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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Bandness 2012: Final Four

Please listen to the bands in each matchup then vote for your favourite one from each matchup at the end of the post.

Voting for the Final Four starts 3/31/2012 at 1:00 am EST and ends 3/31/2012 at 11:00 pm EST






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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: PET THE PREACHER

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"... PET THE PREACHER!


Pet The Preacher is a rock N roll trio from Copenhagen. Their aim is to mix blues with the structures of metal and feel of prog-rock. But as a band should, they are ever evolving, and as the band was formed in late 2010, the journey has just begun.

Pet The Preacher released Meet The Creature in 2011. A 3-track EP recorded live at the DEAD RAT STUDIO with Jacob Bredahl producing. In December, the same year, they went back and recorded their debut album "The Banjo". A concept album about a man and his way out of his hell. It made with a strong philosophy about sounding like human beings, playing instruments and not a computer. The mistakes are seen as opportunities and captures what rock N roll is all about: Spirit.

The album is out spring 2012.

"Pet the Preacher plays heavy rock the way it was meant to be played, with attitude and passion. This band from Copenhagen has married together a euphonic collection of blues-based rock tunes seasoned with crunchy guitars, heavy groove, and plenty of emotion. Emotion that you can feel in the shredding guitar leads, rapid fire bass lines, feverish drum beats and emphatic vocal delivery. New album coming soon...until then check out the tunes they have up on Facebook"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Album Review: Vile Red Falcons - "Under Your Skin"

To start with, Vile Red Falcons have one of the coolest names for a rock band I’ve come across in a long time. It fits the ultra macho world of rock n’ roll to a tee. With such a cool name, the band has the onus of matching it with the music they produce. After listening to “Under Your Skin” a dozen times it is apparent to me that they have delivered the goods in spades, with a collection of songs that not only match their cool and tough moniker, but rightfully allows them to take their place alongside the very best of rock from any age, any era.

Vile Red Falcons come from the Northwest, hailing from Tacoma, Washington, where they have have been plying their wares since 2008, along the way becoming local legends with their high energy shows that deliver a superior quality brand of stoner rock to residents of an area that have been recipients of some of the very best cutting edge rock over the past 20 plus years, residents that know great rock when they hear it, and knowing they are hearing it with these base cardinal raptors.

After developing as a band by cranking the voltage in venues across Northwest Washington, and quickly selling out their initial EP in 2009, they again entered the studio in 2011 to compile the excellent “Under Your Skin”, releasing it in early 2012.

The rock on “Under Your Skin” is highly derivative of so much music that has come before it that it will all seem somewhat familiar while at the same time be as fresh and exciting as only new album can be. They play music on the heavier side, while not being overwhelming, with songs that can trace their roots all the way back to the blues and influences of early masters of electric rock, while matching the tremendous sounds of any stoner rock music from the high desert or fuzz from across the globe, allowing for great fun and enjoyable listening to songs that pull you in and envelope you in a tremendous sound of thrashing, melodic guitars, hard driving rhythm, and soulful, adept vocals, all wrapped within wonderful riffs, hooks, melodies, and intelligent, fun lyrics.

The members of Vile Red Falcons include

- John Beidel - Vocals, Guitar
- Nate Rich - Guitar
- James Bench - Bass
- Kevin Kildun - Drums

The album opens with "Touch", which immediately displays a gifted tendency toward well structured melodies interlaced with catchy, dexterous guitar riffs of grit and style by both John and Nate, John’s strong vocals and an ever present, foot stomping beat from James’ tremendous bass and Kevin’s powerful drums, all leading into a fast, frenetic final guitar solo that gives way to a culmination of increased and insistent energy from the group as a whole.

“Lazy Day” aptly starts out with a slower tempo, and a steady, measured pace that seems to highlight the wonderful dual guitar riffs interspersed throughout the song as well as a full, rich, melodic vocal once again that accentuates the bluesy feel of the track.

The pace picks up with the next tune, “Like a Drug”, displaying an up tempo beat, a quick solo interlude to introduce the insistent nature of the song, and a terrific, pacey melody throughout that increases in urgency through the chorus and into lengthier, more involved guitar solos, leading into a high energy crescendo. This is a great rock tune that is fun to listen to, especially when cranked up and blaring full force throughout your skull.

The tempo seems to slow down again for “Brag”, but it’s a ruse for another upbeat number that highlights some superb guitar work utilizing a fuzzed out riff that works in conjunction with the insistent power of the high energy drums and power rhythm bass, setting the tone for a super fun, unique, quality rock song.

“Devel Send” is the first of two power ballads, along with “Bugs”, that both display the best traits of such songs, with tunes that are easy to listen to or to sing to, depending on your wont and familiarity, guitars that are fuzzed and wonderful, slow and clear, and reminiscent of every great power ballad ever played, without any fluff or pop to take away from the crisp, clear, moanful vocals deftly belting out lyrics of loss and desire.

“Buried” is a foot stomping, all out assault with the high quality guitars of both John and Nate, both of whom have displayed throughout the album that they are capable of delivering the goods, as is John with his muscular and deft vocals, all kept in tempo with Kevin’s clear and powerful drums, and James’ deep, booming bass guitar. “Someday” follows suit with the same type of display, but with a new, fresh tune of unique structure and familiar tendencies. The guitars are loud and distorted, never drowning out the rhythm section, and only lending to the quality of the songs as a whole.

“Shutup” sounds like something you’ve heard before, yet you know you haven’t. It’s a great example of the power and comfort of this super fuzzy group of hard rockers.

The blues are revisited on the closer, “Double Fault”, with guitars that sound clear and soulful, and where John perhaps delivers his best vocal rendition, singing with heart and soul, accentuating the distorted deep blues of his own strings as well as those of compatriot Nate.

This is a great album, filled with tremendous stoner rock songs of quality and excitement, never over-stepping in ability but always displaying gifted and honest renditions of their original writings, thoughtful melodies, soulful riffs, and memorable hooks. With luck and the well displayed ability of “Under Your Skin”, Vile Red Falcons should stake a claim as a rock band to be reckoned with, and one in which you’ll be pleased to listen to time and again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Double-Wide / Vagitarians

Double-wide: Heavy Oil EP

When the great country of Ireland comes to mind I think of two things, stouts and music. Now Irish music generally means some type of flute, fiddle, and folk story passed down through the generations. Well, Double-wide are Irish, through and through, but don't think you'll find flutes or fiddles (not that either are a bad thing, I happen to greatly enjoy true Irish folk music) on their latest EP; Heavy Oil. What listeners will find is Irish nature injected with a large dose of good old southern metal and attitude, inspired by the likes of Pantera, CoC, and Crowbar. All the necessary evils are present and driven by [Jon] Harrison's groove oriented guitar and gruffly larynx. Take a listen to my favorite track 'Not Broken' below. More of Double-wide can be heard at soundcloud and bandcamp.

I guess I can't leave you hanging without the right Irish brew to enjoy with the Irish tunes. Might I suggest, a new favorite of mine, Oyster Stout by The Porterhouse Brewing Company, Dublin.


John Nellins - Drums
Jon Harrison - Guitars / Vocals
Neal Spence - Bass

I bandcamp I facebook I myspace I soundcloud I web I web store I


Vagitarians: Wood

Warsaw, Poland's Vagitarians were one of the many killer bands we covered last month on Heavy Planet's Eastern Europe / Russia Podcast with their single Shallow Grave. Their viscous medley of blackened sludge metal and progressive blues is sure to intoxicate your eardrums and steamroll your senses. Check out their latest album Wood at bandcamp, along with their other excellent releases.


Marian Odsłuch

I bandcamp I facebook I myspace I web I

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: GENERAL

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"... GENERAL!


General have been released from active service and are building up a dedicated following throughout the midlands heavy rock/stoner/doom scenes with interest and fans from under many stones in the world.

The current line up have been imposing themselves on the live scene with the thousand yard stare and no respect for volume levels due to years of being in the shit too long.

Recent shows have been very successful with gigs alongside Napalm Death, Senser, Alunah, Sally, Pulled Apart by Horses to name a few !

GENERAL draws influence from many sources and have developed a sound that is comparable to a woolly mammoth playing its smoothest, grand riff whilst singing with the wise tones and melodies of a 1000 year old rock wizard.

‘Heavy rock the way you want it done’.

Currently working on the release of their debut album ‘Where are your gods now’ recorded at Priory studios and mixed and mastered by the renowned Billy Anderson in California.

The online release of the video for ‘bullet train’ off this album was a huge success generating over 1500 views in the first few days.

With more work in the pipebomb line and a dedicated fan base expect to see GENERAL hurting ear drums near you soon.

At ease boys. We’re done here.


Vocals: Graham Stokes
Guitars/riff master: Gaz Imber
Guitars/noise maker: Dave Claridge
Bass: Ru
Drums: Tom Smith

"General is a band from the UK that has a huge buzz surrounding them. Aside from the fact that the legendary Billy Anderson has worked with them, this band is laying down some pretty fat Stoner Metal jams worthy of your attention. Fierce, soulful and in-your-face, these boys know how to rock and I'd say they do it rather well."

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: CROWN

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...CROWN!


CROWN, two men, two guitars, a voice and machine, born in the summer of 2011. An extraordinary duo, trio or man-machine, whose compositions clean, direct and catchy, used as raw material to further the noise limits. CROWN explores the depths of the slow tempos, guitars overly serious, heavy and oppressive. A universe in perpetual tension, abruptly cut off by gentle and melancholic melodies, an unusual moment of respite, by prolonged immersion in their obscure experiments.

"This French duo known simply as CROWN play what I would call Industrial Doom. The music is dark and weighty but also takes on a sense of calm and tranquil. The guitar buzzes like a bulldozer murdering a forest full of trees and what is left behind is the devastation of once that was beautiful. The music is repetitious in nature and the horrific bellow of the vocals leave your ears scorched with a somewhat unusual satisfying pain. The songs are unique in structure and do not bore as some industrial bands tend to do. If you dig bands like Neurosis, Godflesh, and Sunn O)))) then you will enjoy CROWN!"


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sludge: Lurk

Children are great at doing the exact opposite of what they're told. When I caught my two year-old under the sink with a copy of Lurk's debut in his clutches, I guess I couldn't be mad. But, fuck... This isn't something I wanted him getting into. He's supposed to be coloring, playing, and mouthing off. Instead, the subject of this week's Sunday Sludge has arrested his development and likely derailed my guidance.

Finland's Lurk formed in 2008, forging what they call a "collaboration between doom, death, and sludgy black surge." On their self-titled debut, the band announces their candidacy as the ugliest Finnish export since Lasse Viren. Lurk's brand of sludge-doom is dark, vile, and as uplifting as a pet's untimely death. These six tracks take their time in bludgeoning listeners with tempo shifts and intermittent sensory assaults, but the lyrical content is what'll have you reaching out for good friends and a bottle of pills.

The slow, jaded grind of Soar is characteristic of most sludge records, yes. But the mire grows thicker and stickier, with the entire band working together to move as slowly as possible. Hollow grooves jump from planes and wring their heady buzz, but the vocal from K. Koskinen trips your feet as you run from the dark. We're only eight minutes in and our skins are already clammy.

The thrusting crust is immediate on Unfinished's sea of rolling doom. The grind pauses, but the beating doesn't stop. K. Nurmi's sepulchral drums combat Koskinen's guttural extraction, heavy with accent. Codec of Becoming God follows with its gorilla-chest thumpings and slow, teeming meters. Introspective lyrics almost seem inviting, though the path only leads to a rusted garden of twitching limbs. Didn't I warn you?

Ah, but Lurk do pick it up some on Fire The Blood Sky. The sludge here gets pushed under itself, and A. Pulkkinen's guitars saw through brick walls and find a spooky, effective bass highlight from M. Reinikainen. There's an enveloping sound here that's categorically undefinable, but it never falls short of sounding like tortured spirits. By the time we reach the cathedral, we're pretty far gone. Lurk led us here, attesting we'd be alive but likely not sane. Right again, boys.

Slow cadences are the band's muck and mire, however. Pitch Beneath Eternity greets with slow riffs, bullying drums, and a sonic drop that's intense and incredible. Koskinen's pipes are more gutteral and weathered by this point, while the track itself crunches under your boots and slows to its knees. Trickling from a cliff rather than saturating with buckets, this sludge is damn-near gnawing off its own arm. How Lurk manage to stay the course through these plods and plugs is an exercise in metal magic.

Finally, the grim drag through a wasteland you used to call home is actually the album's closing track, Deliverance. Those distant guitar cries are comforting but they won't help a damn thing. Factory sounds creep in and you'll find yourself walking barefoot on broken, rusted nails. A cool lumberjack stomp is perhaps the best moment on the disc, rife with Zakk Wylde riffage to counter the Crowbar sludge. But those clouds roar back, harvesting a doom thunder that's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Can you handle forty minutes of total darkness? What if that forty minutes stretches into much longer? Lurk have carved their name into your forehead and they've got you in line. The surrounding screams are those of the stricken. This is grim, grimy, exhausting stuff, and you'll be hobbling on clubbed feet before long. Keep this out of the reach of children. Keep a tight lid on it. And maybe you should pretend this conversation never happened. But that's hard to do when the sludge is this good.

Official Myspace | Soundcloud | Total Rust Music

March Bandness 2012: Elite Eight

Please listen to the bands in each matchup then vote for your favourite one from each matchup at the end of the post.

Voting for the Sweet Sixteen starts 3/25/2012 at 12:00 am EST and ends 03/30/2012 at 11:59 pm EST



Godhunter (Tucson, AZ)

One-Eyed King (San Francisco, CA)




Naughty Mouse (Brussels, Belgium)

Bear Brawler (France)




Galvano (Sweden)

One Inch Giant (Gothenburg, Sweden)




Clamfight (Westmont, NJ)

Ride to Ruin (Columbus, OH)


Thanks for voting!

*Please do not vote for the divider lines

Vote For Your Favorite Band in Each Matchup

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Introducing the Heavy Planet T-Shirt Shop

Alright guys and girls, help show your support for Heavy Planet and the bands we feature by ordering yourself some killer new apparel from the Heavy Planet T-Shirt shop. All designs are hand drawn by the talented Helena Harlan. Currently, there are three designs available in assorted sizes and colors. We thank you very much for your purchase.


Album Review: Arenna - Beats of Olarizu

Every now and then, on rare and unforeseen occasions, an album comes along that can only be characterized as special, something that is truly one of a kind in some way. It doesn’t have to be totally original, although it certainly can be. It doesn’t have to exclude derivation, although there just isn’t much that hasn’t grown from some established entity in some way. It doesn’t have to be perfect or fit into any preconceived mold or genre, though it most likely will. It doesn’t have to be the epitome of high art, expressing some earth shattering, mind bending, paradigm shifting approach never before heard or experienced, but instead often it will be special by presenting a new take on something old, using familiarity as a springboard for recent revelations in presentation or execution, a heretofore undiscovered branch of a familiar limb on a favored tree.

But even that is not enough to make a claim of distinction. It must also be honest in its offering of music, wholehearted in the master manipulation of strings, sticks, and chords, exhausting the effort taken to capture each song in order to present them to the world, leaving nothing half done in execution or intent, because skill and effort are each equally admired by those for whom these little nuggets of musical specialness are intended.

Special albums like this quite often come out of the blue because there is typically no formula for when inspiration hits, no tracking of the perfect set of conditions that coalesce into an opportunity that arrives at the front door of preparedness.

Enter, then, out of Spain’s Basque region, Arenna’s debut album “Beats of Olarizu”, an album that can quite comfortably be classified as special, as having gone beyond established genres with intensity of effort, sounds full and rich, an explosion of distortion, amplitude of volume, and sheer magnitude of fuzz, orchestrated for an all out assault on primal pleasure centers where no manner of anticipation or conditioning will have prepared the senses for the unrelenting perfection from start to end of this meticulously well crafted collection of high octane guitar riffs, full and rich vocals, canorous hooks, and trippy, psychedelic odysseys to stoner ecstasy.

The album consists of 6 beautifully crafted songs, each wonderfully constructed with purpose and intent, muscular in delivery, and near genius in construction, lasting several minutes each, ranging from five to twenty steady, hard driving minutes. The songs each tend to lead the listener on a journey exclusive to that individual track while lending itself to the whole of the tale rendered on the entirety of the album.

The journey begins fittingly with “Morning Light”, a song that wastes no time in announcing the power used in the delivery of tone with a huge explosion from the guitars, backed by the large and steady rhythms of bass and drums, paced beautifully by vocals both rich and purposeful. The song changes tempo and intent at appropriate times, never leaving you wanting more or wishing for an end, supplying loud and luscious solos at just the right times.

Classic stoner riffs are immediately heard on “Receiving the Liquid Writings”, but in a manner rarely if ever heard in intensity and intent. The guitars here are powerful and purposeful, erupting often in the signature sounds of stoner rock, unrelenting in their down tempo execution, and setting the pace for both rhythm and vocals, both of which display wonderful ranges of dexterity and aspiration.

Next up is “Fall of the Crosses”, more up tempo than the previous selections, but just as feral in full out guitar riff delivery, and melodious vocal machinations. In fact the vocals on this song are more active than on the previous two renditions, creating a wonderful arrangement in which guitar and voice blend expertly for a heavy handed delivery of harmonious delight, with individual interludes from each of the instruments that lead into a wonderful up tempo rendition to close out the song.

A journey into the depths of high intensity fuzz that will ultimately last twelve minutes begins with a prelude of simple instrumentation on “Eclipse”, a strumming of guitars and light tapping on the traps, creating a beautiful and insightful foray that is interspersed with more insistent exaltations before returning for a brief time to the pleasant tones heard at the onset leading ultimately into another exciting, powerful, sinewy rendition from the power center of guitars and full out vocals. We are led in and out of idyllic offerings and D Day invasions, creating a wonderful tapestry of diversity and uniqueness, satisfyingly rich in the varying styles from start to finish.

“The Strangest of Lives” evokes the sound of the sea, of wind and rain, of cold, driving power against dark and prevailing forces that are insistent and compelling. Vocals here are rich and full, driving the song along a grim and incessant path that rolls along on a journey through periods of unrelenting and hard driving guitar hooks, until delivering the final outcome with vigor and vehemence.

The final offering is a twenty minute odyssey of psychedelic fuzz delivered with such fierceness and joy as to leave you both wanting more and assuaged from the bitzkrieg attack on the senses and the soul. “Metamorphosis in lc(0.9168 g/cm3)”, a reference to water organizing into crystalline ice, could well be the epitome of what stoner rock could and perhaps should be. The tempo, the riffs, the overall driving aspect of this song make it worthy of inclusion into that place reserved for the very best of what rock has to offer.

The vinyl version of “Beats of Olarizu” includes 3 extra tracks, one of which, “Pain Eraser”, is a hidden track at the end of “Metamorphosis in lc(0.9168 g/cm3)” on the digital version. The other 2 songs on vinyl are live recordings.

Arenna has crafted one of the finest collection of rock songs made available to the buying public with “Beats of Olarizu”, not just in the genre of stoner metal or fuzz rock, but for the entire gamut of the rock world. This album is what we listen to music for! This is the one you’ve been hoping to hear when you were listening to the hundreds of albums before it, many of them quite good in their own right, but none as superb, none hitting just that right chord of effort and ingenuity. This album is for the ages, because, as it so happens, it is special.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Heavy Planet Podcast March 2012: The Emerald Isle

Each month Heavy Planet brings you some of the most killer bands from all around the world. This month we will be bringing you some of the most rad sounds that have come from the Emerald Isle. From mind-numbing doom, to fuzzed-out Stoner Rock and plain old ass-kicking Hard Rock, this month's podcast shows why Ireland is no slouch when it comes to laying down some killer tuneage. Please tune in this Sunday 3/25/2012 from 4:00 PM EST to 6:00 PM EST to hear the podcast on Grip of Delusion Radio.

The Emerald Isle Podcast

"DJ" Reg


Triggerman-The Riff Holds Sway
Realistic Train-Realistic Train
Howlin' Widow-The Dystopian Blues
Engines of Ruin-Prison Itch
Captain Landscape-Space Puppies
Haieeta-Neutral Cryptum
Mongolia-Stoned Nomad
The Cosmonaut-One Star
Saturnalia-Cosmic Spectrums
Acrid Nebula-Born With Teeth
People of the Monolith-Frozen
Weed Priest-Walpurgia
Two Tales of Woe-City of Doom
Brigantia-Time Machine of Doom
Vintras-The Wanderer
Wizards of Firetop Mountain-Onwards Towards the Sun
Half Shot-Couldn't Back Down
Lace Weeper-Get in Line
Thin Lizzy-Emerald
Gary Moore-End of the World

Thanks for listening.

To continue your listening experience the podcast will be available for streaming and download 24-48 hours after airing.

If you still haven't been musically fulfilled. Please check out previous podcasts and the newly formatted Heavy Planet Radio on Facebook.


New Band To Burn One To: DESERT DOLLS

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...DESERT DOLLS!


Desert Dolls (Formerly known as Lyonesse) are a Stoner Rock band based in Mexico City, MX. With a wide variety of influences including blues, classic rock, southern rock & indie, creating a sound that is both unique and pioneering within the Mexico City scene.

A night filled with non-sense and hard drinks, two speakers playing lame music and three overjoyed gentlemen talking about their favorite bands were the first signs that something was about to materialize. Aney and John, alongside former drummer Panu, came up with the idea of forming a band on summer 2009, but it was until December that they finally got together and played some music. After a couple of rehearsals they found out it was worth everything, and started to look for a bass player, a well known endangered specie in Mexico City. The band took in various bass players (Chesky and Papas II) that decided to play along. Eddie joined the band to upgrade the drum session and now the setting was ready. As soon as the started to play, the songs metamorphosed into finer pieces of rock & roll howling from the most populated city in the world. Ladies and gents, we're proud to present to you the DESERT DOLLS! CHEERS!!!!

"Mexican band Desert Dolls kick up the dust with a remarkable blend of rhythmic bass lines, killer hooks and head-bobbing grooves destined to get your ass moving. This band has a really cool vibe that is very infectious. Check'em out!"


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mos Generator Release Single From 10th Anniversary Debut Album -- Available as Exclusive Limited-Time Download via Heavy Planet

For the next 24 hours, Heavy Planet is proud to offer to you a free download of "Lumbo Rock" from Ripple Music artist Mos Generator's 10th anniversary edition of their debut album. Below is the press release and the free download link. Enjoy!


Port Orchard, WA - Mark it on your calendars, the deluxe edition of the debut Mos Genrator album, featuring a full length LP, a CD with previously unreleased tracks and a full incendiary live concert, and a digital download of further live, demo, and jam tracks will be available throughout North America on April 10th, 2012! In conjunction with Nail Distribution, Ripple Music is proud to announce that this quintessential debut album and amazing musical package will now be available to a wider market of insatiable rock n’ roll fans.

And this Thursday, March 22nd, 2012, Ripple Music will make the lead track from the album, "Lumbo Rock!", available for free download exclusively at Heavy Planet! The free download will only be available for 24 hours, so if you haven't heard Mos Generator before and want to know what's what, now is the perfect time to dive in!

“This Mos Generator package is one of those sets that speaks to the lifelong Mos fan, as well as those who are discovering the band for the first time,” states Tony Reed, singer and guitarist for the band. “It was a goal for myself and the label to create a package that was affordable, something that looked cool, and was packed with some special moments from the bands ten year history.”

Featuring over two and a half hours of music, the Mos Generator 10th Anniversary Edition was designed with the music fan in mind. The package includes three popular formats for listening to the bands 70’s-inspired hard rock in the way of 12” vinyl, CD, and digital download, and all packaged in an eye-popping 12” gatefold jacket.

Here’s what the press is saying:

“ . . . like the rampaging inhabitants of a sonic Jurassic Park; thunderously heavy, jaw droppingly magnificent and maybe just a little bit scary. This is music that went extinct many years ago, but against all expectation and logic, here it is alive and thriving in the modern age. 4/5” -- The BCFM Sunday Rockshow

"Of all the second-wave Sabbath types, these guys were and remain by far the most original, with tricky prog tempos, tunefully sludgy Tony Iommi-style lo-register riffage and a sense of humor to rival their sense of purpose. If metal is your thing and you slept on this stuff when it first came out – and a lot of people did, this was before myspace, let alone youtube – now’s a good time to rediscover them." -- Lucid Culture

“Really a fantastic package all around. Once again Ripple Music not only delivers the goods, but they go the extra and exceed all my expectations on this one." -- Heavy Metal Time Machine


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Bezoar / Owl

Bezoar: Wyt Deth

Our Double Dose this week shares a theme. A theme of bass guitar playing babes. On this side of the 'dose' we have Sara Palmquist and company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Relying on their genuine love for music and influences varying from Darkthrone, to Slayer, and YOB, these experimental prog'ers decided to defy the stoner, psychedelic, doom scene in 2007. The threesome's take is rampant and raw, but also
"more majestic, massive, and cerebral than any mere genre tag." Listeners will find beautiful acoustic arrangements and guttural and sinister sections only to be left bewildered by Bezoar's artistry. Take, for instance, the shear chaos of Vitamin B twisting into a mournful howl and onto a thunderous stampede of the dead. Listen to Vitamin B below and then head over to bandcamp to experience Bezoar's entire recording 'Wyt Deth'.


Justin Sherrell - Drums
Sara Palmquist - Bass / Vocals
Tyler Villard - Guitar

I bandcamp I facebook I web I


Owl: EP

Now on the flip side of the 'dose' we have the bassist babe Melanie Burkett and the Baechle brotherhood (literally brothers), who devise, draft, and orchestrate Owl. Owl look to early 70's metal as well as the UK's New Wave of British Heavy Metal for their core inspiration, especially their dueling guitars iconic of Iron Maiden. Their latest release is a two song EP full of those Maiden-esque solos, harmony, hooks, and well timed drum rolls and fills. Those drums are filled by our friend Clint, who also covers the skins with my favorite 'blackened, stoner, thrash" band Hazzard's Cure. Owl's EP can be downloaded at bandcamp for free, along with their 2010 'Demo Tape'. They are also offering a 7 inch of the new songs, well worth the price.


Alex Baechle - Guitar / Vocals
Axell Baechle - Guitar / Vocals
Clint Baechle - Percussion
Melanie Burkett - Bass

I bandcamp I facebook I myspace I web I

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...BEAUMONT LIVINGSTON!


The Beaumont Livingston born from the idea of Ciro "Mr. Cherry'' Iacoviello (bass) and Mario Orefice (guitar / vocals) to create a musical project that would be close to their musical influences and sounds. They begun with their first musical experiences inspired and drawn to the musicality of the dusty desert sessions.

In a time when the two had closed earlier projects, contact Antonio Ulto (drums) who involves in the project Rocco "Acid Rocket'' Palumbo (vocals / guitar). With this group for two years attended the festival scene of Italy that made it possible to obtain a necessary cohesion to compose some songs of their first cd, "Heavens & Fantasies.''

In the role of drummer there was the substitution with Silvio "The Lieutenant'' Cogliano with whom they finished composing and mastering of the eight tracks of "Heavens & Fantasies''.

BL has a rock sound, compact and powerful in its simplicity contaminated by stoner scene. In 2010, Hot Lips is included in the Sludge Swamp Comp III (stoner/doom comp that includes tracks from independent artists) in a version recorded by BL in his studio. Speed Up, the first track of their first album, says "... here the days are all the same ... slowly rolling to nowhere ... you know we need a change…keep on speedin’ up until we’re far enough'' and is the sense of whole project. The music as an escape from a flat reality.

"This is fantastic methodical chilled-out Stoner Rock to the umpteenth level. Brilliant fuzzy guitar tones buzz around your head like a swarm of bees angry because you fucked with their hive. The cymbals crash and ride as the underlying rhythm spews you into the psychedelic vortex of riff-filled glory. With guidance from influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Fu Manchu, these cats from Grottaminarda, Italy went to the school of Stoner Rock and passed with flying colors. I am still trying to get "Dancing in My Mind" out of my head, so addictive!"


Monday, March 19, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: SHE DEVIL

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"... SHE DEVIL!


Slaves to the local music scene, the members of She Devil have certainly paid their dues. Playing to unruly crowds in run-down, smoky beer joints in Texas, this long awaited first release has vindicated the band as much more than just losers on the local scene. Titled “The Supernatural Kind”, the bands own personality shines through with guitar laden riffs that are reminiscent of the south and the smoky atmosphere in which the band got its start. Harkening back on the early days of metal, there is no doubt that She Devil clearly acknowledges their influences, but has a sound that is uniquely theirs. This first release showcases much of the heavy, riff-filled guitar tracks, thunderous bass, and elegant drum lines that add a deep complexity to the sound. Complete with a brand new vocalist, this release is one that you will want to check out for yourself.


"Texas band She Devil brings to the scene a new EP of cool smokin' grooves interlaced with a raucous beer-swilling in-your-face heavy rock swagger. While the music is more straight-forward rock, there is a hint of doom on the fat and meaty lead track "Blues or Bad Luck". The AC/DC-inspired beginning riff of "Black Meadow" leads into a straight forward chugging rocker complete with twangy soloing. She Devil shows it's sensitive side on the emotion filled ballad "If I Could". The band gets a bit sleazy on the wah-wah-driven closing track "Pale Horse". If you like "big" hooks and I emphasize "big" as the band hails from Texas, then you will totally dig these bonafide Texas-rockers known as She Devil"


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sludge: Vulture - "Oblivious To Ruin"

For all the sooty, smokestack nose-thumbing Pittsburgh has been thrown since 1758, the city has lately seen huge strides in technology and healthcare. The shift hasn't gone unnoticed amongst politicians or travelers, either. But somewhere in-between "Hell with the lid off" and "Roboburgh," Pittsburgh sludge-slingers Vulture failed to go with the grain as things steadily improved.

"Steel-City Sludge" doesn't begin to define the enormous mire of Vulture's contribution to metal. As they honed their craft and sharpened their mud-caked sticks, nobody bothered to tell them Pittsburgh had cleaned up. The band's upcoming release, Oblivious to Ruin, is bathed in enough agonizing filth to frighten the unsuspecting and entice the seasoned. Spanning 40 minutes broken into seven tracks, the album is a bruised, buzzing clinic on properly constructing a sludge recording. Rule number one: if it ain't painful, it ain't shit.

For starters, the band utilizes a soundbite from The Exorcist III to outline all the horrible elements the album promises to unleash: death, disease, injustice, inhumanity, torture... You get the idea. This Beautiful Infection is as scathing and unsettling as any horror film, rolling in pained howls, crunchy sludge assaults, and a consistent, vomitous churning. The fuzz-reverb douses listeners in napalm as the doom drone signals an acceptance of fate. The rhythm is low and despondent, growing slower and deeper as these seven minutes prick your skin.

Keeping spurs from jingling and jangling, the buzzing blues of the title track is short-lived. We march slowly, drenched, until a Rwake-ferocity drops. Kelly Gabany's skins do all they can to dig their heels into the muddy tempo, but there's no keeping the ashes from your mouth. Sounds go from muddy to crisp and blackened by the track's midpoint, and the angered stomp through a sweaty, acidic swamp is actually a breath of fresh air.

Dead Sea opens quickly on the guitar tandem of Garrett Twardesky and Gene Fikhman, spitting licks no less effectively than Justin Erb's shredded vocal pleas. The dynamic is gorgeous and horrific, and the shifts of rhythms (from boiling to gasping to thumping to blazing) will rub your skin raw. Vulture do know how to hit the brakes when the situation calls for it, but the treehouse confessions are never safe from the evil in the bushes. You can't help but know the sonic assault's gonna return. But when?

The album perpetuates themes of hopelessness and fear, all of which is clouded under gear-grinding guitars and a doom cadence. The wall of discontent is most evident on Long I Crawl, with chilling vocals seemingly reaching into nothing. The exhausting lifts and drops are of seismic proportions, while the blood just never seems to coagulate. On Coming Storm, increased pacing somehow allows for each element to separate and establish its own prominence. That scathing, slicing intermittence of tempos enters a foggy cloud of locusts, only to turn itself inside out as guitars move out of control. The chainsaw denouement perfectly transitions into Bedridden, a steady, heady lumber through a beaten daze. Justin Bach's punishing hollowness chugs through everything before the meat-grind gives way to a familiar, animalistic trot.

Ever ridden in a truck with a hillbilly who loves getting dirty, hates shaving, and can't operate a stick shift? Apathetic Life has that back-and-forth gear shift that'll wear you out. Vulture saved the album's best and most abrasive track as its bookend. The painfully heavy retreat into a foxhole only foreshadows a re-emergence, rife with an extra dose of piss and vinegar. These guitars take their own trip, zone out, warble. Scraping its teeth on bone fragments that've been long picked over, this song could only be the closer. You ready for a drink yet?

From start to finish, Oblivious To Ruin is relentless in its size and its anguish. Drums become barrels, sticks become tree trunks, guitars become eternal torches. Each track spends every breath grasping at something concrete, only to stumble to its knees. THIS is where Vulture excel. If this band had the slightest bit of hope, they may not sound so brutal, so dirty, or so awesome. Sure, Pittsburgh's cleaned up. But every city has trenches. On Oblivious to Ruin, Vulture are happy to bathe in them.

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