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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WOLFMOTHER: New Song Available For Free Download

A brand new track from Australian retro-rock combo WOLFMOTHER, entitled "Back Round", is available for free download at Wolfmother.com (e-mail registration required).

A liberating avalanche of skull-crushing drums and primal riffing, "Back Round" represents a joyous evolution for the Australian band following on from their 2006 self-titled debut.

In lieu of cash payment for the new track, WOLFMOTHER is encouraging fans to put their money in a righteous place and donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal at Redcross.org.au.

"Back Round" was debuted to an international audience just last Friday when the band closed the "MTV Australia Music Awards" in Sydney in electrifying fashion.

On April 17, the performance will be aired across 62 MTV channels and 162 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Canada as part of MTV's World Stage programming.

Following the performance, WOLFMOTHER took off to Los Angeles to record the remainder of the sophomore set with acclaimed U.K. producer Alan Moulder, the results of which are set to surface later in the year.

DOWN To Hit The Studio In October

DOWN — the acclaimed New Orleans band featuring CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan, drummer Jimmy Bower (EYEHATEGOD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist), bassist Rex Brown (ex-PANTERA), guitarist Kirk Windstein (CROWBAR), and vocalist Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA) — has issued the following update:

"DOWN's been offered a great amount of festivals all over Europe this summer, so here we come. We also have a couple of dates on our own with the mighty ST. VITUS!

"We're in the final stages of the documentary and it should be out soon.

"After the European festivals, we're planning one more run of select markets in The States from August to September. Then we are headed back to the studio for October through December to record what will eventually become [the fourth DOWN album]."

Upcoming DOWN shows:

Jun. 13 - Download - Donington, UK
Jun. 19 - Hellfest - Clisson, France
Jun. 20 - Sonisphere - Nijmegen, Holland
Jun. 26 - Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel, Belgium
Jun. 28 - Gods Of Metal - Milan, Italy
Jul. 03 - Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark
Jul. 04 - Sonisphere - Hockenheimring, Germany
Jul. 05 - With Full Force - Leipzig, Germany
Jul. 06 - Metalcamp - Tolmin, Slovenia
Jul. 11 - Sonisphere - Barcelona, Spain

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND: Video Footage Of Entire Raleigh Concert Available

Video footage of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND's entire March 28, 2009 performance at Volume 11 in Raleigh, North Carolina can be viewed at Revilution Television. Photos and a review are available on Away-Team.com.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND features Karl Agell, who sang on the classic CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (C.O.C.) album "Blind" (1991), and founding C.O.C. member Reed Mullin (drums). The group, which performs the entire original version of the "Blind" LP, also features Scott Little from Agell's band LEADFOOT, and Jason Browning and Jerry Barrett, both of whom were previously in BAD BRAINS singer HR's solo group.

"We tried a couple of different times to get this going and it didn't click for various reasons," Agell recently told Yes! Weekly. "We all seemed to have different things going on, but the chemistry is just right this time."

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND's set includes such classics as "Damned for All Time", "Echoes in the Well", "Dance of the Dead" and "Vote with a Bullet".


Scott Little (LEADFOOT) - Guitar
Jason Browning (HR of BAD BRAINS) - Guitar
Jerry Barrett (HR of BAD BRAINS) - Bass

Monday, March 30, 2009

Album Of The Week-Ramesses-"We Will Lead You To Glorious Times" (2004)

The Album Of The Week is "We Will Lead You to Glorious Times" by Ramesses.


"When Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening abandoned ship a couple years ago and went on to form Ramesses, it looked like the doom giant Electric Wizard was, well, doomed. Electric Wizard did of course manage to put together a new line up and release last year’s strong effort, We Live, and now Ramesses has followed suit. So rather than lamenting what looked to be an end of one band, doom fans can enjoy the reincarnation of that band and the genesis of a new one. Bagshaw has discarded the bass in favor of the guitar (his original instrument), and recruited Adam Richardson (ex-Spirmyard) as a bassist and vocalist. Three of the four tracks on We Will Lead You To Glorious Times have appeared in various combinations on prior demos and a split with Negative Reaction, but this debut combines them to give listeners a solid thirty minutes of material to soak in the acrid doom of Ramesses.

Ramesses’ brand of doom has a somewhat different texture than many. Their raw grittiness feels less like THC induced fuzz, and more like a murky, organic spinning cloud of bitterness. Richardson’s vocals compliment the music well, typically consisting of rumbling guttural yells, but also making use of more melodic singing in a few passages. There are of course the requisite monolithic riffs that hypnotize with a dark spaciness, but Bagshaw often overlays accents of more mobile melodies, as heard on “Master Your Demons”, which gives the song a nearly southern groove in sections. “Witchhampton” is the new song of the bunch, and it kicks off the album well with nine minutes of spacey riffing and rumbling, vitriolic doom. As usual, Mark Greening is all over the drum kit, providing a pummeling drive while finding room for plenty of interesting fills. He is in particularly fine form on “Ramesses II”, a song titled after the Egyptian ruler for whom the band is named. The centerpiece of the album however, is the eleven minute “Black Domina”. The track has by far the most range of the bunch, making good use of head bobbing, smoky riffing, caustic vocals, and long stretches of instrumental sections. The band noodles on riffs during quieter parts of the song, only to lull the listener before crashing headlong into a heavy section that includes impassioned clean bellows from Richardson. It’s a great crescendo, and it is a trick that manages to turn a simply long song into an epic one.

We Will Lead You To Glorious Times is a great start for Ramesses, and the band should make a noticeable splash in the genre. Fans of doom will no doubt be quite pleased." (Matt Mooring, MetalReview.com)

"We Will Lead You to Glorious Times is four songs (plus two videos) of impressive doomage. Sure, the closest reference point sound-wise will always be Electric Wizard, but there’s enough of an identity to bring Ramesses out from the shadow of Greening and Bagshaw’s old band. There’s less of the psychedelic noodling, for one. The songs are more direct, more heavy hitting. And Richardson’s vocals are gruffer, veering towards a death metal growl. If he had stuck with just that style, the overall effect would be lessened, but he’s also able to belt out when needed. With We Will Lead You to Glorious Times, Ramesses have carved their own niche in the world of doom. Recommended for fans of Electric Wizard, Ufomammut, and the like."
(Arzgarth, StonerRock.com)

Track Listing:

01. Witchampton
02. Master Your Demons
03. Ramesses II
04. Black Domina
05. Ramesses II (Video)
06. Master Your Demons (Video)


Human Quena Orchestra New Album Streaming Now, Tour Dates

Human Quena Orchestra (featuring former members of cult Pittsburgh grind/metal legends Creation Is Crucifixion) is bringing their apocalyptic industrial doom nightmare to the Pacific Northwest, California and some spots in the Southwest over the next two weeks - all of their tour dates are listed below. From all accounts, these guys are going to be flattening skulls with their live set, so dont miss 'em if they are playing your town.

Also, the new Human Quena Orchestra album "The Politics Of The Irredeemable" is currently streaming at www.crucialblast.net in its entirety - head over to the site now to check out the full album for yourself.


3/29/2009 Chicago IL @ Enemy
4/1/2009 Missoula MT @ ZACC basement w/ Bridgebuilder, Zebulon Kosted
4/2/2009 Seattle WA @ Greenhouse w/ Geronimo, Lozen, Thrones
4/3/2009 Portland OR @ Plan B w/ Geronimo, M. Kourie, Blowupnihilist
4/4/2009 Los Altos Hills CA @ KFJC "Live Mic" on the Firebunker (hosted by Cythoth) 4/4/2009 Oakland CA @ ABCo Artspace w/ Geronimo, Cannis Lupis, Galena
4/5/2009 San Francisco CA @ The Hemlock w/ Geronimo, Burmese
4/6/2009 Los Angeles CA @ Mountain Bar w/ Geronimo 4/7/2009 San Luis Obispo CA @ TBA
4/8/2009 San Diego CA @ Radio Room w/ Geronimo, Secret fun club
4/9/2009 Tempe AZ @ (old) Bike Saviors Co-Op w/ James Fella
4/10/2009 Albuquerque NM @ Albuquerque Center For Peace And Justice w/ Laughing Dog, Fando
4/11/2009 St. Louis MO @ Apop Records w/ Burning Star Core, Wasteland Jazz Unit
4/12/2009 Columbus OH @ Villa Vietcong w/ Teeth Collection
4/13/2009 Cleveland OH @ Bela Dubby 4/25/2009 Pittsburgh PA @ 31st Street Pub w/ Brutal Truth, Total Failure (HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA CD RELEASE SHOW)


HEAVEN & HELL: 'The Devil You Know' Track By Track

A track-by-track review of "The Devil You Know", the debut album from HEAVEN & HELL — the band featuring BLACK SABBATH members Tony Iommi (guitar), Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Geezer Butler (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) — is available at MetalHammer.co.uk.

"The Devil You Know", featuring 10 soon-to-be-classic tracks from the Dio-fronted version of BLACK SABBATH, arrives in North America on April 28 from Rhino for a suggested list price of $18.98 (physical) and $9.99 (digital). It will also be made available as a limited-edition CD+DVD featuring band interviews and rehearsal footage. More information will be made available soon.

Roadrunner Records last week announced the signing of HEAVEN & HELL for the territories of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

HEAVEN & HELL's new single, "Bible Black", is available for streaming in its entirety below. The track begins with Tony Iommi on acoustic guitar behind Dio's plaintive wail before the rhythm shifts to a menacing stomp for the rest of this dark tale about a book of sinister scriptures. One of the first songs written for the album, Dio says it established a tone for the rest of the LP. "When you start off with a blockbuster like that, it makes the rest of the album so much easier because it gives you a benchmark to measure the other songs against."

"The Devil You Know" track listing:

01. Atom And Evil
02. Fear
03. Bible Black
04. Double The Pain
05. Rock And Roll Angel
06. The Turn Of The Screw
07. Eating The Cannibals
08. Follow The Tears
09. Neverwhere
10. Breaking Into Heaven

Pre-Order Now!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Translation Loss Records Signs Gods Revolver

Translation Loss Records are extremely pleased to announce the addition of Provo, Utah’s GODS REVOLVER to their roster! Translation Loss will release the band’s new untitled full length in early 2010, which the band is currently writing. The band will be handling the recording duties themselves while mastering will be completed by Super 8 Studios (FIGHT AMP, HIGH ON FIRE, INTRONAUT).
GODS REVOLVER features singer Reid Rouse, drummer Adam Loucks, bassist Elliot Secrist, guitarists Jon Larsen and Trey Gardner.

Check the band out at www.myspace.com/godsrevolver

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HIGH ON FIRE Members Talk New Album

On February 27, 2009, Swigged! conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Matt Pike and drummer Des Kensel of Oakland, California's HIGH ON FIRE. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Swigged!: So there are talks of an upcoming album in 2009. Considering anyone special for the producer slot?

Matt Pike: Oh we've definitely talked about it. Jack [Endino] is definitely up on the list. We couldn't NOT consider Albini, of course. And also there's Kurt from CONVERGE. We're brainstorming about the way we want this thing to go before deciding.

Swigged!: Has the writing for the album been going any differently?

Des Kensel: It's been hard. We're always trying to challenge ourselves and do better.

Matt Pike: Exactly — so we're getting more intricate in our song writing and actual playing. Some of it is rudimentary — not as difficult as it seems — but at the same time there is complicated chord work, key changes, and other really cool things. It's been going good — we're leaning on the whole BLACK SABBATH kind of thing.

Swigged!: How have you been able to draw from your experiences working with greats such as Albini and Endino?

Matt Pike: It's going to definitely help us more when we're actually recording than anywhere else. There are different sounds you can get — clean, dirty, close-up sounds. You can get cave-like sounds, like you're on the side of a mountain. There are just so many things you can do, and all the producers we've worked with just have a different style and a different way of showing it. It's taught us how to mic things a certain way to get what we want to hear. It's all still an experiment; you never know what you're going to come up with when you have that much experience behind you.

Swigged!: What kind of sound is the band going to be aiming for?

Matt Pike: Don't know yet — we're working on that. It's a secret.

Des Kensel: The HIGH ON FIRE sound.

Swigged!: Is there anything that you wish you could have done on the previous albums that you want to try in this upcoming one?

Matt Pike: The last record was an emotional rollercoaster — we went up and down and up and down. This one, so far of what we have, is emotionally uplifting but still dark. It difficult to explain, but it will definitely grab your attention.

Swigged!: This will be your first record with Koch. What were your reasons for parting with Relapse? How has that transition been going?

Des Kensel: It really has only just started.

Matt Pike: That's totally right. It had to do with us bettering ourselves as a band and taking that next step. Realizing what is good for us does not mean it's always in the interests of Relapse or another label. It's definitely not a personal thing but we need to step up and do something bigger because we're getting bigger.

Des Kensel: Koch just got this new guy, Scott. He used to do stuff for Combat Records way back — so he's sort of a metal dude. Koch has a lot of hip-hop so I think by signing us they're trying to branch out. They just made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Matt Pike: It's not like we're getting rich off it, but it's fair.

Read the entire interview from Swigged!

ISIS: New Song Available For Download

ISIS, the innovative Los Angeles-by-way-of-Boston-based band, will release its fifth full-length album, "Wavering Radiant", on May 5 via Ipecac Recordings. The CD, produced by Joe Baressi (TOOL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE), will receive a limited-edition vinyl release on April 21. TOOL's Adam Jones contributed guitar to two songs from the LP.

"Wavering Radiant" track listing:

01. Hall Of The Dead
02. Ghost Key
03. Hand Of The Host
04. Wavering Radiant
05. Stone To Wake A Serpent
06. 20 Minutes / 40 Years
07. Threshold of Transformation

The song "20 Minutes / 40 Years" is available for free download as an MP3 audio file at this location.

HEAVEN & HELL: Entire New Single Available For Streaming

HEAVEN & HELL's new single, "Bible Black", is available for streaming in its entirety on Noisecreep.com (look for the audio player in the middle of the page and click on the play button).

AHAB: New Album Track Listing Revealed

AHAB, the German funeral doom metal band featuring MIDNATTSOL guitarist Daniel Droste on guitar/vocals and ex-MIDNATTSOL guitarist Christian Hector, is mixing its sophomore album at Klangschmiede Studio E for a late spring/early summer release via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2006's "The Call of the Wretched Sea" will contain seven songs and will be based on the wreckage of the Essex.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Yet Another Raft of The Medusa (Pollard's Weakness)
02. The Divinity Of Oceans
03. O Father Sea
04. Redemption Lost
05. Tombstone Carousal
06. Gnawing Bones (Coffin's Lot)
07. Nickerson's Theme

According to the band, the guitar parts for AHAB's new album, which were mostly written by Daniel Droste this time, are "a bit more complex, yet in a funeral doom and death doom style." Hector says, "It sounds a bit like a mixture of the 'good ole' AHAB style mixed with very atmospheric tunes. So the description of AHAB as it's posted on Doom-Metal.com as a 'riffing funeral doom band' still is valid. You may say there are riffs, that sound a bit like Devin Townsend going funeral doom, CARCASS in slomo or MORBID ANGEL going beyond the slowness of 'Blessed Are The Sick'. Still to some extent the influence of our colleague of Tyranny can still be heard in some few riffs. So most of the music stays the same as you know it, although there are some hints to postcore and classical doom as well. It also maybe said, the songs are much more epic and vast. I think the new riffs fit perfectly to tell the story of the wreckage of the Essex! So Daniel made it quite easy for me to fit the lyrics to the music!"

AHAB is named after Captain Ahab, a character in the novel "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. Along with its name, the band also draws thematic and lyrical inspiration from "Moby Dick" — some songs even feature direct quotations from the book.

AHAB is:

Daniel Droste: Guitar, Voices, Synths
Christian Hector: Guitar
Stephan Wandernoth: Bass
Cornelius Althammer: Drums

New Band To Burn One To-Lethe

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Lethe. Lethe is a two-man side project that was started by Dylan Desmond and Joe Noel of Samothrace in 2004. They enlisted a score of friends and guest musicians to aid in the completion of "Mnemosyne", including contributions from John Momberg (who has played with Unwed Sailor, Kelpie, the Appleseed Cast and Koufax), JC Cirese (The Old Black), Mat Grader (The Cosmopolitics), and Adam Kruckenberg on synth/noise. Samothrace drummer Joe Noel handles all the guitars and plays the didgeridoo on the song “Open Harvest,” while Samothrace bassist and part-time Battlefields touring member Dylan Desmond handles bass.

Artwork by: Mr. Tom Denny

Tracklisting for Mnemosyne:

1. Mother Milk Eyes
2. Therefore Let Us Feed The Beast
3. New Queen's
4. Open Harvest
5. Mnemosyne

The album was recorded at Black Lodge studio and Mixtape Soundlabs in Lawrence Kansas by Eric Graves from The Esoteric, and is slated for a winter 2009 release by Reptile Records. To get a taste of Mnemosyne, head over to Lethe’s Myspace and check out the brand-new song they recently posted - "Therefore Let Us Feed the Beast.”

Monday, March 23, 2009

Announcing MOTH EATER - "The New Birth"

New York based new Metal/Doom band MOTH EATER have posted new audio tracks on their Myspace page. These tracks were written and recorded in the bands first 8 rehearsals. The band documented and recorded each of these writing sessions and this is the vibe they came up with. The band continues to write and will enter the recording studio this summer to record its full lengh to release this fall/winter.

MOTH EATER is a band that consists of Death Metal/Harcore guitarist John Conley of SCAR CULTURE (Century Media Records) and both Dave Ardolina on the drums and Buckshot on bass from DIRTY RIG (The Music Cartel and Escapi Music). The blends of style and mixure of sounds between their previous respected bands have made for some interesting new material.

The band have also put together a 3 minute intoxicated video titled "The Writing Sessions. Part I" taken from these first 8 rehearsals. You can check out this video at the bands YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/MothEater667

Please check out the band’s Myspace Page for music, videos and photos - www.myspace.com/motheater667

Stay connected at MOTH EATER's Twitter page - www.twitter.com/motheater

Graveyard BBQ Wins Doobie Award From High Times

Boston MA based boogie metal band GRAVEYARD BBQ is pleased to announce that they have just won their nomination for Best Unsigned Artist at the 2009 High Times Doobie Awards show in Austin TX at the SXSW Festival. GRAVEYARD BBQ has certainly made quite a name for itself, building its buzz from a rapidly growing worldwide cult following, and creating a sound to last for time and beyond… as fans will agree. At the end of the day, GRAVEYARD BBQ proudly vows to carry on the torch of the legends who have paved the way before them, and to show the world that the true spirit of Rock N’ Roll is alive and well.

In 2007, they released “Greatest Hits Volume II” and have since been on the road playing 100 plus shows all over the U.S as their carnivorous hunger and demonic possession permits them to remain relentless until they get to their music heard to the masses. The band is currently writing new music for their follow up and will continue to tear it up on the road.

You can check out the bands new video titled "BBQ Nation" directed by Ian Barrett (ALICE IN CHAINS, GODSMACK and DOWN) below:

Upcoming Show Dates:

3.27.09 Bill’s Bar Boston, MA
4.11.09 Harpers Ferry Allston, MA (NORML Benefit Show)
4.17.09 Jerky's Provdience, RI (w/Diecast)
5.07.09 Arlene’s Grocery New York, NY (Label Showcase)
7.25.09 Waltham RockFest Waltham, MA

Please check out the band’s Myspace Page for music, videos and photos - www.myspace.com/graveyardbbq

Album Of The Week-Sons Of Otis-"Exiled" (2009)

The Album Of The Week is "Exiled" by Sons Of Otis.


"Toronto’s most righteously stoned doomers Sons of Otis are back with six more droned-out, smoke-filled anthems of echoplexed dissatisfaction. Exiled is the band’s fifth album — second for Small Stone after both Man’s Ruin and The Music Cartel collapsed following Otis releases (they’re just that heavy) — and after reading Arzgarth’s review on Stonerrock.com the other day, I figured I’d chime in with one of my own. You know, just to make the world complete.

By way of preface, I have a great respect for Arz and his status in the stoner scene is unquestionable. He does very, very good work with unwavering dedication. Exiled he categorized as starting off strong but ultimately losing his interest as the band drifted “off into their own realm (or even further into it).” All well and good — and nine-minute dronefest “Tales of Otis” certainly is a mountain to climb — but I think there’s more at hand here than just the album getting boring as it plods onward.

Consider the following track listing for Exiled: Get it? Turn to stone? Ah never mind.

1. Haters (10:35)
2. Lost Soul (6:36)
3. Bad Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) (5:03)
4. Oxazejam (9:56)
5. Tales of Otis (9:03)
6. Iron Horse (Motörhead cover)/The Horror (secret track) (18:43)

This is how the album is presented in its original form. “Haters” is a strong, doomy opener; “Lost Soul” an appropriately rocking, much shorter and somewhat quicker follow-up; “Bad Man” also lacking a bit of the chunder the band can harness at their slowest, but still rocking; “Oxazejam” exactly what it says it is — a jam belonging to guitarist Ken “Ox” Baluke — and an expansive one at that; “Tales of Otis,” as mentioned, a dronefest; “Iron Horse” packing in some last-minute THC jamming before “The Horror” takes over and provides a noisy ending.

My theory is that what bored Arzgarth wasn’t the songs themselves, but rather their placement. The structure of the album. Exiled, like any respectable slab of drone-heavy stoner doom, is going to test the patience of the listener. Sometimes albums are flat-out hard to get through, and Sons of Otis are no strangers to that. If they wanted to be accessible, they might not have taken their name from one of the characters in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

That said, with “Tales of Otis” being the mighty monsterpiece it is, I’d move the song up on the list and make it earlier in the album, so that the instant reaction isn’t, “Boy I’m tired, I think I’ll go get a sandwich,” but rather, “Holy shit, this crushes!” And indeed it does.

Likewise, “Bad Man” should go further toward the end, to provide a boost to get everyone over to the end in “Iron Horse.” “The Horror” was a sticking point for the esteemed SR.com editor as well, but since it’s just noise and it’s basically a secret track, it’s easy enough to skip for those who wouldn’t tolerate it, so we’ll leave it where it is with this fantasy reconstruction.

Here’s the revised track list:

1. Haters (10:35)
2. Lost Soul (6:36)
3. Tales of Otis (9:03)
4. Oxazejam (9:56)
5. Bad Man (5:03)
6. Iron Horse/The Horror (18:43)

This way, the killer opening is preserved, the next two tracks provide a thunderous, meaty centerpiece, working off each other with what I feel is a better flow than they had originally. The same goes for the transition from “Bad Man” into “Iron Horse,” the only drawback being the two covers are next to each other and might be seen as being tacked on like the band ran out of original material. Something tells me with a leadoff track called “Haters” though, Sons of Otis aren’t too worried about what people think of them.

So there you have it. Of course, this is all moot because Exiled has been released with the original tracklisting, but for those of you with iPods or sundry other shuffle-ready listening devices, check it out and see if you don’t agree. (JJ Koczan, theobelisk.net)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goes Cube to Release Debut Full-Length

Brooklyn`s GOES CUBE will release their full-length debut, "Another Day Has Passed", on May 12 via The End Records. A sneak peak from the album, which is the follow up to a trio of sold out EPs, is available for download via Stereogum.com.

Many bands get all uppity about how they hate labels and comparisons and all that, but Brooklyn’s GOES CUBE don’t really care what you call them. They`re just unpretentious like that – no fancy gear, no fancy clothes or haircuts. They`re simply three friends who are obsessed with making each song heavier, more intense, more glorious, and just plain better than the last.

GOES CUBE has steadily gained attention as one of the most intense bands in both their hometown of New York City, and beyond. Their music is a brutal blend of metal, punk, and full-on rock, and is performed with an urgency rarely witnessed or experienced anymore. None of the members have any sort of formal or traditional training on their instruments, and as a result their music - from the dizzying and unexpected drum fills, bizarrely and lowly-tuned guitars, and unrelenting bass - has a singularity in its sound and structure that simply does not exist elsewhere.

Stereogum has said that the band`s "sledgehammer assault" is "inescapably awesome," and that they`ve become their "favorite underground locals." Oh My Rockness said, "GOES CUBE is an insanely good band" and that they give "newfound hope for the future of rock in New York City." Hell, they’re even taking note 3,000 miles away: the Los Angeles Times warned its readers that "You`ll need a bit of time to recover from this one — perhaps book a cell in a monastery for quality silence. This is as loud as loud gets."

And for all you fans of heavy music, isn`t that what it`s all about? You won`t find these guys at the hottest parties. You`ll find them in a cramped van, heading for their next tour date. You`ll find them in a tiny practice space, deafening themselves and their neighbors. You`ll find them at the bowling alley, drinking beers and smashing pins like they`ve smashed so many eardrums.

The band has rapidly sold out of their first three EPs – Beckon the Dagger God, Not What We Thought, and Hutchinson – and now set their sights on a full-length debut entitled Another Day Has Passed, which will be released via the band’s newfound home label, The End Records, on May 12, 2009. Produced by Dean Baltulonis (SICK OF IT ALL, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, FREYA, HOLD STEADY, and more), GOES CUBE slams its way through 13 songs in a little more than 45 minutes, and with hardly a second to breathe from start to finish. Some songs are sonic hammer smashes, and others are dark but glorious tractor-trailers plowing through your eardrums. Every second of it is pure intensity.

Call it metal, call it post-metal, call it quasi-metal-post-punk-pre-twenty-second-century-independent-art-sounds if you`re into that kind of thing. But just do yourself a favor: Take a listen.

Another Day Has Passed Track Listing:

01. Bluest Sky
02. Grinding The Knife Blade
03. Restore
04. The Only Daughter
05. I Hold Grudges
06. Saab Sonnet
07. Goes Cube Song 30
08. Back To Basics
09. Goes Cube Song 57
10. Urbana-Champaign
11. Clenching Jaws
12. Victory
13. Another Day Has Passed


Kenny Appell (drums)
Matthew Frey (bass, backing vocals)
David Obuchowski (guitar, vocals)

GOES CUBE on the web:


Ol` Scratch Updates

Leesburg, VA’s OL’ SCRATCH is currently recording their debut full length release, entitled The Sunless Citadel. This album, to be released this summer with artwork by Seldon Hunt (NEUROSIS, ISIS), will be the first to feature the current lineup of Andy (LORD) on vocals, James Haun on guitar/vocals, Steve Payne on bass, Will Rivera (LORD) on guitar, and Larry Grimes (BLACK CANARY) on drums. The ten tracks are being recorded at South Mountain Studios with Tim Otis (ADMIRAL BROWNING) and will feature some well known guest artists. OL’ SCRATCH also has a few short tours in the upcoming months:

March 21: Frederick, MD - Krug’s Place, with EARTHRIDE, ADMIRAL BROWNING
April 2: Washington, DC - The Velvet Lounge, with BORRACHO, DEAD COMMUTER, ADMIRAL BROWNING
April 3: NC, with DEAD COMMUTER
April 4: Atlanta GA - The Star Bar, with DEAD COMMUTER, ARMAZILLA, ROYAL THUNDER
April 5: Jacksonville FL - Doozers Pub, with DEAD COMMUTER, DARK CASTLE, HOLLOW LEG
May 1: Caledonia, OH - Allsports Bar, with KAEMON, SPACECHARGE
May 2: Chicago, IL - Metal Shakers, with KAEMON, TBA
May 30: Washington, DC – The Velvet Lounge, with NITROSEED, ADMIRAL BROWNING, AMBITION BURNING
July 16: Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
July 17: Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s, with ADMIRAL BROWNING, TBA
July 18: New York, NY - TBA
September 5: Frederick, MD – Krug’s Place (SHOD X)


Cable, Slacks, Cargocult Members Form New Band

Randy Larsen of the highly influential noise rock band CABLE has begun writing material for his new project, RL & THE EMPTY FLOWERS. Larsen looks to head into Super 8 Studios by late summer or early fall depending upon scheduling it out between him and the band. Promising to be a drastic departure from his previous work he has enlisted Matt Futoma (drums and percussion) of Connecticut’s THE CARGO CULT REVIVAL along with SLACKS Mick Mullin (engineer, acoustic and electric guitar) and Christian McKenna (vocals and keys) to fill out the lineup. Initial songs will be structured around Larsen’s loose/primal ideas and left free for interpretation from THE EMPTY FLOWERS. Several guests will drop in for various songs… expect to hear new music within the year.

Ambient/Shoegaze Duo Nadja Announces Covers Album

Toronto-based ambient/shoegaze/drone duo NADJA announced today the forthcoming release of a new album featuring eight tracks, all of them covers. The album, entitled When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV, features covers of some of the band`s favorite songs and artists and displays NADJA`s diverse and eclectice background. The album will be released on April 28 via The End Records, but in the meantime fans can get a sneak peek by downloading the album`s opening track, a cover of MY BLOODY VALENTINE`s "Only Shallow," which premiered exclusively via Pitchfork and be heard here.

When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV track listing:

01. Only Shallow (MY BLOODY VALENTINE)
02. Pea (CODEINE)
03. No Cure For The Lonely (SWANS)
04. Dead Skin Mask (SLAYER)
05. The Sun Always Shines On TV (A-HA)
06. Needle In The Hay (ELLIOTT SMITH)
07. Long Dark Twenties (KIDS IN THE HALL)
08. Faith (THE CURE)

The band has a few upcoming dates scheduled in Europe:

03/21/09: Leeds, UK - The Brudenell Social Club
03/22/09: London, UK - Bardens Boudoir
03/26/09: Dublin, IRE - Twisted Pepper
03/27/09: Ghent, BEL - Croxhapox
03/28/09: Antwerp, BEL - Logement
04/16/09: Berlin, GER - Cassiopeia

More info about NADJA and When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV:

NADJA — a duo from Toronto, Ontario featuring Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff — creates what is often described as “ambient doom.” NADJA’s music combines elements of metal, shoegaze, ambient, post-rock , experimental, and neo-classical. Their new album, When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV, features eights covers of some of Baker and Buckareff’s favorite bands. ”Consider this album an exploration of the roots of NADJA,” says Baker. ”Everyone compares us to MY BLOODY VALENTINE, so we had to cover them; CODEINE and SWANS were both bands exploring the heaviness of metal without actually being metal; THE CURE has that lovely, bittersweet gloominess; ELLIOTT SMITH`s `Needle in the Hay` is simultaneously so simple and so devastating; no one believed us when we said we covered a song from THE KIDS IN THE HALL movie, a staple of our live set, so we had to get that one to tape; how could we resist the opportunity to cover A-HA`s heaviest (but oh so catchy) tune? And SLAYER is just SLAYER. In an effort to illustrate our motivations behind this album, we asked our friend Mathew Smith to create a series of children`s-storybook-like drawings to go with each song.”


Aidan Baker (guitars, vocals, drums, etc.)
Leah Buckareff (bass, vocals)


Second Album from El Festival de los Viajes Due This April

EL FESTIVAL DE LOS VIAJES and Aquatalan records announce the official release of EL FESTIVAL DE LOS VIAJES` Disparen!, their second studio album, in April of 2009. This mighty slab of mind expansion was recorded at El Arbol studio, engineered by Juan Stewart and mastered at Puro Mastering by Eduardo Bergallo.

EL FESTIVAL DE LOS VIAJES sprang from the psychedelic uberwomb in 2005; in an astoundingly short period of time they produced and recorded their first studio work, El Festival de los Viajes (AQR 2007). This mind-bending album consisted of eight cinematic tracks which collaborated with the listener`s subconscious, creating a very personal, private film soundtrack. This album, together with their vibrant live performances and rave reviews from the local and international underground press, established the band as one of the most interesting and original in the psychedelic scene.

In 2008 the band recorded El Andante, released by the virtual label Mamushka Dogs Records. This EP, consisting of three experimental songs, opened the band’s sonic spectrum even more.

Disparen!, their forthcoming album, is comprised of ten songs carrying the band to a new level of what they call harmonious syntax, in which they explore the oneiric dream realms of psychedelia, kraut rock, and old American western imagery. Dig it!

We invite you to listen Disparen! first cut, “La Huída,” at www.myspace.com/elfestivaldelosviajes.

Gollum to Release Debut

Wilmington, North Carolina metal troupe GOLLUM, who recently signed with Rotten Records, will release their long anticipated The Core full-length on April 14. The record is dedicated to late drummer Hunter Holland, who died suddenly of heart failure just a short time after he completed the drum tracks for the new record. "You helped lay the foundation and blueprint, then you left us with a gift," writes the band on their official MySpace page. "We will never forget. Thank you dear friend for the inspiration you have given each of us. Your beat goes on and forever with us you shall be."

Check out preview tracks here.

Upcoming GOLLUM Tour Dates
Mar 21: Columbia, SC - Headliners (Tattoo Convention ’09)
Mar 26: Wilmington, NC - Lucky’s, with SKELETONWITCH and KYLESA
Apr 11: Wilmington, NC - Soapbox (CD release show)
April 17: Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
April 18: Danville, VA - Plan B
May 9: Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall
May 29: Raleigh, NC - The Dive Bar
June 5: Charlottesville, VA - Outback Lodge
June 9: Atlanta, GA - Dark Horse Saloon
September 26: Charleston, SC - Old Dorchester Club

Wilmington, North Carolina metal troupe GOLLUM — a name derived from the Yiddish “goylem” which literally translates to “shapeless mass”— formed in the summer of 1998 by late drummer Hunter Holland and brothers Frank and Serge Stroehmer (guitar and bass respectively). “Hunter and I met through a mutual college friend and always talked about jamming after realizing that we were each into heavy music,” recalls Frank. “I had played with Hunter and was very impressed. He will forever be recognized as one of the most intense drummers the world has ever known. Serge soon entered the picture after moving to Wilmington from Goldsboro to live with me. The three of us jammed regularly. The chemistry was undeniable.”

Frank would later incorporate samples and keyboards to further expand GOLLUM’s already eclectic palette. Once confident enough in their delivery, they took to the road opening for the likes of MASTODON, SOILENT GREEN, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, GOD FORBID, DEATH ANGEL, RWAKE, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, MINSK, SKELETONWITCH, CRISIS, and home-state sludge kings WEEDEATER. They went on to self-produce and release their first full-length album in 2004 in the form of Lesser Traveled Waters. The disc received a host of positive reviews and featured a guest appearance by Grammy-nominated singer D. Randall Blythe of LAMB OF GOD as well as WEEDEATER’s Dave “Dixie” Collins.

All the while, GOLLUM employed a revolving door of vocalists but finally found a keeper in Shawn Corbett. A multi-instrumentalist and longtime band friend, Corbett’s talent and natural intensity meshed perfectly with the band’s music. By 2008, GOLLUM had garnered a considerable buzz and caught the attention of Los Angeles-based label Rotten Records. After a three-month courting process and a successful showcase in Wilmington, the band signed to the label in June and quickly entered the studio to craft and perfect what would become The Core. Just before the band could finish recording the record however, tragedy struck when founding member Hunter Holland died of heart failure just a few weeks after completing his drum tracks. The surviving members, devastated by Holland’s untimely passing and unsure of the band’s future, ultimately put all GOLLUM-related dealings on hold. After some deep soul-searching, the band soldiered on, confident that it’s what Holland would have wanted.

GOLLUM eventually recruited gifted drummer Seth Long who had played with Frank in a side project. Long played his first show with the band on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Recorded in Wilmington, NC at Umbilical Studios by Frank Stroehmer, The Core is dedicated to the memory of Hunter Holland. Guest appearances include the return of D. Randall Blythe and Dave “Dixie” Collins as well as Scott Angelacos of HOPE AND SUICIDE, the angelic vocal work of Cassie Sipe and Dr. George Zervos, professor of Religion/Philosophy at UNCW. The Core is scheduled to hit streets, April 14, 2009

Crustacean Records Announces New Signees

Crustacean Records is delighted to announce the addition of four more bands to its stable of musical artists, THE SKULLCRANES and 20 DOLLAR LOVE from the Twin Cities, BLOODCOW from Omaha, Nebraska, and IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE from Chicago, Illinois. THE SKULLCRANES and 20 DOLLAR LOVE will be releasing new full-length records on Crustacean in the first half of 2009, and BLOODCOW and IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE are recording this summer for new albums to come out late in 2009 or early in 2010 on Crustacean Records.

All four acts were part of Round 13 Records, a now defunct collective record label run by the its own musical artists, along with well-tenured Crustacean riff masters, DROIDS ATTACK, who called Round 13 their second home. Like DROIDS ATTACK, all four new additions to the roster exist in a heavy musical realm drawing on elements for metal, punk and generalized ass kicking rock and roll.

For more information on 20 DOLLAR LOVE, BLOODCOW, DROIDS ATTACK, and IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE, visit the Crustacean Records` website.

Alunah Plans a Busy Summer

ALUNAH has announced the following summer tour dates:

04/02/09: Redditch, UK - The Tardebigge
04/03/09: Stourbridge, UK - Katie Fitzgeralds
04/04/09: Burton, UK - The Appleby, with OBZIDIAN RAIN
04/05/09: Coalville, UK - The Vic
04/09/09: Birmingham, UK - The Electric Kool Aid Acid Fest at The Old Wharf, with GRINGO, GRIFTER, and TRIPPY WICKED
04/10/09: Wolverhampton, UK - The Giffard Arms, with GRIFTER
04/11/09: London, UK - The Unicorn Camden, with TRIPPY WICKED, GRIFTER, and STONE TURNER
04/12/09: Essex, UK - Cosmic Puffin Fest, with LITMUS and MERSEA ISLAND
04/16/09: Tamworth, UK - Club Vertigo
04/17/09: Nuneaton, UK - Queen’s Hall
04/19/09: Nottingham, UK - Old Angel, with TEN DAYS LATER, DIRTY BEARD, and SCARLETS WAKE
04/24/09: Kettering, UK - Sawyers
04/25/09: Coventry, UK - Golden Cross, with GENERAL
04/27/09: Exeter, UK - The Cavern, with SOLACE, DOOMRAISER, and GRIFTER
04/28/09: TBC, UK - TBC
04/29/09: London, UK - The Gaff, with SOLACE and DOOMRAISER
04/30/09: Birmingham, UK - Eddie’s Rock Club at Busk
05/03/09: TBA
05/23/09: Exeter, UK - Tiggas, with GRIFTER and FATTY CHAN
06/06/09: Stourbridge, UK - The Rock Station
06/07/09: London, UK - Damsels Of Destruction Fest at The Bridgehouse 2 Canning Town
07/09/09: Birmingham, UK - Black Horse (TBC)
07/11/09: Suffolk, UK - Music On The Green Fest
07/17/09: Kidderminster, UK - TBC
07/25/09: TBC, UK - TBC
07/29/09: Wolverhampton, UK - Robin 2, Bilston, with WAR PIGS (SABBATH tribute)
07/30/09: Leamington, UK - Jam Jam Club
07/31/09: Birmingham, UK - Scruffy Murphys
11/28/09: Birmingham, UK - Old Wharf


Beehoover to Support Wino


1. We`ll support WINO on his European tour and in June we`ll kick some serious ass with ULME and PENDIKEL.

19.04.09: Nürnberg, GER Kunstverein, with WINO
20.04.09: Prague, CZ 007, with WINO
21.04.09: Halle (Saale), GER - Rockstation, with WINO
22.04.09: Bergen (Rügen), GER - Mah´Kina, with WINO
23.04.09: Hamburg, GER Hafenklang, with WINO
25.04.09: Tilburg, NL Cul De Sac Roadburn Festival
13.06.09: Luzern, CH B-Sides Festival
10.07.09: Köln, GER Sonic Ballroom, with ULME and PENDIKEL
11.07.09: Duisburg, GER Steinbruch, with ULME and PENDIKEL

2. We have new shirts and they are awesome. Buy them on gigs or from our homepage.

3. We`ll have a new album out. In a year! But: it`ll kick ass. Promised.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Behold! The Monolith

Behold! The Monolith are a Stoner Metal/Prog/Sludge band from Los Angeles, CA. The band started on 2007, and has already gotten to open shows for Intronaut, Mouth of the Architect and Stoner/Doom legends Trouble. Their "EP" was released independantly in October 2008. The band is preparing to record a follow-up with Billy Anderson (Melvins, High On Fire, Neurosis) producing.....Check'em out!!!

For a very limited time the band has given permission for readers of Heavy Planet to dowload a copy of their EP. Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?oa8gdbqxctp

If you would like a copy of the EP, please visit their MySpace page to get all of the details.

Friday, March 20, 2009

High Times To Rock SxSW

From High Times:

As part of High Times` long tradition of rocking SXSW, our Seventh Annual Doobie Awards show will be held on Saturday, March 21, from high noon `til sundown at the Red 7 Club in Austin, Texas. For the first time this year, we`ll have not one but TWO STAGES of music, featuring performances by such stoner superstars as PRIESTESS, WINO, YEAR LONG DISASTER, EARTHLESS, KIM MANNING, BLACK WATER RISING, BLOWER, GRAVEYARD BBQ, RADIO MOSCOW, and AGE OF REASON.

We`ve also got an exclusive signing for our new High Times Official Stoner Handook with the author, HT senior editor David Bienenstock. The show will be hosted by HT senior editor/columnist (and Doobies producer) Bobby Black, who will be in charge of doling out the fully-functional bong trophies to all of our lucky winners. Special thanks to our official sponsors: 420 Science, Gravitron, and SmoCo Smoke Shop, and to Two Kings Glass/Glass Mantis for the killer trophies.

Beer is free (while supplies last), but you gotta bring your own smoke! Tickets are only $15 at the door (no badge required).

Ten bands.
Two stages.
Free beer.

Ron Holzner Digs an Earthen Grave

EARTHEN GRAVE, the new six-piece doom/thrash metal band featuring Mark Weiner on vocals, Ron Holzner on bass, Jason Muxlow and Tony Spillman on guitars, Scott Davidson on drums, and Rachel Barton Pine on an extended-range electric violin, will unleash its dark intensity on Chicago’s Nite Cap (5007 W. Irving Park Road) on March 27 at 11:00 pm.

EARTHEN GRAVE is a force of nature driven by the unique alchemy of its members and boasts an undeniable collective metal and musical pedigree. Ron was a member of the seminal and seismic doom pioneers TROUBLE, with whom he played for over fifteen years. Jason is a gifted guitarist and composer who has lived the music, both as a member of the well-respected band THE LIVING FIELDS and as the founder of Deadtide.com. Scott’s dedication has manifested as a drummer in numerous metal bands, booking shows and running radio station Rebel Radio. Tony has been in and around the metal scene for many years, and has worked with such bands as TROUBLE, PRONG and MINISTRY. Mark has performed and recorded with several bands including TRIFOG. And while Rachel has never been in a metal band per se, her status as an internationally acclaimed classical violin soloist has taken her all over the world as both performer and music ambassador. While on tour for classical performances, Rachel often visits rock radio stations to perform metal songs and discuss the music’s intensity and compositional complexity. In fact, EARTHEN GRAVE may just be the only metal band with a member who has been on the cover of leading classical magazines Strings and Strad.

The band is dedicated to exploring new possibilities for the genre. Jason says, “It’s not about being the heaviest band or the slowest – it’s about having good songs and playing them live.” “Scott, Tony, and I played doom metal before it was even called that,” Ron continues. “And for Jason, the music we pioneered was his influence. We’re bringing the strands of the music together – and with Rachel being the first violinist to be a core component of a metal band, we’re taking the genre on a new journey.” Rachel points out, “I grew up studying classical and listening to thrash and speed metal, and Jason also loves death metal. We all come from doom, but we’re not limited to it.”

Naming groups like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, CANDLEMASS and SLAYER as influences, EARTHEN GRAVE is undertaking songwriting in earnest, promising sophisticated pieces with a lot of different tempo changes. Ron says, “We’ve written a few songs with Jason as the catalyst, and the next songs we’re working on are more of a band effort. We’re going to spread this over the Internet as fast as we can, continue playing shows to build momentum, and find the right label.”

EARTHEN GRAVE emerged late in 2008, as Jason was working on another project. He recalls, “I had just finished writing THE LIVING FIELDS’ new album and was on a SAINT VITUS (the pioneering ‘80s doom metal band from Los Angeles) kick, and I just started writing these doom riffs. I was wondering who I could play this stuff with, so I reached out to Scott and asked him what he thought, and things just snowballed.”

Enlisting Ron in their project, the trio soon had their first jam. Jason says, “The first rehearsal was tough, but after we sorted out some issues with downtuning, things really jelled.” The band put out an ad looking for a vocalist, and Mark responded the very next day. He recollects, “I saw Scott’s name in the ad, so I knew it was serious. I knew of Ron from TROUBLE. The minute we played for the first time, it felt right. I knew immediately that I wanted to be in this band.”

Then Scott, who had known Rachel for many years through the local metal scene, invited her to a rehearsal. Rachel brought along her new instrument, an amplified six-string Viper, an extended-range cousin of the electric violin. She says, “I’ve been listening to metal for most of my life. And for fifteen years I had been playing metal on acoustic violin. But the first time I jammed with EARTHEN GRAVE, it was so much more intense than anything I had previously experienced – playing metal loud felt amazing.” Jason adds, “We knew from that rehearsal that we definitely wanted Rachel in the band. She brings a completely different dimension to the music. Violins have often been a part of metal, but usually playing parts underneath or above the band. This is the first time a Viper will be woven into the DNA of the band as a core instrument.”

Tony was the final piece. As he puts it, “I went to practice with them, and immediately I could tell they had something really interesting happening. Yes, the doom thing is there, but with a fresh twist, with different melodies and tempos. And what Rachel brings is just totally new.” He continues, “But what made the decision to join easy for me is the integrity of the people in the band, and the love with which they play.”

EARTHEN GRAVE has become a band to be reckoned with for the purest of reasons. “We all have a deep passion for music and for metal,” Ron concludes. “That’s the basis of every note we play.” With their collective experience and talent, this band is dedicated to leaving their mark on the metal world.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Nodscene

Straight outta Boston, Ma comes a new heavy groove driven rock/metal band with a twist. The band is currently writing songs for a new demo/ep and have posted a few songs on their MySpace page for your listening pleasure. Check'em out!

Nodscene - Dopechaser

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BIRDS OF PREY: New Song Posted Online

BIRDS OF PREY, the band featuring Erik Larson (ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY), Bo Leslie (THE LAST VAN ZANT), Summer Welch (BARONESS), Ben Hogg (BEATEN BACK TO PURE) and Dave Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE), has posted a new song, "Momma", on MySpace. The track comes off the group's third full-length album, "The Hellpreacher", which is set for an April 28 North American release (May 4 internationally) via Relapse Records.

The follow-up to last year's "Sulfur & Semen", "The Hellpreacher" is a full-concept effort that tells the story of an inmate-turned-priest. It was recorded last fall at Sniper Studio in North Carolina.

"The Hellpreacher" track listing:

01. Momma
02. Juvie
03. As The Field Mice Play
04. Alive Inside!
05. Tempt The Disciples
06. Taking On Our Winter Blood
07. The Excavation
08. Blind Faith
09. False Prophet
10. The Owl Closes In
11. Warriors Of Mud…The Hellfighters
12. Giving Up The Ghost

Monday, March 16, 2009

Album Of The Week- Red Fang-"Self-Titled" (2009)

The Album Of The Week is the self-titled album by Red Fang.

"Residing somewhere between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, Red Fang recall a time when rock was more urgent and a little horrifying. Synthesizing a variety of heavy music influences and their own distinct musical identity, the band can easily shift from barn-burning punk to mid-tempo, hyperdistorted bass destruction all while maintaining a cohesive sound. Red Fang create gigantic rock songs that are easy to listen to (not easy listening, mind you) and qualifies the simultaneous usage of both the thinking and the banging head, which are usually mutually exclusive."

Features members of Bad Wizard, Facedowninshit, All Night and Last of the Juanitas. Includes a cover of Dust's "Suicide".


The defining moment of Red Fang's self-titled debut album comes a little more than a minute into first song "Prehistoric Dog," when frontman Bryan Giles bellows "time to kiss your ass goodbye!" If it's not already painfully obvious by that line, Portland's Red Fang are about kicking ass, plain and simple. The group deals in heavy, low-end sludge, rollicking with all the vintage fuzz of Black Sabbath and burly thunder of fellow Pacific Northwesterners The Melvins. And yet there's an accessible, even catchy element to their mighty tunes similar to the Thunder-pop style of Torche. Suffice it to say that Red Fang provide a musical experience that rocks, plain and simple.

The aforementioned "Prehistoric Dog" rolls along a burly shuffle, with depth-charge riffs hitting gut-punching lows. "Reverse Thunder" is faster and peppier, taking cues from Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" in its high energy hard rock anthem. Yet the epic "Humans Remain Human Remains" stretches out with its lengthy, droning intro before Aaron Beam's sinister bassline comes creeping in. From there, the song becomes an unholy, psychedelic dirge that climaxes in a dark, yet definitely rocking chorus. Before too long, however, the group kicks into high gear with blazing, unhinged riffage on "Bird on Fire," with power chords dueling in the circle of death with shrieking, high end solos—always a recipe for something awesome.

Red Fang's primary strength lies in their ability to combine accessible with loud, and they do so successfully through 10 rugged, fist-pumping rockers. There's an old school sensibility to what they do, not only recalling Black Sabbath, but Mötörhead as well, not to mention a bit of classic punk rock for an added touch of bile. Red Fang doesn't experimental atmospheric realms or prog-rock odysseys, they just play loud, fast and heavy. And if you manage to get their songs stuck in your head later on (which is pretty likely), that's just the icing on the cake. (Jeff Terich, Treblezine.com)

Track Listings:

01. Prehistoric Dog
02. Reverse Thunder
03. Night Destroyer
04. Suicide
05. Humans Remain Human Remains
06. Good to Die
07. Bird on Fire
08. Wings of Fang
09. Sharks
10. Whales and Leeches
11. Witness

Official Website

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Foobar News

FOOBAR THE BAND´s second album, Your Fiend My Friend, is finished and will be released on April 24. You can listen to five of the 11 songs at their MySpace page.

Bible of the Devil to Ravage Europe

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL will be heading overseas for their “Engage the Night” European Tour 2009 next week. The Chicago-based band will be playing with SOLENOID for most dates.

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL released Freedom Metal last year on Cruz del Sur Records.

The BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “Engage the Night” European Tour 2009

March 18: Torino, IT - United Club, with LONG DONG SILVER
March 19: Milano, IT - Magnolia, with LONG DONG SILVER
March 20: Vicenza, IT - Sabotage Bar, with LONG DONG SILVER
March 21: Winterthur, CH - Gaswerk, with SOLENOID
March 22: Vienna, AT - Arena, with SOLENOID
March 23: Amsterdam, NE - The Cave, with SOLENOID
March 24: TBA
March 25: Aalst, BE - Negasonic Music Club, with SOLENOID
March 26: Hasselt, BE - De Link, with SOLENOID
March 27: Eeklo, BE - JH De Lochtink, with SOLENOID
March 28: Den Haag, NL - Morlock Gallery, with SOLENOID, SANTA CRUZ
March 29: Geneva, CH - KAB-Usine, with SOLENOID
March 30: Lyon, FR - Lyon Hall, with SOLENOID
March 31: Basel, CH - Hirschbeck Club, with SOLENOID
April 1: Bologna, IT - Lazzaretto Occupato, with SOLENOID
April 2: Grandate (Como), IT - Woodstock, with SOLENOID
April 3: Rome, IT - Sinister Noise Club, with SOLENOID
April 4: Alessandria, IT - Kluster Pub, with SOLENOID

Slough Feg Reveals Album Details

San Francisco’s veterans SLOUGH FEG will release their long-awaited new album, Ape Uprising this May! Release dates vary, landing on the 8th of May in Germany and Europe, 11th of May in UK, and June 2 in USA/Canada via Cruz Del Sur Music. Ape Uprising consists of eight tracks and it is undoubtedly the heaviest release in the 20-year long history of the band. The band used the usual team for recordings, Justin Phelps and Justin Weis, later mastering the album at Traxwork studio.

The cover artwork was created by Californian artist Larry Luna. View the cover art at the band`s MySpace page or Cruz Del Sur`s website.

A vinyl version of Ape Uprising will be released by end of April by German label Iron Kodex, in a limited edition of 666 copies.

SLOUGH FEG`s official line-up is:

Mike Scalzi - vocals, guitar
Adrian Maestas - bass
Angelo Tringali - guitar
Harry Cantwell – drums


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-The Company Corvette

Hey people! The "New Band To Burn One To" is The Company Corvette. This heavy psychedelic blues rock band comes from Philadelphia, Pa. They have posted a few newly recorded songs on their MySpace page.

Hit'em up and give them your support.

SOLITUDE AETURNUS Schedules Live Dates

Long-running Texas doomsters SOLITUDE AETURNUS — who feature in their ranks current CANDLEMASS singer Robert Lowe — have issued the following update:

"SOLITUDE AETURNUS are scheduled to play their first Dallas/Ft. Worth show in over two years at the Rockstar Sports Bar on April 17. The band will bring their dark cloud of heavy air to the venue, crushing all in attendance. Also on the bill are local hard rock kings BLOOD OF THE SUN, ORGASMATRON and new local doom metal band KIN OF ETTINS. SOLITUDE AETURNUS are also scheduled to appear at Rock City open air fest in Romania on August 21. Sharing the stage with such bands as AMON AMARTH, PRIMAL FEAR, PAUL DI'ANNO, GRAVE DIGGER and others! More live show announcements and a state of affairs from the band to be announced soon."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Former CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Members Reunite To Perform Entire 'Blind' Album

For the first time since 1993, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (C.O.C.) founding member Reed Mullin (drums) and Karl Agell, singer on the CORROSION OF CONFORMITY album "Blind" are back together playing the entire original version of that classic 1991 LP. Dubbed CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND, the group's lineup is completed by Scott Little from Agell's band LEADFOOT, and Jason Browning and Jerry Barrett, both of whom were previously in BAD BRAINS singer HR's solo group.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND's set will include such classics as "Damned for All Time", "Echoes in the Well", "Dance of the Dead" and "Vote with a Bullet".

Confirmed CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - BLIND tour dates so far:

Mar. 20 The Millenium Center - Winston-Salem, NC
Mar. 27 - The Soapbox - Wilmington, NC
Mar. 28 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
Apr. 18 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC


Scott Little (LEADFOOT) - Guitar
Jason Browning (HR of BAD BRAINS) - Guitar
Jerry Barrett (HR of BAD BRAINS) - Bass

Monday, March 9, 2009

Album Of The Week-The Melvins-"Stoner Witch" (1994)

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Melvins, I have decided to make one of my favorite Melvins albums "Stoner Witch" the Album Of The Week. If you have never heard this album, do yourself a favor and listen now and then after you listen go and listen to as much Melvins as you possibly can. Freakin' Awesome!


"Stoner Witch is one of several ESSENTIAL Melvins albums everyone should own. This is probably their most hesher-friendly record. From the quasi-Metallica-esque verses of "Revolve", to the stoner dirge of "At the Stake", Stoner Witch consistently captures the attention. Many songs are bizarre, experimental, and downright noisy. It's one of those albums that really doesn't have any "bad" songs. Challenging, yes. Fascinating, uh-huh... but none of them are what I would consider "throwaways". Many listeners will be turned off by the Melvins' non-linear take on rock, but I would advise everyone to give this album a try, and if it doesn't grab you by the cerebellum, try again." (Tony Dawes)

The early to mid-'90s proved the Melvins' golden age, and the three principal albums from that period — Stoner Witch provides the centerpiece — are virtually unassailable in their range, depth, power, and experimental courage. Picking up on the basic framework of Houdini, Stoner Witch resolves into an ear-catching workup of classic rock themes, tempered, of course, with a fairly judicious sampling of acid-trip detours. Where Houdini resided more in an expansive — though lugubriously heavy — metal vein, refining the techniques built up through the band's early struggles, Stoner Witch truly showcases the band at the apex of their wide-ranging creative abilities. The melodies — yes, melodies — work seamlessly with the ubiquitous chugging riffs; Buzzo's vocals, often reminiscent of a David Thomas (Pere Ubu) after a few weeks of no-nonsense boot camp, are sometimes quiet and reflective, and more often than not, positively Stentorian. And naturally, drummer Dale Crover's percussion and pounding behind the kit is astonishing, powerful, and daring. The album opens with the distorted thud of "Skweetis," the amps and cymbals washing well into red-line territory before yielding to a three-count of heavy-duty classic rock with "Queen," "Sweet Willy Rollbar," and "Revolve." From that point on, there is a deliberate sea-change, beginning with the faux-lounge tweaking of "Goose Freight Train," the nearly unlistenable Merzbow-noise of "Magic Pig Detective," and ultimately the hammer-down hardcore of "June Bug" sandwiched between two ambient tracks: "Shevil" and the album closer, "Lividity." (Patrick Kennedy, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. "Skweetis" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 1:12
02. "Queen" (words: Crover/Osborne; music: Osborne) – 3:06
03. "Sweet Willy Rollbar" (words/music: Osborne) – 1:28
04. "Revolve" (words: Osborne; music: Deutrom/Osborne) – 4:44
05. "Goose Freight Train" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 4:38
06. "Roadbull" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 3:25
07. "At the Stake" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 7:56
08. "Magic Pig Detective" (words/music: Osborne) – 5:33
09. "Shevil" (words/music: Osborne) – 6:29
10. "June Bug" (music: Deutrom/Osborne) – 2:01
11. "Lividity" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 9:15


Official Website

Southern Lord Invades SXSW 2009

Southern Lord will be swarming the masses with showcases, in-store performances and tons more at this year`s South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas:

Friday, March 20
First, a Southern Lord showcase at Snake Eyes Vinyl (outside) at 1101 Navasota St. 3, Austin TX featuring:

12:30 - IT`S CASUAL
3:30 - THOU

Then later that night, the SXSW Southern Lord showcase at Emo`s! This is one of the label`s most important and potent showcases ever, featuring some of the label`s most prominent contemporary acts (including WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, WINO), some of the label`s newest signings (BLACK COBRA, EAGLE TWIN, PELICAN) and plenty of other hearty acts including THOU and IT`S CASUAL... A night of massive riffery and debauchery for all!

Emo`s Annex (603 Red River, Austin TX)
7:30 - IT`S CASUAL
8:25 - THOU
11:10 - WINO (solo)
1:00 - PELICAN

Saturday, March 21
SCOTT "WINO" WEINRICH will be performing a solo acoustic set at High Times Magazine`s 2009 Doobie Awards party.

The party is from "high" Noon through 6 PM at Red 7; 611 E. 7th Street

Sunday, March 22
Southern Lord artists WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and newest label signings PELICAN will be playing at Red 7 (611 E. 7th Street).


Queen Elephantine Completes Second Album


We’ve just completed our second full length album, Kailash. It takes its name and guiding spirit from the mythical Himalayan peak on which the Destroyer dwells in the state of perpetual meditation, in the deathless state.

For now, the whole thing can be heard at myspace.com/queenelephantine. There are seven tracks (including one interlude) and the runtime is 71 minutes.

A 60-minute edit of the album will be released on cassette through Abandon Ship Records (www.abandonshiprecords.com).

It was recorded and mixed by us, and mastered by Billy Anderson. The artwork is being handled by Adrian Dexter.


Announcing Krakow

KRAKOW is a stoner metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band formed in 2005 and has been working hard since. In 2007, they released the Dusty Roads EP on Kontrabande Records. November 2009, they went on a seven week long European tour supporting Grammy winners ENSLAVED and AUDREY HORNE, and when the band returned just days before Christmas the band was eager to start recording their debut album.

The band has now finished recording its debut album. The album is produced by Iver Sandøy (EMMERHOFF AND THE MELANCHOLY BABIES, TRINAKRIA, MANNGARD) and executive producer is Ivar Bjørnson (ENSLAVED, TRINAKRIA, DREAM OF AN OPIUM EATER).

The album has turned out to be much darker and harder than KRAKOW had intended, but the band is very pleased with the sound and feel of the album so far. Jørgen Træen and Iver Sandøy will mix the album in late April.

KRAKOW is talking with different record labels about releasing the album. Their debut album will be out August/September 2009.

Executive producer Ivar Bjørnson, said this about working with KRAKOW:

”First time I heard KRAKOW I thought this was a band that will be going somewhere! Their choice to go with stoner/classic metal/hard rock might not be groundbreaking in itself; it is how they do it – how they mix it up with elements from all ranges of the wondrous world of metal: the melodic, the extreme, the heavy, the powerful and the psychedelic foundations are all there. When they asked me the produce their debut album I immediately jumped on the chance to be a part of this band’s evolution from the get-on!”

Olly Thomas, Kerrang:

“...their short set reveals a band successfully mixing death metal intensity with groovy riffs worthy of CATHEDRAL.”

KRAKOW continues to unleash their legacy, with lyrics looking at doom days ahead and other downfalls of mankind.

KRAKOW features Kjartan Grønhaug on guitar, René Misje on guitar and vocals, Frode Kilvik on bass and vocals, and Christopher Swahn Zibell on drums.

Melvins Celebrate Silver (25th) Anniversary; Plan Special "Evening With" Performances in May

The Melvins are turning twenty five and marking the occasion with a group of celebratory shows set for mid-May in New York, Boston, Chicago and Austin.

The four shows will be an “evening with” the band and feature a first set with the original line-up of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover (on bass) and original drummer Mike Dillard. For the second set Buzz, Dale and Trevor Dunn (bass player for Fantomas, MadLove, Mr. Bungle) will perform Houdini in its entirety.

“We’re living on borrowed time." explained Buzz. "When the Melvins started I never expected to actually be ALIVE for 25 more years."

The Melvins formed in 1984 in Montesano, Wash., a small town on the west coast of the state. Crover and Osborne have been the two constant members of the band over their twenty-five year history. In that time, the group has been labeled and re-labeled with each passing musical fad but have outlasted each categorization and shone through as a creative entity that is unclassifiable. While the band came to mainstream prominence in the mid-90’s, the Melvins’ most recent releases (Nude With Boots, (A) Senile Animal) have been their most critically and commercially well-received albums to date. Couple that with their seemingly endless influence on other musicians and it’s easy to see why the Melvins have become one of the most well-respected bands of a generation.

The shows are:

May 15 New York, NY Webster Hall
May 16 Boston, MA Paradise
May 18 Chicago, IL Double Door
May 20 Austin, TX Emo’s

Sunday, March 8, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Roadrunner Records’ Monte Conner Talks Stoner Rock

Chances are that when a giant rock from outer space smashes into the rest of our governmentally-respirated economy and the book is closed on Western Civilization as we now see it, the circles are few and far between in which Roadrunner Records A&R legend Monte Conner is going to be remembered for exposing us all to the likes of Floodgate and Karma to Burn.

But, few and far between though they are, they’re these circles, damn it, so when I had the chance to talk to Conner, it wasn’t the stories about Max Cavalera and Sepultura or Glen Benton and Deicide that I wanted to hear (though those stories are awesome as well). I wanted to know about why the first Queens of the Stone Age record was put out by Roadrunner in Europe and not the US. I wanted to know why the version of Leadfoot’s Bring it On that I paid a dollar for in the junk bin at a record store has his label’s logo on it, but not the one I had from way back whenever that album came out. And I wanted to know why stoner rock makes for bad business when for the most part the music is traditionally structured and easily accessible. Well, fortunately Monte’s a bit of a talker. And unbeknownst to many — but, I admit, knownst to me before I set up the phoner — he’s actually a pretty big stoner rock fan.

Just on the other side of that “Read More” link down there, Conner opines on the above, how come the genre has never taken off commercially, and much more, including some of his all-time favorite stoner bands and albums. Enjoy. Read more...

New Band To Burn One To-Don Juan Matus

Photo by: Juan Franco Campos

The "New Band To Burn One To" today comes from Lima, Peru. They are called Don Juan Matus. They have a new album out entitled "Visiones Paganas". For more information on this cool band go to their MySpace page now.


"For a band that's churning through members at a frightening pace, Don Juan Matus is certainly productive. Their self titled debut was released at the beginning of the year, and according to their MySpace bio, by the time they recorded follow-up Visiones Paganas, the band's line-up could only be followed with a flow chart and a PhD.

Good thing it didn't effect the quality. Visiones Paganas may lack the overall Sabbathy bite of Don Juan Matus, it still delivers. If anything, the band's more aligned with classic rock this time around, although there are moments of folksy inspiration amidst the swirling retro pyschedelia and thick riffs (and in the case of “Las Ninas De La Luna,” piano artiness). For a band that delved so deeply into doom on their debut, they certainly know how to get asses shaking with “Cancion Para Nuada.” And “Sol Poniente” (which also appears on their split with Angel of Damnation) is essentially a rollicking take on “Children of the Grave,” which ought to satisfy the more discerning fans of the heavy.

I'm glad that despite the instability of the band, they're still able to record and release new music. As was the case with their debut, Don Juan Matus' Visiones Paganas is a must-have for fans of classic rock and doom." (John Pegoraro , StonerRock.com)

Buy now at psycheDOOMelic Records.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

TROUBLE: Tentative Album Title Revealed

Legendary Chicago doomsters TROUBLE have set "The Dark Riff" as the tentative title of their new album, due later in the year. A post on the group's web site reads, "As you can tell by the title, IT'S HEAVY! The band is resorting to the root of what made TROUBLE in the first place and what they are best at, DOOM! This will no doubt be the heaviest TROUBLE release since the mid-'80s when they crushed the masses with what is now known as 'Psalm 9' and 'The Skull'.:

TROUBLE says: "We can write whatever we want with no pressure from anybody or anything. Therefore, we choose to write heavy."

TROUBLE recently released a live recording from Los Angeles via their web site. "Live In L.A.", recorded on the band's last West Coast tour, has been mixed and mastered and is available at NewTrouble.com.

"Live In L.A." track listing:

01. Intro
02. RIP
03. The Sleeper
04. Touch the Sky
05. Plastic Green Head
06. The Eye
07. Simple Mind Condition
08. Mr. White
09. Endtime
10. Troublemaker
11. End of My Daze

In a 2008 interview with Rock N Roll Experience, TROUBLE guitarist Rick Wartell stated about the band's new material, "I know people have said this a million times and I know you've heard this a million times, but it's pretty fucking heavy, let's put it that way! The music end of it that Bruce [Franklin, guitar] and I are writing is getting heavier and heavier...it's getting heavier and then we want Kory [Clarke, new TROUBLE singer] to incorporate his style to what we are doing, that's basically all that we really want out of this."

New Band To Burn One To-Southborn

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Italian Heavy Rock band Southborn.

Formed in February 2008, SOUTHBORN is the brainchild of five freaky lads willing to pay their tribute to the greatest moment hard rock music has ever lived, therefore SOUTHBORN is bloody influenced by '70s but with a modern and heavy approach coming from each member's experience in their own heavy-extreme metal projects. Lyrics take basically inspiration from their roots: the southern region of Bootland including its evil and good vibes and the southern part of the earth including discomfort and hell. Last january 2009 Southborn recorded 8 songs with a "crazed" Fostex multi-track recorder, a couple of microphones, 1 crate of beers, unnumbered joints and uploaded 3 songs on the page, more are coming! SOUTHBORN already performed live supporting ENTOMBED, NATRON, REBEL DEVIL, CHAIN REACTION and is currently looking for a label to release their debut soon!


Friday, March 6, 2009

IRON GIANT Wins 'Loud Recording Of The Year' Award

Canada's East Coast is not somewhere that is typically associated with heavy metal music, but that changed this past weekend at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards in Corner Brook Newfoundland when Moncton, New Brunswick's IRON GIANT was the first artist ever to receive the "Loud Recording of the Year" award. The band's latest album, "Creator of Scars", which was released in May 2008 on Diminished Fifth Records, beat out some tough competition, including LPs from labelmates GALLACTUS as well as Halifax's SHELTER WITH THIEVES and Fredericton's HOLOPHONIC PORNO.

The category was added by the East Coast Music Association this year after Diminished Fifth organized a petition and lobbied to have the category introduced.

The award was accepted in Corner Brook by Josh Hogan, who runs the band's record label.

"It is amazing that we have this category to begin with and an incredible honour that a Diminished Fifth artist was the first to receive the award," said Hogan. "This is a true win for the entire East Coast... I grew up in Prince Edward Island and now run Diminished Fifth Records in Nova Scotia, IRON GIANT are from New Brunswick and the award was handed out in Newfoundland so all four of the Atlantic provinces are represented!"

Like Hogan, the band was more then enthused to receive the award. "We're glad to bring home the first ever Loud award to Moncton Rock City, where we hope it'll stay!!" added Chris Lewis, vocalist for IRON GIANT.

IRON GIANT came together in 2000 bringing together members of some of Moncton's finest musicians from bands like the MONOXIDES and MOOD CADILLAC. The band has released two albums to date: "Creator of Scars" and "No Longer Sleeping" (2002, 12th Planet Records) and is currently sponsored by Jägermeister Music Canada.


Chris Lewis (Vocals)
Jon Flanagan (Drums)
PJ Dunphy (Bass)
Shaun Crawford (Guitar)

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/irongiantecwt.

IRON MAN To Release 'I Have Returned' In April

Shadow Kingdom Records will release the first new IRON MAN album in 10 years, entitled "I Have Returned", in April. A represetntative for the label states, "IRON MAN's guitar player/songwriter Al Morris III has been writing the most savage/heaviest sounding guitar riffs for over two decades now! I've listened to this album a million times already and I can firmly tell everyone this the very best underground recording I've ever heard on an independent label. This recording sounds like it should be on a major label and I didn't even mention the superior songwriting yet! The songs are very well written and catchy, I'm convinced there's not a stale riff in Al Morris's soul! The man is a guitar god!! Louis is a top-notch bass player, Dex's drums are thunderous and just about as balanced as it gets, and Joe's vocal performance is far beyond my expectation."

"I Have Returned" Track Listing:

01. Burn The Sky
02. Run From The Light
03. Curse The Ages (Curse Me)
04. Sodden With Sin
05. Blind-Sighted Forward Spiral
06. Days Of Olde (Instrumental)
07. I Have Returned
08. Gomorrah Gold
09. Fallen Angel
10. Among The Filth And Slime

Check out audio samples at www.shadowkingdomrecords.com.

Olde Crone News

OLDE CRONE has released its debut album on PsycheDOOMelic Records


The group is described as a psychedelic doom band from the shire born strong and true to each other out of a glorious haze of weed and SABBATH worship.

Their music is classic slow riffing doom combined with elements of spaced out psychedelic rock. High heaviness and loud factors . Seven songs in over 70 minutes of slow doom madness . Get your doom dosis now!

Pentagram Returns This Weekend

In just under a week’s time, when THE DEVIL’S BLOOD will consecrate U.S. soil for the first time supporting the mighty PENTAGRAM. In what will undoubtedly be an event to remember, THE DEVIL’S BLOOD continue to gain a reputation for their intense and provocative live shows where chaos and magik manifest in a purifying Satanic orgy of madness where anything goes.

Also for those attending the two exclusive shows (March 6 at Webster Hall in NY, and March 7 at the Sonar in Baltimore), in which PENTAGRAM footage will be filmed for the upcoming Bobby Leibling documentary, THE DEVIL’S BLOOD will have copies of their monumental Come, Reap mini-album for sale and an exclusive limited t-shirt specifically designed by Erik Danielsson of WATAIN for these gigs to commemorate not only the band’s first desecrated appearance in America, but also to commemorate THE DEVIL’S BLOOD sharing the stage and conspiring with the ultimate figurehead in American doom rock, the legend and enigma himself, Bobby Leibling.

New Label Asa Negra From Brazil

Hey guys check out this new label from Brazil they have a couple of pretty cool bands for you to check out.

Asa Negra (see: asanegra.wordpress.com and www.myspace.com/asanegra)

They are releasing a new split CD featuring Te Voy A Quebrar and O Cúmplice.

Te Voy A Quebrar - a kind of space sabbathic metal with sludgish punk dirt. www.myspace.com/tevoyaquebrar

O Cúmplice - Old skull metal with old school punk. www.myspace.com/realcumplice


After a summer spent in all reaches of the globe from Iceland to Thailand - Winterun return to hometown Melbourne for their first show in ages. Joining the lads for some dirty riff-mania will be Mushroom Giant, Twelve Foot Ninja, Valanti, New Skin and Bring On the Junta. Winterun are on third at 9:45pm. It all goes down at Switch at Casey's nightclub on Gelnferrie Rd on Friday March 13. Doors 8pm. Entry $15 before 10pm. $18 after 10pm.









Doors 8pm.

Entry $15 before 10pm. $18 after 10pm.


VEVC 2009 Vinyl Club Launches w/Valis and Kandi Coded


Costa Mesa, CA, March 5, 2009 - We had so much fun with the Volcom Ent Vinyl Club in 2008 that we have brought it back for another year! In 2009 Volcom Entertainment will release six more split 7”s on colored vinyl in limited pressings, all which are available by subscription.

Our first offering is a split between Valis (featuring Van Conner from the Screaming Trees) and Kandi Coded (featuring Jack Endino and snowboard legend Jamie Lynn). Valis’ contributed song is “Planet Orion”, recorded by Jack Endino during the same sessions that produced their recently released album, Dark Matter. Kandi Coded have contributed a cover of Soundgarden’s “H.I.V. Baby”. This epic combination of hard and heavy Seattle rock slop will ship immediately to all new subscribers.

Both songs can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adf2vDOFsLM

Following this release, new split 7”s will ship to subscribers every other month. Artists scheduled to contribute are Harvey Milk, Wildildlife, Double Negative, Battletorn, Mammatus and Sleepy Sun, plus there are four more we cannot yet announce, stay tuned.

Subscriptions are $35 (plus shipping) for six 7 inches and are available worldwide.


Subscribe Here: http://www.volcoment.com/VEVC-2009


The Warlocks Announce New Album, "The Mirror Explodes," Out May 19th On Tee Pee Records!

They came out of the late 90s neo-psychedelic scene, along with awesome bands Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Dandy Warhols. Each of their albums are different in sound and approach (due to their lineup, which fluctuates from as few as four to as many as ten), while at the same time maintaining a singular sound that is uniquely their own. - Brooklyn Vegan

...hypnotic, fuzzed-up drone-rock... sweet-sounding, rotten-hearted 60s pop... over the top and steadfastly retro, but in a good way. - Blender Magazine

Time is neither constant nor concrete. Its made of color and shade. Time flows, blurs and fades into the dim morning light. Time melts. And THE WARLOCKS are the ecstatic, hazy, foreboding, holy tick-tock of time that isnt anything at all.

For five albums, The Warlocks have lived between and beyond the minutes and hours of time. Sway to The Warlocks live and loud and songs will drift and envelop each other like the fog. Listen to the records and youll hear soundtracks to fuzz-freaked, bacchanalian stomps, pre-dawn city prowls, sleeping late with new crushes, and the elation and exhaustion that washes in and recede deep into the wee hours.

The Warlocks new LP, The Mirror Explodes, speaks and whispers from all of these places. But where the bands last long player, Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, tweaked time in an icy-cool, white-noise swirl that evoked a decadent lysergic night, The Mirror Explodes is disorientation through a longer lens pictures of luck, longing, losing, moods and fever dreams scrambled in the haze of near and distant memory.

On the 8 songs of The Mirror Explodes, the bands signature amalgam of White Light/White Heat attack; space panoramas, fuzz, melancholy, and melody is present and potent. But there is a vivid focus too. Throbbing bass lines, distant rolling thunder drums, and zombie rattlesnake shake are a heartbeat of strange, ominous vitality. Guitars howl, slash and bounce like light. Bobby Heckshers vocals sound oddly alone and unsettlingly intimate all at once. And just when you think you understand the sum of these sonic elements, they become something else entirely.

* The Mirror Explodes was produced and recorded by Rod Cervera (Weezer, The Rentals) at Clear Lake Studios, Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering. Listen to track 1, "Red Camera" off the band's new album below.

The Mirror Explodes Tracklist:

01. Red Camera
02. The Midnight Sun
03. Slowly Disappearing
04. There Is A Formula To Your Despair
05. Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell
06. You Make Me Wait
07. Frequency Meltdown
08. Static Eyes


The Warlocks Live!

Austin Psych Fest 2:
03.15.09 Vulcan Gas Co. 2 Austin, TX w/ Black Angels, Dead Meadow, A Place To Bury Strangers and more!

Red Camera In A Red State (The Warlocks @ SXSW)

03.19.09 Roky Erickson Psychedelic Ice Cream Social Austin, TX w/ Roky Erickson
03.19.09 The Compound Austin, TX
03.21.09 Club 1808 2-7PM Tee Pee Records / LA Record SXSW Day Party Austin, TX w/ Annihilation Time, Year Long Disaster, Night Horse
03.21.09 Viva Radio/American Apparel official showcase Time TBA Austin, TX

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-The Arctic Sleep

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is The Arctic Sleep. They are from the state of Illinois and as their MySpace page suggests sounds like "Sunn o))) and Phil Collins mixed together."

"Arctic Sleep creates slow-paced, melodic, spacious soundscapes that dramatically drift between quiet, beautiful stargazing and infinite, hypnotic loudness. Ghostly, whisky-soaked vocals and dreamlike lyrics lurk above a swamp of slow-motion drumming and down-tuned riffing to create an almost psychedelic atmosphere designed to drift the listener far away from reality."

They have just released a new album entitled "Abysmal Lullabies". This is the second full-length Arctic Sleep album. This is a solo effort entirely written, performed, and produced by founding member Keith D.


"This recording further demonstrates Arctic Sleep's signature sound of sluggish tempos, a super-heavy rythm section, down-tuned riffing, and whispery vocals all weaving a series of dynamics ranging from quiet, contemplative moments of introverted vulnerability to cosmic waves of absolute, monolithic loudness... all done with a keen sense for hooky melodies. With this release, the music reaches further beyond the constraints of any genre of heavy music, incorporating more acoustic arrangements, more psychedelic droning passages, and cello. As with Arctic Sleep's previous work, the lyrical themes continue to be rich with imagery of nature and space, all hazed with a looming atmosphere of sweet sorrow."


01. Pacific Eclipse
02. Lunar Hollow
03. Oblivion
04. Nightwatch Elegy
05. Ghost Lights
06. Candlesmoke

Total playing time of 48 minutes.

Buy from CD Baby

For more information on the band go to their MySpace page.

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