing the song "Child of the City" at Rams Head in Annapolis, Maryland on December 31, 2007 can be viewed below (courtesy of "touchoclass").

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Album Of The Day-Lair Of The Minotaur-"War Metal Battle Master" (2008)

Album of the day-"War Metal Battle Master" by Lair Of The Minotaur

The third full length, WAR METAL BATTLE MASTER out March 25 2008 on Southern Lord Records (SUNN91). A concept album about solving conflicts with a big fucking axe. Recorded at Volume Studios in Chicago by Sanford Parker and mastered by Scott Hull. The songs are a mix of the thrashing aggression & mega-riffage of The Ultimate Destroyer and the unrelenting beatings & Sabbath chugs of Carnage, mixed with a new emotionless ferocity reserved for an executioner.

CD track listing:

1. Horde of Undead Vengeance
2. War Metal Battle Master
3. When The Ice Giants Slayed All
4. Slaughter the Bestial Legion
5. Black Viper Barbarian Clan
6. Assassins of the Cursed Mist
7. Doomtrooper
8. Hades Unleashed

*Featuring art by Jeremy Mohler and layout by Seldon Hunt. CD contains a 20 page booklet with graphic illustrations for each song.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Stone Rider

Although not a fan of bands typically found on Trustkill Records, I did come across a new band that has some promise. They are a band out of Atlanta, Georgia called Stonerider. They have a cool southern boogie groove and combine elements of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and even some Pink Floyd. Bass player Champ Champagne states, "This record is heavy in an entirely new kind of way,". "You feel the heavy as opposed to hearing the heavy." The only thing that kind of bothers me is the fact that the singer still has that whiney emo vocal. Pretty cool cover of Nazareth's "Hair Of The Dog". Check it!



Smashing Pumpkin Video Exclusive - Studio Version of "Superchrist"

While the Smashing Pumpkins are not really a Stoner Rock band in the true sense of the term. I received an e-mail asking me to post this video and I thought it was cool enough to post. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Superchrist

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baroness-"Red Album" (2007)

Track listing:
01. "Rays on Pinion" - 7:35
02. "The Birthing" - 5:03
03. "Isak" - 4:22
04. "Wailing Wintry Wind" - 5:44
05. "Cockroach en Fleur" - 1:50
06. "Wanderlust" - 4:29
07. "Aleph" - 4:21
08. "Teeth of a Cogwheel" - 2:16
09. "O'Appalachia" - 2:36
10. "Grad" - 5:54
11. Hidden Track - 12:11 (1:10 of play time, 11:01 of silence)

Stream "Red Album"

High On Fire-"Death Is This Communion (2007)

Track listing:
01. "Fury Whip" - 6:14
02. "Waste Of Tiamat" - 5:44
03. "Death Is This Communion" - 8:34
04. "Khanrad’s Wall" - 2:27
05. "Turk" - 5:03
06. "Headhunter" - 1:24
07. "Rumors Of War" - 2:51
08. "DII" - 3:45
09. "Cyclopian Scape" - 7:30
10. "Ethereal" - 6:56
11. "Return To NOD" - 6:18

Stream "Death Is This Communion"

Boris-"Pink" (2006)

Track Listing:
01. Farewell
02. Pink
03. Woman On The Screen
04. Nothing Special
05. Blackout
06. Electric
07. Pseudo-Bread
08. After Burner
09. Six, Three Times
10. My Machine
11. Just Abandoned My-self


HIGH ON FIRE: Brooklyn Concert Footage Posted Online

Oakland, California-based band HIGH ON FIRE (Relapse Records) invited the crew of the new music social networking site Woozyfly.com to film their Europa nightclub show in Brooklyn, New York.

You can now watch the concert on Woozyfly.com by clicking here.

MetalKult.com recently posted a 14-clip question-and-answer video interview with HIGH ON FIRE guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike.

The video was shot on August 15, 2007 in New York City, when Pike was visiting the East Coast to promote HIGH ON FIRE's latest album, "Death Is This Communion" (Relapse).

During the interview Pike discusses the foundations of his brutal tone and style, HIGH ON FIRE's exotic sonic elements, the departure of bassist Joe Preston (THRONES, ex-MELVINS) and what HIGH ON FIRE's new bassist, Jeff Matz, brings to the mix. Also on MetalKult.com is a 25-minute video riff lesson with HIGH ON FIRE's Pike, in which the guitarist demonstrates how to play some of the classic riffs in his catalog, from SLEEP's "The Druid" and "Dragonaut" to HIGH ON FIRE's "Baghdad", "Blessed Black Wings" and "Turk".

BARONESS Announces More U.S. Tour Dates

Savannah, Georgia-based quartet BARONESS has announced a string of headlining U.S. tour dates in support of its recent release, "The Red Album". The band will team up with YOUNG WIDOWS for a run of shows covering the southern and eastern U.S. From there, BARONESS will join CONVERGE, THE RED CHORD, and Relapse labelmates GENGHIS TRON for a three-week U.S. tour which will take the band on its first run of West Coast dates since the release of "The Red Album".

For a list of dates, visit www.myspace.com/yourbaroness.

BARONESS's video for the song "Wanderlust" can be viewed below. The track comes off "The Red Album", which came out September 4. The CD was recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina and produced by KYLESA's Phillip Cope.

The band's first-ever video, "Wanderlust" was premiered on the December 8, 2007 edition of "Headbanger's Ball" on MTV2.

BORIS To Release New Album "Smile" In April

According to Ground Control magazine, Japanese noise/rock heavyweights BORIS will release their new album, "Smile", on April 29 via Southern Lord Recordings. The follow-up to 2005's "Pink" features contributions from previous collaborators such as Michio Kurihara and SUNN O)))'s Stephen O'Malley.

"Smile" is the second BORIS album to feature vocals on every track (the first, excluding any one-track albums, was "Amplifier Worship"). Also, it delves more into experimental tendencies with a more manipulated sound and even experiments with samples.

"We are always looking for exciting, stimulating and interesting music at the moment and expressing in that way," the band says. Therefore our style is changing spontaneously and that change becomes its character at that point. Interesting experience and incident are way more important than surface style."

A full-length MP3 for the band's latest seven-inch single, "Statement", can be downloaded at this location.

Official Website

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Classic Stoner Rock Album Of The Week-"Dopethrone" By Electric Wizard

I'm gonna start every week off on the right foot by posting a classic Stoner Rock CD every Sabbath. The first album I have selected to cloud your minds with is "Dopethrone" by British Stoner Rock Gods Electric Wizard. Nothing personifies doom, gloom, darkness and worship of weed more than this remarkable aural work of art. Just the album cover alone suggests what is waiting inside. Electric Wizard are possibly the heaviest band in the universe. Take heed and kneel before the Dopethrone.

Track listing:

1. "Vinum Sabbathi" – 3:06
2. "Funeralopolis" – 8:43
3. "Weird Tales" – 15:04
I. "Electric Frost"
II. "Golgotha"
III. "Altar of Melektaus"
4. "Barbarian" – 6:29
5. "I, The Witchfinder" – 11:04
6. "The Hills Have Eyes" – 0:46
7. "We Hate You" – 5:08
8. "Dopethrone" – 20:48 (10:35 on versions featuring the song "Mind Transferral")
9. "Mind Transferral" – 14:54 (re-release only)



Saturday, February 23, 2008

Review of 5ive-"Hesperus"

Every once in a while an album comes along that just simply blows you away. In this case, that album happens to be "Hesperus" by Boston twosome 5IVE. Yes, you heard me right I said twosome. The band consists of guitarist Ben Carr and drummer Charlie Harrold. The songs brilliantly transcend from psychedelic jams to doom heavy riffage. The two feed off each other masterfully, creating sonic blasts of orchestrated confusion using well placed distortion and wah-wahs, but in the end finally pulling the entire piece together with great precision.

The 44-minute long instro atmospheric doom masterpiece consists of seven songs with two songs "News I" and "News II" taking up nearly half of the album's total running time. The two songs build up using multiple layers of sound placing a firm choke hold on the listener, then finally letting go leaving you grasping for air only to take hold again.

I enjoy the fact that there are no vocals on this album as sometimes a bad vocal tends to ruin the scope of the music. In this case the music definitely speaks for itself.

The band released its first CD entitled "Telestic Disfracture" in 2001 and a remix album entitled "Versus" in 2006. Unfortunately it took the band seven years to release a full-length album, but overall it was well worth the wait. I truly recommend this album with high regards.

4.6 out of 5



CLUTCH Drummer To Guest On Maryland's WRYR-LP 97.5 FM

CLUTCH drummer Jean-Paul Gaster will guest on Sherwood, Maryland's WRYR-LP 97.5 FM radio tomorrow (Sunday, Febraury 24) at 9:00 p.m.

To listen to the show live via the Internet, visit WRYR.org.

Friday, February 22, 2008

DANKO JONES: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

Canadian rock 'n' roll trio DANKO JONES is streaming its entire new album, "Never Too Loud", on the band's MySpace page. Due in Germany on February 29, 2008 via Bad Taste/Soulfood Music, the CD was recorded at Studio 606 in Los Angeles with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH, STONE SOUR, VELVET REVOLVER).

"Nick's worked on some of my favourite records of the last five years", the band's leader and namesake previously said, "and we're very excited to step into the studio with a producer who has such a great track record and incredible instincts."

The past five years have been a whirlwind for the band, which saw DANKO JONES play virtually every major European festival including Rock Im Park, Rock Am Ring, Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Leeds, Lowlands, Roskilde, Gurten, Hultsfred, Reading and Ozzfest. In addition to non-stop touring Danko Jones also appeared on the new ANNIHILATOR album "Metal" (released in April 2007), on the track "Couple Suicide", with ARCH ENEMY singer Angela Gossow.

Belgium's Cutting Edge recently conducted an interview with Danko Jones. Watch the three-minute chat below.

HEAVEN AND HELL To Begin Writing New Album In March

The official web site of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio (HEAVEN AND HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) has been updated with the following message:

"If you've been wondering what Ronnie is up to, wonder, no longer: After taking some well-deserved time off after last year's monster HEAVEN AND HELL world tour, Ronnie will be heading off to the UK in March to begin writing the new HEAVEN AND HELL record with the guys. Tony Iommi [guitar] will then travel to L.A. to reunite with Ronnie, Geezer [Butler, bass] and Vinny [Appice, drums] to continue working on the record during April and May. Then Ronnie will take a break during the summer to play a few special up-close-and-personal dates for the DIO fans."

Upcoming DIO shows:

May 27 - Birmingham, UK – Academy (w/ GIRLSCHOOL)
May 28 - London, UK - Astoria (w/ GIRLSCHOOL)
May 30 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum Scene
May 31 - Karmoy, Norway - Kopervik Festival
Jun. 02 - Malmö, Sweden - KB Halle
Jun. 03 - Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser
Jun. 04 - Gothenburg, Sweden – Tradgarn
Jun. 06 - Oulu, Finland - Teatria
Jun. 07 - Lahti, Finland - Water & Rock Festival

DIO's last release was the "Holy Diver Live" CD, featuring a performance of the classic "Holy Diver" album in its entirety, from start to finish, recorded live for the very first time in 2005 in front of a sold-out London crowd. It also includes, among others, "Heaven & Hell", "Sign of the Southern Cross" and "Mob Rules" from vocalist Ronnie James Dio's BLACK SABBATH days, "Tarot Woman", "Man on the Silver Mountain" and "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll" from the RAINBOW era and "We Rock" from his solo career.

HEAVEN AND HELL played the final show of its U.S. tour with ALICE COOPER and QUEENSRŸCHE on October 6, 2007 at the Verizon Wireless in Irvine, California. Before the encore, Indie 103.1's Full Metal Jackie presented the band with gold plaques on stage to honor U.S. sales in excess of 25,000 copies of the group's "Live at Radio City Music Hall" DVD. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio thanked the fans for their support, then dedicated the encore song ("Neon Knights") to veteran KNAC DJ Tawn Mastrey, who died in early October of liver failure brought on by hepatitis C.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The 2008's edition of the STONED HAND OF DOOM - chapter 4 will be on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of May, as always, in ROME.

After the greatest success of the past editions, we'll have the "WAR MAP" opening party on Friday 16th of May at the SINISTER NOISE CLUB where there will be 2 bands playing + a DJ set before and after the gigs.

The "real" festival will be on Saturday 17th of May at the INIT club where there will be 9 bands playing + a DJ set until late night!!!

After the release of the new album titled "The Alchemist" we'll have the mighty WITCHCRAFT as headliners!!!
For the first time at SHOD we'll have a band from South America, LA IRA DE DIOS from Perù.
The SHOD festival exist to support the italian scene mostly, this 2008's esition will see the partecipation of the greatest STONER KEBAB (their new album titled "Imber Vulgi" show a mature band in continue evolution), MIDRYASI (as always invited at SHOD, one of the greatest italian bands ever...horns up to the Hypnopriest who's celebrating his rite in the deeper caves!!!) and, of course, EL-THULE that with their new album titled "Green Magic" are getting well known outside Italy too!

On the "WAR MAP" opening party on Friday 16th we'll have on stage two of the best italian bands ever.
ZIPPO and DOOMRAISER will entertain the audience with their huge massive sound!!!

We're waiting to announce more bands. We'll keep you update with all the news, that means tickets prices and many other news!!!

italian doom & heavy psych fest – charter 4

Venerdì 16 maggio/Friday 16th of May 2008

“WAR MAP” Opening Party

DOOMRAISER (www.myspace.com/doomraiser)
ZIPPO (www.myspace.com/zippomusic)
Pre-after show DJ set heavy/doom/psych/70’s
(happy hours tutta la sera)


Sabato 17 maggio/Saturday 17th of May 2008

c/o INIT - Roma

EL-THULE (www.myspace.com/elthule)
LA IRA DE DIOS – Perù (www.myspace.com/lairadedios)
MIDRYASI (www.myspace.com/midryasi)
STONER KEBAB (www.myspace.com/stonerkebab)
WITCHCRAFT – Sweden (www.myspace.com/witchcraftswe)
+ 4 altre band/4 more bands to be announced

After show DJ set heavy/doom/psych/70’s


(Source:Hellride Music)

The Company Band "Sign Here, Here and Here" EP Released

The Company Band is a new band featuring Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon, guitarists James Rota and Dave Bone from Fireball Ministry, drummer Jess Margera from CKY (Bam's brother) and rounding out the group is bassist Jason Diamond from Puny Human. The band has just released it's new EP entitled "Sign Here, Here and Here". It was completed at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood with producer Andrew Alekel (FU MANCHU, FIREBALL MINISTRY). "Sign Here, Here and Here" is your typical blues-rock offering which is mostly reminiscent of Clutch due to Fallon's vocals, but the 4-song EP definitely leaves you wanting more.

Track listing:

1. Company Man (Free MP3)
2. Fortune's a Mistress
3. Spellbinder
4. Heartache Misery

You can check out more about the band and purchase the EP on their MySpace page.

or download from
The Company Band - Sign Here, Here & Here

BLACK SABBATH Drummer Previews This Weekend's "Rock 50" Show

BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward has issued the following update on this weekend's (February 23) edition of his "Rock 50" monthly radio show, which airs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. PST on WPMD, a college radio station at Cerritos College in California:

"Our radio show this month will air on February 23. I hope you will join us. We'll be playing new releases in hardcore metal and some of the favorites from last year. I haven't played any PANTERA for a while, so I'm playing something this month. DISFEAR, I'm sure, will be back on the show from January, and right now, KORN kick off the top of the show.

"We'll make a brief tribute to Buddy, Ritchie and the Big Popper. It's been 49 years since their fatal plane crash after playing the Surf Ballroom gig in Clear Lake, Iowa, February 3rd, 1959."

"Rock 50", featuring its regular host Mike Stark, is broadcast over the Internet every Saturday. You can listen to the show live online at this location.

For more information about Bill Ward's monthly "Rock 50" radio show, click here.


QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, SERJ TANKIAN, CHRIS CORNELL, 36 CRAZYFISTS and JONATHAN DAVIS have been confirmed for this year's Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals, set to take place June 6-7 in the German towns of Nürburgring and Nürnberg, respectively. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi's 60th birthday. I would like to thank Tony's parents for bringing what I believe to be the "Master of the Guitar Riff" into this world, and if it were not for him we would not even have heavy metal music. Here is to your health. Happy Birthday Mr. Tony Iommi!

HIGH ON FIRE: Pittsburgh Footage Posted Online

Fan-filmed video footage of Oakland, California-based band HIGH ON FIRE's February 14, 2008 concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can be viewed below (courtesy of digitallive).

HIGH ON FIRE's "Rumors Of War" video, the first from the band's "Death Is This Communion" album, made its "Headbanger's Ball" debut in December on MTV2. The clip was lensed in Los Angeles by director/producer Soren (UNEARTH, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, GREELEY ESTATES).

MetalKult.com recently posted a 14-clip question-and-answer video interview with HIGH ON FIRE guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike.

The video was shot on August 15, 2007 in New York City, when Pike was visiting the East Coast to promote HIGH ON FIRE's latest album, "Death Is This Communion" (Relapse).

During the interview Pike discusses the foundations of his brutal tone and style, HIGH ON FIRE's exotic sonic elements, the departure of bassist Joe Preston (THRONES, ex-MELVINS) and what HIGH ON FIRE's new bassist, Jeff Matz, brings to the mix. Also on MetalKult.com is a 25-minute video riff lesson with HIGH ON FIRE's Pike, in which the guitarist demonstrates how to play some of the classic riffs in his catalog, from SLEEP's "The Druid" and "Dragonaut" to HIGH ON FIRE's "Baghdad", "Blessed Black Wings" and "Turk".

To view these videos visit www.metalkult.com.

"Death is this Communion"

"Rumors of War"

Monday, February 18, 2008

TROUBLE: New European Support Acts Announced

DRAGONLORD and COVERED CALL have cancelled their participation in the upcoming European tour by Chicago doom legends TROUBLE. Replacing them on the bill are Norway's SAHG and Germany's GORILLA MONSOON.

Apr. 08 - ITA Bologna Estragon
Apr. 09 - ITA Treviso New Age
Apr. 10 - SWI Zürich Rohstofflager
Apr. 11 - BEL Vosselaar Biebob
Apr. 12 - GER Essen Turock
Apr. 13 - GER Hamburg Markthalle
Apr. 15 - GER Hannover Musikzentrum
Apr. 16 - GER Frankfurt Batschkapp
Apr. 17 - GER Saarbrücken Roxy
Apr. 18 - NL Tilburg O13 *
Apr. 20 - UK London Dingwalls
Aug. 15 - NO Lillehammer Metal Rock Fest *
Aug. 16 - FIN Oulu Jalometalli Festival *

* TROUBLE only

UNEARTHLY TRANCE Unveils Album Details

New York's UNEARTHLY TRANCE will release its new album, "Electrocution", on March 18 via Relapse Records (March 24 internationally). The CD was recorded with Sanford Parker at his Volume Recording Studios (PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, RWAKE, MINSK) in Chicago, IL.

"Electrocution" (cover artwork) track listing:

01. Chaos Star
02. God Is A Beast
03. The Dust Will Never Settle
04. Diseased
05. The Scum Is In Orbit
06. Religious Slaves
07. Burn You Insane
08. Distant Roads Overgrown

Check out the songs "Chaos Star" and "Diseased" on the band's MySpace page.

NEBULA: New Demo Song Posted Online

A new NEBULA demo track, entitled "The Dagger", is available for streaming on the group's MySpace page. The song is one of ten tracks that the California rockers recorded at The Pass studios in Los Angeles.

NEBULA recently posted a video for the song "Loose Cannon" on YouTube. Watch the clip below.

NEBULA last year announced the addition of drummer Rob Oswald (KARMA TO BURN, MONDO GENERATOR) to the group's ranks.

NEBULA's latest album, "Apollo", was released in 2006 via Liquor and Poker. The CD was produced by Daniel Rey (RAMONES, MISFITS, L7) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (THE MARS VOLTA, SONIC YOUTH, FRANZ FERDINAND).

KYLESA: Japan/Australian Edition Of "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" To Include Bonus Material

Tokyo-based label Red Cobalt Industries will release the Japanese/Australian edition of KYLESA's "Time Will Fuse Its Worth". This edition will be made available on the heels of KYLESA's European tour with BARONESS and scheduled for release in April 2008.

Originally released on Prosthetic Records in the U.S., the Japanese/Australian edition of "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" will be released as a matte-finish digipack with a completely different artwork layout. The forthcoming release will contain bonus material and see a limited pressing of 1,000 copies worldwide.

The sludge metal band from Savannah is geared up for a busy 2008 and this Japanese/Australian release will be one of their first offerings to see light this year.

For more information, visit www.redcobaltindustries.com.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

100% On Guitar Hero II-The Sword-"Freya" (Expert), Also Guitar Hero Aerosmith Confirmed

I'm sure many of you may have played or at least have heard about the game Guitar Hero by now. If you haven't, then you are either living under a rock or living in a cave. Anyways, when I first heard about the game I couldn't wait to play the Black Sabbath songs. I never learned to play a real guitar but I could play a mean air guitar, so I thought Guitar Hero would be right up my alley. Well, I got through all the songs rather easily, although on "easy" my fingers wanted to go faster than what was transpiring on the screen so I couldn't wait to get to the "medium" level. I managed to get through all of the songs on "medium" also. Then I tried the "hard" level and it simply blew my mind. I am still trying to get through the "hard" level to this day. It is beyond me how someone can get 100% on every song on the "expert" level. I think I do pretty decent for not being an avid gamer or knowing how to play an actual guitar. What helped me was simply knowing the songs. I could hit most of the lead guitar parts better than the chord changes. One thing that is truly cool about Guitar Hero is that it is introducing the younger generation to some of the greatest music ever made. Next up for Guitar Hero is an all Aerosmith version of the game. I have provided a few cool items for you to check out. One is an article confirming the Aerosmith version of the game and the other is this dude that achieved a 100% on the "expert" level of "Freya" by The Sword. I think they should release an all metal version of the game. Let me know what you think.

Go here to read more about the Aerosmith version.

Pre-order Guitar Hero Aerosmith here

100% On Guitar Hero II-The Sword-"Freya" (Expert)

Buy Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle for as low as $68.60

Saturday, February 16, 2008

HERMANO Announces One-Off Concert In Kentucky

American heavy blues rockers HERMANO, who feature in their ranks musical heavyweights John Garcia (KYUSS, UNIDA), David Angstrom (BLACK CAT BONE, SUPAFUZZ), Steve "Dandy" Brown (DOCK ELLIS, ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO), Chris Leathers (SUPAFUZZ), and Mike Callahan (DISENGAGE, EARSHOT), will play a one-off show on Saturday, March 29 at A1A in Lexington, Kentucky. Also scheduled to appear are The Oxford Farm Report, Fabric and Earle Grey (featurng Steve Earle). Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

"…Into the Exam Room", the third album from HERMANO, came out on January 22 in North America via Regain Records.

HERMANO went for a classic old-school escape-ism approach with "…Into the Exam Room". No messages, no hidden meanings just pure heavy rock lined with beautiful harmonies and Garcia's distinct yowl.

Formed in 1998 as a side project, HERMANO has flourished for nearly a decade, despite its members being scattered across America. The group's writing sessions happen in its members' respective cities, with ideas tossed into the song library by every member until the quintet sifts through and chooses the best.

HERMANO's unconventional approach pays off in the end. "…Into the Exam Room" is a diverse record with a character all its own. "This is the most emotional record in my entire life," said Garcia. "It's been a long time since I felt this strongly about a record. Honestly, I haven't felt this strongly since KYUSS."

"I could not be more pleased with the way this band continues to conquer through adversity," Leathers said. "Faced with thousands of miles between us, babies being born, wives having surgery, divorces, and a record on a deadline, this band still managed to release a kick-ass record. Being willing to be challenged and punch life right back in the mouth is a testament to everyone involved."

Band To Burn One To-Mos Generator

It was the winter of 2000 in Seattle. The embers of the fire that was once Sub Pop continued to smolder and belch forth black smoke in the form of a stunning array of watered down indie-pop in a city that had once deemed fit to attempt a resurrection of the spirit of rock and roll. An hour west of the city, in the scenic costal town of Port Orchard, scene veterans Shawn Johnson (ex-Mindfunk), ScooterHaslip (ex-Voodoo Gearshift) & Tony Reed (ex-Treepeople, Goodbye Harry) were regrouping.

Born from the ashes of a scene that promised the second coming of Deep Purple and Sabbath but delivered only watered down bar bands and radio friendly alt-rock, Reed and company felt the instinctual need to strip down to the basics of hard rock. Long time veterans of both road & studio, the trio entered Reed’s Temple Sound studio with virtually limitless time and the record collections of their youths. 2002 saw Mos Generator emerge with from the studio with a debut album that has served as a blueprint for all their future works. Wearing their influences on their collective sleeve “Mos Generator” was a rough and raw smorgasbord of all that has ever rocked. 2004 saw the once again self-released “Live At The Manette,” which served to document the bands ever increasing chemistry. In 2006, the band delivered their most wholly realized effort, “The Late Great Planet Earth.” Brimming with Sabbathesque
riffs and a dynamic rhythm section that would put Mountain to shame Mos Generator have taken rock and roll out of the 70’s and put it back where it belongs, on the road.

Their Small Stone debut, "Songs for Future Gods" continues where “The Late Great Planet Earth” left off. The ten tracks virtually ooze sludge and groove through your speakers when first played. The rhythms are tighter and Tony’s guitar playing has grown all the more explosive. The fact is, Mos Generator are playing kick ass, honest, old school heavy Rock 'n' Roll. MG has evolved to a point where they have become the dictionary definition of the word "chemistry". Revolving their sound around swagger and groove while improvising just enough to keep the songs feeling fresh from night to night. Dynamic, resilient, instinctive, unpredictable, but never boring. Mos Generator are a must see the next time they come to your town. (Small Stone Records)


Reviews of "Songs For Future Gods"


Band's MySpace Page

Listen to entire album here

Check out a video of Mos Generator performing "Lumbo Rock!" live at Winterland in Bremerton, WA on June 22, 2007.

What is Stoner Rock?

I came across this guy on YouTube who posted a few videos in which he discusses his interpretation of what "Stoner Rock" is and what some of his favorite bands of the genre are. Check him out!

What is Stoner Rock? (Part One)

What is Stoner Rock? (Part Two)

KINGDOM OF SORROW: Entire Debut Album Available For Streaming

KINGDOM OF SORROW, the band featuring Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Kirk Windstein (DOWN, CROWBAR), is streaming its self-titled debut in its entirety on the group's MySpace page.

KINGDOM OF SORROW will release its CD next Tuesday, February 19 in North America (February 25 internationally). To launch the record, Jasta has scheduled a number of in-store appearances and signings at various record stores along the East Coast for next week. During the week of release, Jasta will also be stopping by the Sirius and XM Radio satellite offices in addition to WSOU (NJ), WZMR (NY), and more, for live on-air interviews.

KINGDOM OF SORROW will make its live debut later this month as it begins a string of dates in support of the CD. These dates will kick off in Worcester, MA and extend for a week across the Northeastern U.S. Support includes TURMOIL, DEAD TO FALL, THY WILL BE DONE, and more on select dates.

Jamey Jasta in-store / on-air appearances:

Feb. 19 - West Babylon, NY - Looney Tunes (7:00 pm EST)
Feb. 20 - Sirius Satellite Radio - Live on-air (11:00 am EST)
Feb. 20 - WSOU South Orange - Live on-air (3:00 pm EST)
Feb. 20 - Fords, NJ - Vintage Vinyl Records (7:00 pm EST)
Feb. 21 - XM Satellite Radio - Live on-air (11:30 am EST)
Feb. 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Relapse Records Retail Store (7:00 pm EST)
Feb. 22 - WZMR Latham - Live on-air (10:00 pm EST)
Feb. 22 - Albany, NY - FYE Colonie Mall (7:00 pm EST)


Feb. 27 - Worcester, MA - Palladium Upstairs
Feb. 28 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
Feb. 29 - Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
Mar. 01 - Albany, NY - Valentines
Mar. 02 - New York, NY - Knitting Factory
Mar. 04 - Toronto, ON - El Macombo
Mar. 05 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s
Mar. 06 - Chicago, IL - Reggie’s Rock Club
Mar. 07 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick

SAVIOURS: 'Narcotic Sea' Video Posted Online

Oakland, CA quartet SAVIOURS' brand new music video — for the track "Narcotic Sea" — can be viewed here. (Note: Video stream may not be available to some non-U.S. residents.) The clip will make its world television premiere as part of the February 19 edition of MTV2's long-running "Headbangers Ball" program.

"Narcotic Sea" is taken from SAVIOURS' critically acclaimed new album "Into Abaddon" (Kemado Records). The video was directed by Dante Della Maggiore ("Zombie Attack!") and features the band performing the song in a live setting as a consciousness-expanding quasi-storyline unfolds.

"The 'Narcotic Sea' video is basically about being in a self-induced haze during the Earth's final days," SAVIOURS drummer Scott Batiste explains. "We wanted to capture 'a little bit of Oakland' in our first video so, part of the video features us jamming out in a West Oakland warehouse. The rest is us on a quest for killer times in spite of all the decay and depression that surrounds us each day. We took a trip up Highway 1 (north of San Francisco) and hit up some killer rock formations and beaches and just partied, basically. Dante Della Maggiore, who directed the video, then took all of the footage and tripped it out as hard as possible. We're very stoked on how it turned out and we're ready for the world to get a glimpse of what SAVIOURS is about."

SAVIOURS are currently in the midst of a massive U.S. tour alongside fellow Bay Area hessians HIGH ON FIRE.

Friday, February 15, 2008

NEBULA Recording New Demos

Los Angeles rockers NEBULA have issued the following update:

"NEBULA spent a long day in the studio Monday recording demos. A total of ten new songs were recorded. We would like to thank Zeph, Ian, Kiki and Jordan at The Pass in Los Angeles, CA for all their hard work, and to Karen for making it happen. Check out our MySpace page for some pictures from the session."

NEBULA recently posted a video for the song "Loose Cannon" on YouTube. Watch the clip below.

NEBULA last year announced the addition of drummer Rob Oswald (KARMA TO BURN, MONDO GENERATOR) to the group's ranks.

NEBULA's latest album, "Apollo", was released in 2006 via Liquor and Poker. The CD was produced by Daniel Rey (RAMONES, MISFITS, L7) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (THE MARS VOLTA, SONIC YOUTH, FRANZ FERDINAND).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

ELECTRIC WIZARD Pulls Out Of Holland's ROADBURN Festival

British doom veterans ELECTRIC WIZARD have been forced to cancel their previously announced appearance at the Roadburn festival — which will take place April 17-20 at 013 in Tilburg, the Netherlands — due to a "family" matter. They have since been replaced by WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, who will perform a one-off show at Roadburn 2008.

Commented ELECTRIC WIZARD's Justin Oborn: "We regret to announce that ELECTRIC WIZARD will not be able to perform at Roadburn festival this year. Unfortunately due to an unforeseen and unavoidable situation, of a personal nature — which we had no idea would arise when we agreed to play last August — it has now become impossible for us to be at Roadburn. This cancellation is not something that we want to do and we wish to apologise to all our fans and all at Roadburn, especially Walter, and we hope that this awesome festival will be the huge success it deserves to be. We will be rescheduling our performance for September 12th, 2008 again at the 013 venue."

ELECTRIC WIZARD's sixth full-length studio album, "Witchcult Today", was released in November via Rise Above Records. Recorded and produced by Liam Watson (WHITE STRIPES, DATSUNS) at London's legendary Toerag studios, initial CD copies came in foil gatefold LP replica, with a double vinyl version foil sleeve also available.

FU MANCHU: New U.S. Dates Announced

Southern California fuzz-rock quartet FU MANCHU has scheduled the following dates:

Feb 27 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's (Noise Pop)
Feb. 29 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Mar. 01 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Mar. 02 - Spokane, WA @ The Boulevard
Mar. 04 - Boise, ID @ The Bouquet
Mar. 06 - Aspen, CO @ The Belly Up
Mar. 07 - Fort Collins, CO @ The Aggie Theatre
Mar. 08 - Denver, CO @ The Larimer Lounge
Mar. 11 - Milwaukee, WI @ Vnuk's
Mar. 12 - Chicago, IL @ Double Door
Mar. 13 - Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick
Mar. 14 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
Mar. 15 - Columbus, OH @ Ravari Room
Mar. 17 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose
Mar. 18 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Mar. 20 - Boston, MA @ Middle East Club
Mar. 22 - Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox Laundrolounge
Mar. 23 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
Mar. 24 - Charlotte, NC @ 314 N College St Camel Cigarettes Free Show
Mar. 25 - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
Mar. 27 - Houston, TX @ The Meridian
Mar. 28 - Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues -- Cambridge Room
Mar. 29 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk
Apr. 01 - Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad
Apr. 02 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Sets
Apr. 04 - Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad
Apr. 05 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour

FU MANCHU recently launched an official YouTube page, which features exclusive live clips, tour diaries and the band's video for the track "Hung Out To Dry". Click here to check it out and stay tuned for new video installments from the road.

The group recently completed its second headlining European tour for the "We Must Obey" album cycle.

Though it follows in the formidable footsteps of such fuzz-rock landmarks as "In Search Of..., The Action Is Go" and "King Of The Road", "We Must Obey" is being hailed as FU MANCHU's finest offering to date. Guitar World praises its "uncompromisingly thunderous, combining SABBATH-like riffs and punk rock attitude," while Metal Edge says the album proves that "FU MANCHU is the essence of pure rock." Co-produced by Andrew Alekel (WEEZER, RANCID, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) And the band themselves, the record is infectious, inspiring and, most importantly, authentic, the sound of a time- and road-tested group cruising along confidently yet effortlessly.

TROUBLE: New U.S. Dates Announced

Illinois doom legends TROUBLE have scheduled the following U.S. dates:

April 02 - RPMs Rock Club - Bridgeville, PA
April 03 - Jigsaw Saloon - Cleveland, Ohio
April 04 - Doug's American Grill & Bar - Aurora, IL
April 05 - Nite Cap – Chicago, IL

DOWN: More Pittsburgh Footage Posted Online

Fan-filmed video footage of DOWN performing the song "Stone the Crow" on January 30, 2008 at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can be viewed below (courtesy of "digitallive"). More clips from this concert can be found here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CLUTCH: 'Heard It All Before' Now Available In North America

CLUTCH has made its Australian release, "Heard It All Before", available domestically. The live show recording from the December 13, 2007 performance will now be available in limited quantities on line at www.merch.com, and sold at the venues on their upcoming U.S. tour.

The DualDisc package, which includes a set by THE BAKERTON GROUP (the instrumental project featuring Mick Schauer, Tim Sult, Dan Maines, and Jean-Paul Gaster of CLUTCH) and features art from Nik Lak, has virtually sold out at the Australian distributor, Out With the New. Less than 200 original Australian pressing remain, so if you want an Australian pressing you will have to act fast. For a chance to score one of the remaining Australian pressings before it is gone forever... hit it and get it at this location.

CLUTCH's video for the song "Electric Worry", filmed at the historic Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown, MD, is available for viewing at YouTube. The track comes off the group's latest album, "From Beale Street to Oblivion", which came out on March 27through DRT Entertainment.

"Electric Worry"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TORCHE: 'Meanderthal' Track Listing Revealed

Miami, Florida's TORCHE will release its second full-length CD, "Meanderthal", on April 8 through the Hydra Head imprint (vinyl to be released on Robotic Empire). Recorded throughout November 2007 at Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts, the 13-track album is TORCHE's first with Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, GENGHIS TRON, DISFEAR) at the helm.

Commented Andy Low of Robotic Empire, "Having built a unique sound with their self-titled debut and follow-up 'In Return' EP, TORCHE fully realize their potential with their most infectious recordings to date. No amount of heaviness is compromised on 'Meanderthal', an album that should fuel fans heavy fix as well as their undeniable need for catchiness."

"Meanderthal" track listing:

01. Triumph of Venus
02. Grenades
03. Piranha
04. Sandstorm
05. Speed of the Nail
06. Healer
07. Across the Shields
08. Sundown
09. Little Champion
10. Without A Sound
11. Fat Waves
12. Amnesian
13. Meanderthal

Check out the song "Piranha" on the band's MySpace page.

SOLITUDE AETURNUS: Classic Albums To Be Reissued

Poland's Metal Mind Productions will re-release the two albums from Texas doom legends SOLITUDE AETURNUS — "Through The Darkest Hour" (1994) and "Downfall" (1996) — on March 3 in Europe. Each remastered limited-edition digipack title (limited to 2,000 copies) will include one or more bonus tracks and will be made available on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology.

"Through The Darkest Hour" (remastered + bonus tracks) track listing:

01. Falling
02. Haunting The Obscure
03. The 8th Day: The Mourning
04. The 9th Day: Awakening
05. Pain
06. Pawns Of Anger
07. Eternal (Dreams Part III)
08. Perfect Insanity
09. Shattered My Spirit

Bonus tracks: Live at Stodola Club, Warsaw, Poland, February 12, 2007:

01. The 9th Day: Awakening
02. Pawns of Anger

"Downfall" (remastered + bonus track) track listing:

01. Phantoms
02. Only This (And Nothing More)
03. Midnight Dreams
04. Together and Wither
05. Elysium
06. Deathwish
07. These Are the Nameless
08. Chapel of Burning
09. Concern

Bonus track: Live at Stodola Club, Warsaw, Poland, February 12, 2007:


QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Launch "Make Out" Contest

The Pulse of Radio reports: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE have launched a new web site and contest to tie in with the release of the band's new single, "Make It Wit Chu". The group is hosting what it calls the first international Make Out Contest, with fans encouraged to submit videos via YouTube of couples making out to the song in the "sexiest, raunchiest and most QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-inspired fashion." Clips from other movies and porn cannot be submitted, and all participants must be 18 or over.

More info, as well as other romance-related items, can be found at makeitwitchu.com.

Frontman Josh Homme told The Pulse of Radio he was feeling pretty amorous himself when he wrote the song. "I was a lovesick fool and, you know, sometimes the only way you can communicate with somebody is by touching one end of a phone line that touches them in a far away location, so you just, you end up writing music, you know," he said. "It actually scared the living tar out of me because, you know, I'm like a desert boy with red hair. The idea of trying to sing some kind of blue-eyed soul scares the crap out of me."

"Make It Wit Chu" is taken from the fifth QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE album, "Era Vulgaris", which was released last year.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE are currently on a European tour and will next head to Australia and New Zealand in March.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Classic Stoner Rock Albums

If you are brand new to the genre of "stoner rock", here are my top five essential albums to get you started.

Black Sabbath-"Master of Reality"

This is the quintessential "stoner rock" album. I was introduced to Black Sabbath in 1981. A friend said you have to hear this song called "Sweat Leaf", it is beyond anything you have ever heard before. Upon first listen I was simply blown away. From the cool coughing intro to the ultra-heavy guitar riff, Black Sabbath quickly became my favorite band. Funny thing is, I love "stoner rock" but could hardly be considered a stoner, you see, I have never taken a hit. I just love the music. To me that is my ultimate high. Some may say that "Paranoid" is their best work but I believe it to be "Master Of Reality". Best tracks on the album are: "Sweat Leaf", "Children Of The Grave", "Lord Of This World", and "Into The Void". Simply put, if it were not for Black Sabbath and this album, we would not have many of the doom/sludge/stoner bands we have today or any other heavy metal bands for that matter. Do yourself a favor and own this album.


Kyuss-"Welcome to Sky Valley"

This band personifies exactly what "stoner rock" should be. Everything from the epic songwriting, infectious funky grooves, and some killer intrumentals, this band not only had great songs but the musicianship was nothing less than stellar. Josh Homme, currently with Queens Of The Stone Age, laid down some of the heaviest and tastiest riffs since Tony Iommi. Vocalist John Garcia currently frontman for the band Hermano, is one of my favorite vocalists in the genre. This is just one of those albums that never tires, I can listen to it every time and still have the same feeling as the first time I listened to it. A true classic!

Listen to entire album here.


Fu Manchu-"In Search Of..."

Whereas Kyuss was more doomy and sludgey, and was more inline with Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu was more of a retro 70's classic rock party band a la Foghat or Blue Oyster Cult, but with more balls. The songs are fuzzy and infectious slabs of riff heavy groove-oriented jams. This band is simply awesome live. Don't call them "stoner rock" call them "fuzz rock".


Monster Magnet- "Superjudge"

This stoner masterpiece combines elements of Black Sabbath gloom and doom with the trippy psychedelia of Hawkwind. This album provides the listener with a very cosmic and lyrically deep musical experience not often achieved by any form of music these days. "Superjudge" is not one of those albums that you will love after the first listen, give it a chance and open your mind. You will not be disappointed.

Listen to entire album here.


Sleep-Sleep's Holy Mountain

Sleep's Holy Mountain is a very raw, unintellectual, brutal "stoner rock" masterpiece. The riffs are slow and heavy and very unapologetic. The band featured Matt Pike (High On Fire) on guitar and he laid down some of the most punishing guitar riffs ever. The band has achieved a somewhat cult status because of the release of their hour-long one song album "Jerusalem". Check it out!

Listen to entire album here.


Honorable mentions:

Clutch-"Clutch" Listen

Trouble-"Manic Frustration"

Soundgarden-"Louder Than Love"


Electric Wizard-"Dopethrone" Listen


Aside from SXSW and a lone date February 28th at the Clearchannel Metroplex Event Center in Little Rock, AR, the U.S shores won't see The Sword until early April, back from their whirlwind tour with Saviours and Black Cobra in the UK. U.S. April dates, with Children and Slough Feg also on the bill, are below!

Monday, April 14- Jake’s Sports Center Lubbock, TX
Tuesday, April 15- Launchpad Albuquerque, NM
Wednesday, April 16- The Brick House Phoenix, AZ
Thursday, April 17- The Casbah San Diego, CA
Friday, April 18- El Rey Theatre Los Angeles CA
Saturday, April 19- Slim’s San Francisco, CA
Monday, April 21- Berbatis Portland, OR
Tuesday, April 22- Neumo’s Seattle, WA
Thursday, April 24- Neurolux Boise, ID
Friday, April 25- Club Vegas Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday, April 26- Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
Monday, April 28- BarleyCorns Wichita, KS
Tuesday, April 29- Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK

Oh, and they're capping it off with a little festival in Manchester, Tennessee you may have heard of called Bonnaroo. Tickets go on sale this Saturday for the June 12 - 25 event.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Tour Dates Posted For Black Cobra and Pelican in February / March

Black Cobra will trek out solo and then will join none other than Pelican for a late Feb. / March tour. The amazing Unearthly Trance will also be along for the ride on the dates.

They travel back across the country solo. Get on a plane the next day and go to tour the UK with The Sword (date to be posted soon!!).

Just Black Cobra

Thursday, Feb 21st Eugene, OR @ Samurai Duck
Friday Feb 22nd Portland OR @ East End
Sat. Feb 23rd Seattle WA @ The Funhouse
Mon. Feb. 25th Denver CO @ Larimer Lounge
Tues. Feb. 26th Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
Wed. Feb 27th St. Paul MN@ Turf Club

All Dates Pelican, Black Cobra & Unearthly Trance

Thurs. Feb 28th Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
Fri. Feb 29th DeKalb IL @ The House
Sat. March 1st Bloomington IN @ Rhino's
Sun. March 2nd St. Louis MO @ The Gargoyle
Tues. March 4th Memphis TN @ Hi Tone Cafe
Wed. March 5th Birmingham AL @ The Bottletree
Thurs. March 6th Pensacola FL @ Sluggos
Fri. March 7th Gainesville FL @ Common Grounds
Sun. March 9th Tampa, Florida @ Transitions Art Gallery (Note: no Pelican)
Mon. March 10th, Orlando FL @ The Social
Tues. March 11th Jacksonville FL @ Jack Rabbits
Wed. March 12th Atlanta GA @ Drunken Unicorn
Thurs. March 13th Charlotte NC @ Casbah at Tremont Music Hall
Fri. March 14th Charlottesville VA @ Outback Lodge
Sat. March 15th Louisville KY @ Headliners Music Hall w/Your Black Star

Just Black Cobra

Sun. Mar. 16th Carbondale, IL @ Hangar 9
Mon. Mar. 17th Lincoln, NE @ Pile House
Tues. Mar. 18th Ft. Collins, CO @ Surfside 7
Wed. Mar. 19th Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
Thurs. Mar. 20th, 2008 Reno, NV @ Satellite Lounge
Sat. March 22nd San Francisco CA @ Hemlock Tavern

Black Cobra MySpace

SKITLIV Replaces OM At Holland's ROADBURN Festival

SKITLIV, the band featuring former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac and SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth on guitar, will replace OM at the David Tibet Curates Roadside 2008 event, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 20 at the 013 Club in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Also scheduled to perform are ÆTHENOR, BABY DEE, CURRENT 93, and RICKIE LEE JONES.

David Tibet Curates Roadside 2008 is part of the Roadburn Festival, which will take place April 17-20 at 013. Scheduled to appear are DOWN, CELTIC FROST, GRAND MAGUS, CAPRICORNS, ISIS, BORIS, CULT OF LUNA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, TROUBLE, WITCHCRAFT, CHURCH OF MISERY, SERPENTCULT and many more.

SKITLIV is planning two special-edition releases on the UK label Cold Spring. The CD version, due out at the end of February, comprises two studio tracks; a special mix of "Slow Pain Coming" (exclusive to Cold Spring), and a version of "Amfetamin" with guest vocals by current MAYHEM and SUNN0))) frontman Attila. It also includes bonus tracks from the band's recent live performance at the Camden Underworld, London. A limited 12" etched edition will follow at a later date.

Fan-filmed video footage of SKITLIV performing the song "Virescit Volnere Virtus" live in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007 can be viewed below.

MASTODON Drummer: New Songs Are "Heavier Than I Expected"

Progressive metal quartet MASTODON is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in the spring to begin recording its follow-up to 2006's "Blood Mountain". A late 2008 release via Warner Bros. Records is expected.

In a recent interview with UK's Rock Sound magazine, MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor stated about the songwriting process for the group's new album, "It's a long, arduous process. We've got a skeleton for the whole record and these huge chunks of music four of five different segments that don't have a beginning or end yet... We're just basically in the middle of the record, adding stuff, giving it a taste then adding a little more 'pepper' or 'salt.' Once all the ingredients are in there, you have to bake it — which is just playing it over and over again until it feels right. The main goal is to get the songs right so you don't have to think about the time changes — so you can relax with it and play it how it should be played. There's a level of difficulty to our stuff and if you're too wrapped up in trying to remember how many times something goes and the timing for the next riff, you can't examine the song for being a song. So it takes a while."

So far, only one new songtitle has been revealed: "The Ghost of Karilla".

Commented Brann: "I dont want to give the theme away but I think the song title will leave a few people guessing. It's top secret. I can't divulge that information. It's more fun keeping it under wraps, but you can be assured that it's definitely another MASTODON record which is going to further in a couple of different directions and the stuff we've written so far is heavier than I expected."

DOWN: Pittsburgh Concert Footage Posted Online

Fan-filmed video footage of DOWN's January 30, 2008 concert at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can be viewed below (courtesy of "digitaIIive").


Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

THE SWORD Completes Work On New Album

Austin, TX-based quartet THE SWORD has completed work on its sophomore album, entitled "Gods of the Earth". The follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed debut, "Age of Winters", is set for an April 1, 2008 release via Kemado Records.

Recorded at Folkvang Studios in Austin, TX, "Gods of the Earth" instantly conveys what words can only try to describe: THE SWORD is not to be taken lightly. From the moment the album’s lead track "The Sundering" explodes, it is immediately apparent that THE SWORD has upped the ante on a sound all its own. More ambitious, more accomplished and simply bigger, "Gods of the Earth"'s huge, mountaintop-friendly hooks, thunderous drumming and oceanic bass lines cut through the air like a scythe, while the ominous vocals of frontman J.D. Cronise weave fantastical tales rife with myth and mythology. Waves of powerful riffs and low-end thunder dominate songs such as the immediate "Maiden, Mother & Crone", "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians", "Under the Boughs" and the paralyzing "The Black River".

"Gods of the Earth" track listing:

01. The Sundering
02. How Heavy This Axe
03. Lords
04. Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians
05. To Take the Black
06. Maiden, Mother & Crone
07. Under the Boughs
08. The Black River
09. The White Sea

TROUBLE: Chicago House Of Blues Photos Available

Illinois doom legends TROUBLE performed at the House of Blues in Chicago on January 27. Check out photos from the concert at this location.

"Simple Mind Condition", the latest album from TROUBLE, will receive its long-awaited U.S. release in March via Escapi Music.

The follow-up to 1995's "Plastic Green Head", "Simple Mind Condition" was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL).

TROUBLE will team up with DRAGONLORD and COVERED CALL for a European tour in April.

DOWN: Providence Photos Posted Online

TheMetalUnion.com has uploaded photos of DOWN's February 8, 2008 concert at Lupo's in Providence, Rhode Island. Check them out at this location.

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Pillars of Eternity
02. The Path
03. Lysergik Funeral Procession
04. Lifer
05. Three Suns and One Star
06. Hail the Leaf
07. I Scream
08. Ghosts Along the Mississippi
09. Learn From This Mistake
10. On March the Saints
11. Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But...
12. N.O.D.
13. Beneath the Tides
14. Losing All
15. Eyes of the South
16. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
17. Stone the Crow
18. Jail
19. Bury Me in Smoke

Gino Alache of RockumRadio.com conducted an interview with DOWN drummer Jimmy Bower on January 16, 2008. Download the seven-minute chat as an MP3 audio file at this location.

DOWN's video for the song "On March The Saints" can be viewed below. The track comes off the group's latest album, "Over the Under", which was released on September 25 through ILG/Warner Music Group (one day earlier internationally via Roadrunner Records). The LP was issued in Europe as a limited-edition digipack CD featuring the bonus track "Invest in Fear".

Friday, February 8, 2008

Former ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER Members Launch New Project

Vocalist Dave Slocum of the now-defunct Atlanta, Georgia sludge metal band ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER has issued the following update:

"OK, yes, ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER is done, has been for some time. Had a great run, and had some great times! Thanks to all y'all that came out to shows, let us crash, and all that hoopla. Not even gonna get into why, but the absurdity of it all would make for an interesting read.

"New things: We have a new band. Kevin Bond, who came on to the last AP tour, learned our songs in two days, and provided a much needed breath of fresh air. Kevin is a true pro, and has music in his veins. He has written some great new songs, and really taken it to the next level. Travis Owen will be doing his thing. Those of y'all that have sen him know what to expect, and lemme tell ya, he's pretty pissed off.

"James Atwell from MOSES JONES has come in and really kicked the intensity up a notch. Slide guitar, soaring vocals, and some really nice leads. I am still doing my thing, learning a lot from James, and having a great time with the new band.

"We have secured Dez Fafara's (DEVILDRIVER) Abaddon Management once again to handle all the business end.

"We need a bass player. We need someone who can tour, write. You have to be able to cut the string, mamma cannot come with you! Think AC/DC, GOV'T MULE, NAZARETH, MC5, ZZ TOP, whiskey bar room brawls.

"If you are interested send me a link to your myspace, and I will send you a track to learn. Must be able to live in Atlanta or thereabouts. MUST GET DOWN! Touring experience a plus.

"Folks, don't waste our time, y'all know what kind of person we need. We like four strings, Ampegs, Fenders, Rickenbacher, Cliff Williams, Lemmy, Cliff Burton etc.

"All that being said, we are having a great time, and look to be on the road again in the spring."


SOURVEIN To Release "Ghetto Angel" EP

North Carolina's SOURVEIN — which is described as a "serious, down-tuned sludge/doom with the Southern flavor of bands like DOWN and EYEHATEGOD" — will release its second EP, "Ghetto Angel", on February 12 via This Dark Reign.

Following the group's early recordings for Southern Lord and Game Two, the band's This Dark Reign debut EP, "Emerald Vulture", was "an ugly 17 minutes of slow, hateful, grinding darkness, full of thick guitars and malicious vocals," according to a press release. "'Ghetto Angel', the band's second EP in a series of three for This Dark Reign, charges forth with the band's signature style of buzzsaw guitars and droning bass with the tempered pace of a sloth, but the songwriting has found a groove not heard on previous recordings. Let's face it, this band has had bad luck on top of bad luck with labels failing on them, natural catastrophes, drug habits taking toll, loved ones lost and everything between, but still they kept their eye on the ball. And we're all the benefactors as they turn it all into a gut-wrenching mix of swamp metal and doom."

SOURVEIN is currently plowing over towns on tour with ZOROASTER. After finishing off the South/Southwest and hitting the West Coast, they'll swing and head back east, meeting up with GANON mid-month for the Metal Maniacs-sponsored tour that takes them through the Northeast. Plans for a new European tour are in the works for the coming months, and they band is set to burn down Roadburn festival this year as well.


BLACK SEPTEMBER, THOU To Team Up For Split 7" Single

Chicago's death/black metal group BLACK SEPTEMBER and Baton Rouge's sludge/doom group THOU will team up for a split seven-inch release, tentatively due in March. The effort will include one previously unreleased song from each band — "Under the Rising" by BLACK SEPTEMBER and "Smoke Pigs" by THOU.

BLACK SEPTEMBER recorded its contribution with Sanford Parker (MINSK, BURIED AT SEA) at Volume Studios (RWAKE, PELICAN, YAKUZA).

Black September MySpace

Thou MySpace

Thursday, February 7, 2008


AGALLOCH, MIDDIAN and NADJA are among the confirmed bands for the March Into Darkness I festival, set to take place March 21-23 at Berbati's Pan in Portland, Oregon. According to Nanotear Booking, which is organizing the event, "twelve uncompromising and critically acclaimed underground acts [will] appear on one of the best stages Portland has to offer. Featured artists come from as far away as Toronto, ON, and the entire weekend is built around one of only two U.S. performances that international cult act AGALLOCH has scheduled for 2008. Continuing the successful tradition of Stoner Hands of Doom V and Children of the Revolution 3 (both curated by Nanotear), March Into Darkness I promises an earful of mind-expanding/body-crushing musical exploration, and blistering rock glory."

March Into Darkness I festival billing:

Friday, March 21:

MIDDIAN (Eugene, OR)
INDIAN (Chicago, IL)
RED FANG (Portland, OR)

Saturday, March 22:

AGALLOCH (Portland, OR)
RED SPAROWES (Los Angeles, CA)
GRAYCEON (San Francisco, CA)

Sunday, March 23:

ASUNDER (Oakland, CA)
NADJA (Toronto, ON)
TREES (Portland, OR)

Three-day festival passes will be available via Ticketweb.com for $25. Please note that only Saturday's show is all ages, and tickets for that day can be purchased separately in advance.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

UNIDA Announces Reunion Show

According to StonerRock.com, California-based stoner rockers UNIDA — featuring former KYUSS lead singer John Garcia, songwriter and guitarist Arthur Seay, drummer Mike Cancino, and bass player Eddie Plasciencia — have scheduled a reunion show on February 21 at Safari Sam's in Hollywood, California. Also scheduled to appear is MONDO GENERATOR, the band led by former KYUSS/QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE bassist Nick Oliveri.

UNIDA issued the stoner classic "Coping with the Urban Coyote" LP in 1999 on the Man's Ruin label. The strength of that release attracted the interest of mega rock producer Rick Rubin and they were signed to his American Recordings/Island Def Jam. The full-length album they completed for American in May 2001 was never made available due to record company politics.

In a 2002 interview, UNIDA bassist Scott Reeder (ex-KYUSS) spoke out about the delay in getting the full-length album released. "Everything was set to come out on [American via] Columbia [Records], and you know, we've been meeting a lot of people who've been working on it," he explained. "The artwork was done, everything was looking really good, and then, I guess, [American owner] Rick Rubin had a falling out with Sony, moved the whole label over to Island Def Jam, and apparently, after months of being just strung along — 'Oh, yeah, the release date got bumped back a little bit' — finally we found out that somebody at the label didn't like the record, so they didn't want to deal with it. The lawyers had to go back and forth for months and months and months — a chess game where every move takes two months... 'You have sixty days to reply to this letter'...and...so we just got out of the deal, a month ago."

In addition to fronting UNIDA, John Garcia is a member of HERMANO, which released its third full-length album, "…Into the Exam Room", late last year on Suburban Records.

The other members of UNIDA also play together in HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES, who played at last year's Stoner Hands of Doom festival in Mesa, Arizona.

Watch footage of UNIDA performing at the Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland in 1999:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stoner Rock Blog- Heavy Planet

Please bear with me as I transform Heavy Planet into an all Stoner Rock blog community. I will try to provide as much information as I can on this awesome genre of heavy music. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Check Out This Band-Saviours

One of the best bands that I have heard in a while is SAVIOURS. Hailing from Oakland, CA, SAVIOURS deliver some of the most infectious riff rock on the planet. If you are a fan of bands such as MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, THE SWORD, etc., I strongly suggest listening to SAVIOURS.

Listen to the entire album here.

Kemodo Records Artist Bio

For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the band's new record has been posted online by Ground Control magazine. Check it out below.

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