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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Utsuro Bune

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Utsuro Bune.

These Drone/Doom metal mongers known as Utsuro Bune hail from the tiny state of Rhode Island. Massive, epic, atmospheric are a few select words to describe their sound. the band has just released a 5-song EP called "The Drone Remains The Same". Recorded live to 2-track with no overdubbing and released in both extremely limited edition CD and digital download formats. The CD includes transparent vellum cover with “reversible” artwork and is extremely limited to 100 copies. The Ep was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst, etc.) The band can also be heard on side B of the new volume of the Droning Earth compilation series available here:



Friday, June 25, 2010

I Am Having Major Computer Issues

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am having some major computer issues. I hope to reurn sometime early next week with some more cool stuff for you guys. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Vinum Sabbatum

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Vinum Sabbatum.

"For the last few years the late 60's and early 70's Hard Rock experience has been getting revisited by literally hundreds of bands, most of them have created some real quality music while a few have been doing nothing much more than simply jumping upon some kind of Psychedelic bandwagon. Another band that has seemed to hitched its wagon to the Psychedelic era is Finnish retro-rockers Vinum Sabbatum who have signed a 3 album deal with Eyes Like Snow Records which has made a name for themselves by specializing in various fields of Doom, Classic Heavy Rock/Metal and Psychedelic Rock. This limited edition digipak release is a 5 track demo but with the production of a official release and overall its a good 26 minutes of Psyched out Doomy Rock in the late 60's/early 70's vein. They have already been given the Doom Metal tag by some which to me seems a bit misleading as for the most part this band is more in-tune with the sounds of Atomic Rooster than Black Sabbath not that there is anything wrong with that." - Doommantia

My 2 Cents:

If your music tastes lean more towards 70's hard rock a la Uriah Heep, Atomic Rooster, Grand Funk, etc. then you should give this band a listen. The band throws in a few doomy riffs here and there for good measure. Keep an ear out for these Finnish psychedelic groove doomsters.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Master Charger

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Master Charger.

MASTER CHARGER! are a three piece unit conceived in the blackest heart of Nottinghamshire England. The band are a fusion of late 1960's psychedelic rock and the rock / heavy metal acts of the 1970's. Throw in a mix of punk and working class frustration and you have the sound that is MASTER CHARGER. 2009 saw the band spew forth it's dropped tuned monster groove on their debut album "Southbound N' Supercharged". Master Charger then went on the road unleashing their dirge doom laden assault on the public, up and down the country, before recording a live studio jam which features alternative renditions of the songs that appear on the bands debut. Also on this recording there is an unreleased track entitled "Super Death Charged". The recording shows how Master Charger like to jam out and projects their honest and raw live sound. The above mentioned recording is titled "Live At Unit 5. The Sessions Vol I". Master Charger are looking to record again sometime in 2010 after completing the live gigs that they already have lined up this year so far, some of which are the Terrorizer Grindhouse shows.

The band is offering a free download of their live EP at this location.

My 2 Cents:

Master Charger rolls like a tank crushing everything in their path with a plethora of groove-laden heavy doom riffs. Dig it!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stoner Rock Ohio Blowin' Smoke CD Compilation

Blowin' Smoke is the new compilation featuring some of O(high)o's finest bands. Bands such as Threefold Law, Masters of Luxury, and Venomin James have been crushing the Cleveland area for the past few years now. So if you want to hear what all the hype is about, head on over to StonerRockOhio.com and pick up your copy now!

Contributing bands:

Red Sun -"bottom-heavy, psychedelically enticing metal/rock which somehow manages to simultaneously embody the steady-bulldozer attitude of doom and the impassioned urgency of the best hardcore punk."-Zachary V. Sunderman, Bastion Recordings."


Smoke Theory- "Never putting aside the influence of AC/DC, ZZ Top, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, Black Sabbath or for that matter any surfy, greasy or garagey early Rock'n'Roll the Smoke rolls on. In a world of fake Rock'n'Rollers who stress image over riffage Smoke Theory take a stand as a band who doesn't rely on fruity hairdo's, women's clothing and tons of shit pierced to their faces to make a statement. The music speaks for itself.


Spider Scorpion-"Metal/Bossa Nova/Punk"


Threefold Law- "Rising from the ashes of the Burning River, Threefold Law's signature riffs and dark grooves took hold in late 2006. They honor the pioneers of doom, such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Trouble, Pentagram, Cathedral, and Down while spinning a unique tale of darkness and despair. Threefold Law released their first EP recording in April of 2009, titled “Killer of the Sultan.” The band secured a spot on the first Stoner Rock Ohio Showcase in 2008 as well as the second one in June of 2009. Threefold Law continues to play the northeast Ohio region with fan support ranging from Akron to Australia."


Venomin James- "Based out of Kultland's Crowe Valley, the home of murder, mormon and mayhem. Our sound is a straight up mix of rock, doom, metal and occult esotera."

Blacklight Betty- "Blacklight Betty is a three piece rock band based in Cleveland, OH.

The group features guitarist/vocalist Camille Champa, drummer/vocalist Adam Phillips and bassist/vocalist Larry Kalal.

If you keep a regular supply of Nag Champa, own a turntable or have some form of shag carpet in your home, then we want to be your band. Energy. Volume. The Riff. Rock and Roll is not dead, it has just gone underground. We can't think of a more perfect place for a blacklight."


Jupiter Sideburns- "A heavy rock band from Dayton Ohio, who escaped the alien attacks, decides that the weight of the world is on their shoulders. They find one of the aliens' ships that was disabled and left behind after the fighting was over. They repair it and restart the ships internal memory. What they find has only been seen by god since the beginning of time. The data base is massive. It includes everything about the Black Orb Aliens' civilization from their history to their episodes of Evil. And one very important piece of information. Their next destination: Jupiter. The band plots a course to the other side of the galaxy. They gather their instruments, belongings and kiss their loved ones goodbye possibly for the last time. They forget one important item. Shaving cream. This is the story of Jupiter Sideburns"


Lo Pan- "All movement in the universe is caused by tensions between positive and negative furies, and when the furies are out of balance, as they are in LO-PAN who is cursed, then they turn into demon and live forever. Repulsive and evil existing only to plague the living. A creature of fast dark destructive power. "IT'S ALL IN THE REFLEXES!"


Masters of Luxury- "If you have not yet heard these guys, then there is no more perfect time than now. Masters Of Luxury are from the Columbus/Dayton Ohio area and combine elements of progressive, doom, and stoner metal to provide the listener with a very satisfying listening experience. Citing influences such as Tool, Black Sabbath, Dillinger Escape Plan and Sleep, all can be heard on their newly released EP entitled "Robot Love Songs" as well as their previous release "Welcome To Opulence". Check them out if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands.


Mechanics of Things- "Mechanics of Things" was born from an inspiration of singer, Paul Conaway, evolving from hobby to live band in the summer of 2007. In the winter of 2009, Mechanics of Things began recording a full-length CD at Cleveland's Ante Up Studio under producers Mark Baker and Pete Schmuel of Sonar 73 Productions. In January 2010, Mechanics of Things fortified their powerful dimension, adding ML, former drummer of NUCLEON, to their already trebuchet sound. Currently, Mechanics of Things is looking forward to their first CD release, slated for summer 2010. The CD reflects the progress of the band including tracks such as "Gasoline" and "Halo" and a number of new compositions meshed with an iron slab, full of rawkmusic tilt. The band seamlessly blends a mix of metal, hard rock and old school punk. (If White Zombie, Kyuss and Black Sabbath joined together and gave birth, Mechanics of Things would be The Bastard Child..)"



R.I.P. Jared Koston (Venomin James drummer)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Album Review - Marulk: Self-Titled

Take vintage 70’s Blue Cheer and throw it in the blender with the funky riffs of “Jam Room” era Clutch and you’ll have an idea of what Marulk are all about. The band, which features Danne Palm on vocals and bass, Thomas Jäger on guitar and Esben Willems on drums, takes their name from the Swedish word for the angler fish, which is rather appropriately, at least for this music, also known as the sea devil. On their self-titled, Transubstans Records debut, the Gothenburg, Sweden trio have crafted nine tracks of retro-stoner rock n’ roll boogie that is sure to get a few heads bobbin’.

The listener is introduced to Marulk with album opener “Daylight & Rain”, a straightforward rocker that mixes classic and stoner rock styles to perfection. It’s followed up by “Följer Ett Spår”, which continues in that same vane, but unfortunately sounds out of place here, if for no other reason than it’s the only one of the bunch that isn’t sung in English. The band recovers with “Hey Sister”, a bluesy little number with a catchy sing-along chorus, followed by “The Alarm”, which sounds like a mash-up of Clutch with fellow Swedes, Witchcraft. Both songs feature impressive fretwork by Jäger.

The album’s midpoint finds Marulk detouring from the guitar driven, blues rock of the first four tracks, into a trippy, folksy, acoustic number called “Is This Home?” that pays homage to slower Zeppelin fare, like “Tangerine” and “Going to California”. Upon first listen, I was concerned that this song could derail the cohesiveness of the album, but it’s actually one of the highlights in my mind. I can just imagine this catchy number being a foot stomping, sing-along favorite at live shows, with the crowd reciting right along with Palm as he croons “last thing I remember is the empty eyes of goodbye”.

Speaking of highlights, the strangely titled “Nosferatools” kicks off the second half of the album and seems to be the song that best personifies Marulk’s sound. The track finds the band building on a killer AC/DC-like, blues rock riff before down shifting into a nasty stoner-funk parade. In fact, the first half of the song is a fast paced rock n’ roll shit kicker that completely transforms somewhere in the middle to become a slowed down, gut rattling riff rocker and finally comes to a close with the mellow strumming of an acoustic guitar and Palm lamenting “I’m stuck in relentless…I’m stuck in an unstoppable mode…I’m grinding on…you know it’s never ending…and I’m moving on”.

Marulk wastes no time kicking the pace back into high gear with another up-tempo rocker called “I See You in My Dreams”, before really taking things to a new level with the final two tracks on the album. The first of the two, “Slumber Waltz” takes on a much darker, heavier sound, leaving the classic rock realm altogether and veering dangerously close to doom territory. At the risk of offending all that is unholy, I dare say that this song would fit comfortably alongside anything by Ozzy era Black Sabbath. And the final track, “Potemkin” becomes a raging freak-out that actually incorporates elements of punk as Jäger’s riffs go from bluesy swagger to a sassy solo that might feel at home on a Social Distortion record as Palm insists over and over, “we gotta get back to the Motor City”.

By incorporating so many different styles into the span of just over a half hour, it’s no surprise that Marulk’s self-titled debut can at times seem a bit disjointed. With that said, it is without a doubt worthy of a listen, both for fans of old school, guitar driven classic rock and for those who enjoy the funkier side of the stoner movement. I look forward to seeing where this band will go from here with their self-described “new school boogie”. Give these guys a listen and see for yourself.

Track Listing:

01. Daylight & Rain
02. Följer Ett Spår
03. Hey Sister
04. The Alarm
05. Is This Home?
06. Nosferatools
07. I See You in My Dreams
08. Slumber Waltz
09. Potemkin

Band Members:

Danne Palm - Lead Vocals & Bass
Thomas Jäger - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Esben Willems - Drums & Backing Vocals

My Space
Buy Here

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Cavalcade

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Cavalcade.

"Cavalcade started as a three-piece instrumental band. Eventually
adding local artist Craig Horky on bass, the band practiced at the
Funeral parlor (i.e., the basement of Dan, the original drummer). This
is where Dan Finks, along with Cale Sauter (guitar/saxaphone), Brad
Van Staveren (guitar), and Craig would eventually write the music that
would make up the original recordings. The band honed a sublimely
crafted metallic noise set, heavy in expirimentation. The first
performance by this incarnation of Cavalcade was at a house party at
the Funender House on the East side of Lansing, MI in June of 2006.
The band remained actively playing shows for the rest of the year.

In January of 2007, Cavalcade added vocalist Zak Warren on the
microphone, and revamped its set substantially. Warren's black/death
metal rasp provided an ingredient that demanded more structure out of
the band's previously wide-open approach. Blending such disparate
influences as Mastodon, Party of Helicopters, Smashing Pumpkins, The
Refused, Sleep, and The Paper Chase, Cavalcade designed a palette
relying strongly on riffs, atmosphere and energy and conversely low on
conventions; a unique background to Warren's more traditional metal

In July of 2007, Cavalcade hit a snare (pun entirely intended) when
Finks opted to allow the band to search for a new drummer as he
focused on his studies in Furniture Design. The band quickly added
close friend and ex-Shoelace drummer John Bruce and proceeded to
revamp its set yet again. Cavalcade played an onslaught of shows and
continued to write more music, eventually leading to the first proper
recordings as a full band. The first song recorded with this line-up
was "Seasonal Greetings" which was recorded by Ryan "Gyuri" Tarrant
for the 2007 Bermuda Snohawk compilation, the 2nd in the series
released by Bermuda Mohawk Productions.

In February/March of 2008, Cavalcade enlisted the services of Sean
Peters (Summon, Masochist, Winds of the Black Mountains, Dark
Psychosis, Wastelander) to record its first album. The 9 song
full-length, Into Bolivian, features seperate vignettes, thematically
linked as exporations into the minds of actual schitzophrenics and
borderline personalities such as Joseph "The Pigeon Man" Zeman, Edward
"King of Coral Castle" Leedskalnin, and Mike Tyson, to name a few.

2009 they continued to tour and play shows in support of "Into
Bolivian," and saw "Quiet Men Keep Secrets" get selected to be on
Phil Anselmo's "Housecore Compilation Vol 1." And through many trials
and tribulations, they've come to 2010. They've begun recording their new
full length with Sean "Xaphan" Peters for a mid to late 2010 release.
they're looking forward to more shows in the new year, and hopefully
some more big surprises as well.."

My 2 Cents:

Cavalcade brings a unique twist to an already overcrowded genre. Where many bands tend to sound alike, Cavalcade pulls a few unique tricks out of their hat to hopefully gain the attention of those looking for something a bit bizarre. An intriguing mix of stoner/sludge combined with jazzy elements and dance beats for good measure. Not for the close-minded.

The band has granted permission to download their album "Into Bolivian" at this location.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Bad Trip

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Bad Trip.

Hailing from Greece, Bad Trip takes you on a mighty all-instrumental journey of trippy psychedelic post-core metal. From soft passages to bludgeoning riffs, this trip is far from being bad. The band has just finished their new EP "What Does Not Evolve" and is available for free right here. So check it out now!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Concert Review - King Giant with The Resurrection Sorrow and The Crimson Electric

The Red and the Black
Washington, DC
March 13th, 2010

The opener for tonight’s stoner rock extravaganza at The Red and the Black was Virginia Beach’s The Crimson Electric who blasted the early arrivers with a fuzzed out wall of noise that sounded an awful lot like the desert rock perpetrated by Kyuss back in the early 90’s. With guitarists Will Sprague and Brett Mathews, bassist Dan Luper and drummer Brian Malbone cramming the tiny stage, vocalist Josh Nelson was forced to get up close and personal with the audience, literally performing from the venue’s floor. The singer wailed into a 50’s style microphone that could have been fit for Elvis, but somehow seemed perfect for The Crimson Electric’s driving, riff heavy tunes. Standing so close that I nearly caught a stray elbow from Nelson as he whirled around with his eyes closed, obviously feeling the energy from the gut-rattling riff-rock blasting behind him, I couldn’t help but crack a smile as my head began to nod uncontrollably. This was beginning to feel more like a stoner rock community gathering rather than a concert. And when Todd from King Giant walked up with a handful of shots for the guys onstage, that feeling was confirmed. If the opener was any indication, I was in for quite an evening.

Continuing in the doom and gloom department, The Resurrection Sorrow (great name) upped the ante by bringing a little New York City swagger to the stage with them on Saturday night. With a lineup consisting of Alex Dementia on vocals, Zak Gross on guitar, Alex Coelho on bass and Louie Gasparro (formerly of legendary NYC bands Murphy’s Law and Blitzspeer) on drums, the band picked up where The Crimson Electric left off, pummeling the crowd with riff upon riff of pure heaviness. Touring in support of their latest release "Hour of the Wolf", The Resurrection Sorrow’s music was every bit as impressive as the other bands on the bill, but unfortunately Dementia’s vocals suffered from technical difficulties with his cordless microphone.

This of course led me to question the need for a cordless mic in a venue the size of your average living room. And it was that aura of "rock star" posturing that held me back from truly enjoying The Resurrection Sorrow. With Dementia dramatically falling to his knees, spinning around in circles and relentlessly antagonizing the sound tech about the problems with his mic, I got the impression that the band, or at least their singer, was trying to play an arena, not a club. That notion wasn’t lost on Brett Mathews, The Crimson Electric’s guitar player, who could be heard heckling The Resurrection Sorrow between songs with comedic one-liners like "pure vocal sex" aimed at Dementia and "string mayhem" meant for Gross. Don’t get me wrong, Mathew’s barbs were purely fun in nature and really leant more to that aforementioned "community" feel than to anything antagonistic, but regardless, his comments were dead on and the ensuing laughter from the audience was proof that he wasn’t the only one thinking it.

Dementia and company were good sports about it though and by the end of their set they seemed to settle down and get comfortable in the tight quarters of The Red and the Black. The vocalist even offered an apology for his incessant complaining, saying that he "isn’t trying to be a bitch" about the feedback issues with his mic, but by this point his frustration had become painfully obvious. No matter, the crowd seemed willing enough to forgive and forget, and they showed their solidarity with raised fists and banging heads throughout the remainder of The Resurrection Sorrow’s set.

When it came time for King Giant to hit the stage, the crowd had swelled to maximum capacity and literally filled the room from wall to wall. Guitarist David Kowalski, bassist Floyd Walters III and drummer Brooks set up shop onstage while guitarist Todd Ingram and vocalist Dave Hammerly made space down front. Hailing from the DC suburb of Pimmit Hills, Virginia, an "old, white trash, pagan neighborhood…full of bikers…and a great place to live" as described by Walters, King Giant appeared prepped and ready to put a cherry on top of this sludge rock sundae.

If there was any doubt whether King Giant could recreate the sound of their stellar "Southern Darkness" album in a live setting, they were laid to rest as soon as the first chords of "Lady Whiskey" chugged forth from their amplifiers. The band was tight, their sound was dead on and when Hammerly crooned the song’s opening manifesto, "does he have any idea what he’s getting into…maybe I should buy him a bottle or two" into his microphone, the stage was set (pardon the pun) for an onslaught of pure, blue collar, booze soaked, doom rock served up Southern style.

Speaking of Hammerly, the vocalist spent as much time singing to the drum set, a la Jim Morrison, as he did to the audience. Make no mistake, this is no criticism, the standoffish attitude actually works quite well with King Giant’s style and sound. In fact, you get the impression these dudes don’t give a shit if there’s anyone in the audience or not, they’re here to jam and dammit…that’s just what they’re gonna do.

Another highlight of the set came around the midway point when the band launched into "Mississippi River", a creepy little number that Floyd explained was originally written by his old band Blue Balls Deluxe (seriously, how can you not love these guys). The song finds Hammerly rasping "I gave her a lesson someone needed to give her, now they’re dragging for her bones in the Mississippi River" and features a sinister, bluesy riff that matches the evil tone of the lyrics to perfection. By the time King Giant wrapped up their set with the one, two punch of "Machine Gun Mantra" followed by "Solace", the place was a sweat soaked cesspool and every ear drum in the room had been beaten to a bloody pulp…mission accomplished.

After the show, when asked what’s next for King Giant, Ingram mentioned a new album in the works with plans to eventually play Philadelphia…New York…then maybe make their way down South to Raleigh and Atlanta…slow and steady. That plan of attack seems like a perfect summation of their sound as well…slow and steady. I for one have absolutely no problem with that. Wherever King Giant goes from here, count me in as being along for the ride.

If you live in or around the mid-Atlantic region of the US, be sure to check out King Giant at one of their upcoming shows:
June 19, 2010 - Woodbridge, VA at L&B's
June 26, 2010 - Frederick, MD at Krugs
July 17, 2010 - Washington, DC at The Red and the Black
August 13, 2010 - Manassas, VA at Mackey's
August 23, 2010 - Washington, DC at DC9
August 26, 2010 - Hoboken, NJ at Maxwells

And you can catch The Resurrection Sorrow on the following dates:
June 11th, 2010 - State College, PA at State College VFW
June 12th, 2010 - Clifton Heights, PA at Lotsa Metal Club
June 18th, 2010 - Gales Ferry, CT at Legends Rock Bar
June 19th, 2010 - Utica, NY at The Electric Company
June 25th, 2010 - Seaford, DE at Crazy 8's!
June 26th, 2010 - Frederick, MD at Krugs Place (w/ King Giant)

The Crimson Electric will be playing here:
July 9th, 2010 - Virginia Beach, VA at Jax Place
July 10th, 2010 - Frederick, MD at Krugs Place

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today!! SCIENCE OF SILENCE RECORDS: Voyager & Monolith LP Release Show + Free MP3

Crushing space-core will collide with riffy hardcore when VOYAGER & MONOLITH team up with the touring Seraphim and Altered State for a show at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow Street) in NYC on June 5th. Doors open at 5 PM and tickets will cost $10. The show is being presented by 1000 Knives & BrooklynVegan

A FREE download of the track "There Is No Hope" from Voyager is available courtesy of BrooklynVegan. Get it here.

Last week Science of Silence Records announced their first ever release, a split LP from Boston's VOYAGER and Philly's MONOLITH, out on June 8th. Both bands will lull you with their complex and dark instrumentation and then hammer you when you are weak and vulnerable. Epic, expansive sludge metal with post-rock dynamics, reminiscent of bands like Neurosis, Isis, Mouth of the Architect and Mogwai.

You can pre-order the limited edition run of 500 on clear vinyl exclusively at The Omega Order (includes FREE shipping). Each purchase of the vinyl will receive a FREE digital download for the album as well. The release will also be available on June 8th via iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, and all your other favorite download stores. All digital downloads features a bonus track not on the vinyl.


1) The Blinding Light (Monolith, 8:40)
2) Shipwreck (Monolith, 12:58)
3) Backbreaker (Voyager, 9:11)
4) Cold (Voyager, 4:55)
5) There Is No Hope (Voyager, 5:29)
6) Stasis (Voyager, 3:58) *Bonus Digital Track*


News For Week Ending 6/5/2010

Here are the top news stories for the week ending 6/5/2010.


BLACK PYRAMID: 'Mirror Messiah' Video Posted Online

BLACKWOLFGOAT Debut Album Available For Streaming

THE SWORD's J.D. CRONISE Talks New Album

VENOMIN JAMES Drummer’s Condition Terminal; Family Needs Support



VENOMIN JAMES Drummer Dies Of Cancer

ZOROASTER: New Song Available For Streaming

BLACK SABBATH Drummer BILL WARD Looks Back At The Band's Rise To Heavy Metal Glory


NIGHT HORSE Completes Work On New Album


For more news go to StonerRock.com

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Submitting Your Band To Heavy Planet

I just created a page dedicated to band submissions at this location. I get too many bands that are not within the Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge genre. To put it mildly, right now I have over 50 submissions to go through and not enough time. So to eliminate some of the clutter I will ask that all band submissions follow a few simple rules for submission. Also, for those of you that haven't heard, I am trying to put together a CD for charity. As of right now, there have only been four bands that are interested in inclusion. More details on the compilation will follow at a later date. My wife is hard at work on the CD cover design. Once, I sort through all the bands, I will begin to post at least two per week as time permits. Summer is a busy time for me, so please just show some patience. I would like to thank everyone for their continued dedication to Heavy Planet and look forward to hearing some great new music. \m/


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Automatic Animal

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Automatic Animal.

Cousins Steve Ilse and Mike Anderson formed the band with Mat Fitzsimmons under the legendary name Herbert. After many releases,shows and the addition of Trevor Stuart and Brent Eichler, Automatic Animal was born. An analgam of vast influences and experiences the band will take you on ride through the organic, inner workings of the mechanized machine. The new album entitled "Modern Alchemy", Produced by Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida, etc.) will be out early summer 2010.

Here are some kind words about Automatic Animal:

Metro Santa Cruz - Local metal band Automatic Animal has gained a great amount of currency in the past few years carrying on the work that the members started nearly a decade back with Herbert. This is heavy, straight-ahead rockin' metal, nothing ironic or emo about it in the slightest, and is all the more compelling for that. While many are trying to make either overly clever, self-referential metal for hipsters or turning the genre into an over-processed, slick and mechanical affair, the boys in Automatic Animal embrace their hesher roots and tear into beefy, muscular rock that brings to mind both the bluesy squall of Led Zeppelin and the dusted heaviness of Kyuss. It's dirty grindhouse rawk, the kind that will make the weak-blooded blanch at Automatic Animal's full-frontal, four-on-the-floor metal. If you're looking for a damned good excuse to pound some tall cans and bang your head to some prime riffage, Automatic Animal will give you a few. - (PD)

Automatic Animal walks a fine line between underground, proggish metal and radio-friendly hard rock, shifting back and forth like a lizard on hot quicksand...Automatic Animal ride the razor's edge with their own unique take, incorporating their own blend of tasty sounds. - Kevin McHugh

These guys certainly don't waste any space here, opting to pull in riffs ready made for each song in all the small spaces...Automatic Animal has this space-aged style to them, with that hard rock turned metal barrage that never blows the doors off in terms of aggression or full force metal, but it is their execution and delivery that steals this proverbial show. This is definitely a band that owns a sound that carves a small niche quite nicely. Don't expect abrasive music here, but rather really well defined music and wise lyrics in a complete picture.- Powerslave.com

My 2 Cents:

Automatic Animal creates a masterful blend of heavy rock, complete with crunchy riffs, Wyndorf-esque vocals, and killer melodies. Check'm out!

The band has given permission to share some of their music. Here are a couple tunes for you to download and enjoy!

Captain Nightmare


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