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Friday, May 29, 2009

Stoner Rock Ohio Throws a Party

Stoner Rock Ohio is proud to present the second Annual Stoner Rock Ohio Showcase. On June 13, 2009, at the Hi-Fi Club in Cleveland, Ohio, four bands are ready to smoke the Lake. Come and check out sets from FIREBREATHING BEAR, SPACECHARGE, THREEFOLD LAW, and FORGED IN FLAME. The show is FREE with a printed flyer from their website.

You can support Buckeye State stoner rock in two ways. Stoner Rock Ohio is offering a live “bootleg” sampler. You get one song from each band’s set for just $5.00. In addition, every purchase enters you in a drawing to win the newest release from each band.

If you’d like to get some cheap advertising, become an online sponsor. For $10.00, you get listed on their web pages, promo materials, and more. They have almost 6,000 hits on the MySpace profile.

All profits from the sampler and online sponsorship go directly to the bands. They’re putting the pay back in the pockets of the musicians, where it’s supposed to be. Head over to their sites for more details on the sampler, sponsorship, or to print out a flyer to get you in the door for FREE.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Catapult The Smoke

Alright people, I have an incredible band for you guys to check out. Catapult the Smoke brings you some heavy fuckin' Stoner Rock from Sweden. Absorbing influences from bands such as Grand Funk Railroad, Free, Captain Beyond, Deep Purple, and of course Kyuss, Catapult the Smoke carries on the tradition of tremendous Stoner Rock bands to come out of Sweden. With that being said, I am making Catapult the Smoke the "New Band To Burn One To". The smoke is rising!!!!


"The Swedes have done it again,this time its a band called "Catapult The Smoke" and you feel like smoking some good shit when you hear this band.Released on Orchestrated Misery Recordings this is one heavy ass CD.The album kicks off with a track called "Travel Thru A Clouded Mind" and from a outset this proves this band has some serious grooves.At first they kind of sound like a cross between "Fu Manchu" and "The Awesome Machine".Fuzz out to the max the band have got the riffs to make even the most dedicated Stoner Rocker stand up and take notice.Picking favorites on this a real hard task because there is no filler at all.Every track rocks in a way that leaves you hooked.While the band has the typical Swedish Stoner groove,they mixed it up quite a lot.Influences range from classic 70's Hard Rock to Sludge to Doom and its all done with sheer class.Strange thing for me is this was recorded back in 2004 so why its taken this long for this band to come to my attention is a pity.The production on this release is excellent and the playing is top notch,vocals suit the music perfectly and it is obvious from listening to this that the band really enjoys what they are doing.The CD comes with 4 bonus tracks recorded 3 years before and they are good but they show how much the band has progressed.A couple of interesting points are the band was formed by Tobias Larsson from "Ocean Chief" who most Stoner/Doom fans out there will already know.This official release is well overdue but the wait has been worth it.This is essential for all lovers of Sludge,Stoner,Doom and for fans who crave 70's Hard Rock grooves.9/10" (Doom Mantia)

You can purchase the band's new CD entitled "Unearthed" from Orchestrated Misery Records

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaccckkkk!

Hey people, I'm back! I wish I could say that I had a great vacation but I didn't. It all started off with a huge accident on I-95 in South Carolina where we sat in traffic for nearly two hours after a motorhome carrying a group of people crashed into another vehicle. There were three life flight helicopters that landed as both lanes of the highway were closed. We never did hear what happened to any of the passengers, but it was not a very pretty site. We just prayed that everyone was ok. Next, the weather was horrible. There were record cold temperatures, rain just about every day except for the last day, and wind gusts up to 35 mph making it feel much colder. The average temp. for Hilton Head this time of year is 85 and the average rainfall is 5.67". I think we got that amount in the first three days we were there. The high for one day was only 63 degrees where I heard was the lowest there since 1913. Also, my wife's cousin got stung in the achilles by a stingray, man did that look painful. On the bright side, I'm just glad we made it home safely and had a chance to drink a lot of beer and listen to some great tunes while being in some otherwise pleasant surroundings. Unfortunately, I didn't have internet access at the house we were staying at so I didn't have time to post. Go figure, a million dollar house with no internet access. WTF. Just for your information, that sounds like a lot but to rent the house for the week was only $2000 split between 4 couples.

Alright, enough blabbing about my vacation. I was contemplating a few changes to the blog. Here they are and please let me know what you think. I want this to be your blog as well as mine.

1. Eliminate News stories-You can go to Blabbermouth.net and StonerRock.com for the latest scoop.

2. Keep the Album Of The Week

3. Try to post more "New Bands To Burn One To"-Unbelievably, I do not really get many sent to me. (Only 1 while I was gone, and I think five lined up since the middle of April)

4. More free album downloads -If you guys have anything, please send the link to me)

5. Eliminate the Heavy Planet Store-I hate to do this because it took so long to create it but nobody buys CDs anymore anyways.

6. No Reviews-One thing that I really do not want to do is write reviews. Just not something I really like to do and I believe there are enough great reviews posted on other sites whose opinions matter much more than mine, plus at least most of them get paid for writing theirs.

7. Reader interaction-I am hoping that maybe some of you would be interested on occasion contributing your thoughts on a band. Whether it is a review, a band you dig and want other people to hear, whatever, I'm all ears.

8. More Videos

That is really all that I can think of. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks For Your Suggestions

I want to thank you guys for all of your suggestions and support. Music is my passion, and although not a musician myself, I worked as a manager for a CD store for 18 years, so music is in my blood. I am now in a different line of work and wanted something to do to keep in touch with the music. One thing that I always loved was hearing new bands and suggesting those bands to other people and that is what I believe I am doing here. There are so many great bands out there that need to be heard. I will be going on vacation next week and will ponder over a few changes to the blog. I am willing to give any band (within this genre) free promotion, so send me whatever you want, press kits, MP3s, full album links, etc. If any of you guys have friends in a band please let them know. Sometimes it takes me a while to post but I always will. I might have time to post a few items over the next few days, so stay tuned...


~Reg/Heavy Planet

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Ira Del Baccano

The "New Band To Burn One To" comes from Roma, Italy. IRA DEL BACCANO play an awesome brand of psychedelic/jam/doom metal. Their latest album is available for free at the link below. Check it out!

"The project was born from Alessandro"Drugo" Santori and Roberto Malerba, who both previously formed Loosin'o'Frequencies, another band which released a mcd produced by Doom Guru Paul Chain. After sessioning many musicians and haven't found a suitable voice in 2004, both the guys decided to turn the band into instrumental and call it L'ira del Baccano. Once the vocal search was over, the guys found Sandro"Fred" Salvi and Massimo"Max"Siravo to fill the line up and meet doom influences, 60'70's psychedelia and the performing freedom of jam bands such as Grateful Dead. The resulting long tracks, in constant evolution and movement, fund every song on a solid base and open seasons for improvisation. Each song is recognisable but will display unique colours. The stage is the best site to express l'Ira Del Baccano's music. Every song was in fact recorded live. On stage, L'ira del Baccano play all their music masses aiming to bring the public to a new trip, at every concert. In summer 08 the band release their first album "Si non sedes is...Live"..56 minutes of live performance..the album is available in FREE download from the official site WWW.IRADELBACCANO.IT"


16 Unveils Official Skateboard Deck Line

Los Angeles, California's 16 has teamed up with Substance Abuse Skateboards for a run of official 16-related skateboard decks. The decks feature artwork from the band's catalog of releases, including those done by Pushead and Florian Bertmer.

To view the 16 skatedeck store, click here.

At one time, members of 16 were sponsored skateboard riders and have appeared in magazine ads and on skateboard DVDs.

16 will perform on May 10 at the Los Angeles Murderfest alongside EYEHATEGOD, DESPISE YOU, GRAF ORLOCK, AGENDA OF SWINE and more.

16's latest album, "Bridges To Burn", came out in late January. The CD is being streamed in its entirety at BridgesToBurn.com.

Since forming in the early '90s, 16 has released a number of full-length albums and split releases. 16 has also toured the globe, sharing stages with SLAYER, NEUROSIS, GRIEF, MELVINS, UNSANE, MASTODON, HIS HERO IS GONE, BOTCH, and many more.

For more information, visit the band's MySpace page.

NEBULA To Release New Album In July

Los Angeles power trio NEBULA, whose cosmic cocktail of heavy riffs, electric blues and psychedelic space rock has earned the band international (and, dare we say, universal) acclaim, has returned to Tee Pee Records and will release its new album, "Heavy Psych", on July 7.

NEBULA released its first album on Tee Pee in 1998 titled "Let It Burn". "Let It Burn" is being reissued on vinyl later this year and will be released as a limited edition double LP, the first LP containing the original "Let It Burn" album plus two bonus tracks and a second LP will contain the original demos from the "Let It Burn" sessions.

The great swirling, electrical ball of dynamism and potential known as NEBULA formed in the mythical abyss of Los Angeles in 1997. In its current incarnation the band is comprised of Eddie Glass (guitar/vocals), Rob Oswald (drums) and Tom Davies (bass/vocals).

NEBULA creates pure guitar-driven, conscious expanding rock for the 21st century and "Heavy Psych" has everything you could want and need to start the ceremony. They are a culmination of their rock forbearers such as JIMI HENDRIX, MC5, THE STOOGES and MUDHONEY turned up a notch, taken to the next level and blasting through space. NEBULA spread their gospel through their music and what they are preaching will leave the congregation on the floor.

Combining the combustibility of the sun with the mysticism of the moon, "Heavy Psych" lives up to its name, no matter your preferred definition, and reaffirms NEBULA's reputation as one of rock's brightest stars — in this galaxy or any other.

"Heavy Psych" track listing:

01. Pulse
02. The Dagger
03. Aphrodite
04. Dream Submarine
05. In The Depths
06. The Other Side
07. Crown Of Thorns
08. Lead Sky
09. Little Yellow Pill

"The Dagger" is available for free download at this location.

I Am Getting A Bit Discouraged Lately

Ok people I'm gonna lay it on the line. I am quite puzzled as to the visits that I have been getting to my blog recently. I have been doing this for about a year and a half now and granted this a genre of music for whatever reason is not more widely recognized, but I thought that as time goes by readership would increase. This is what I believe discourages many bloggers out there like myself. When I first started out, I was getting about 50-100 new visits per day and was thrilled at that amount. Last month I was getting 400-600 new visits per day and was ecstatic. So far this month I am only getting 100-200 new visits per day and am starting to get discouraged. One thing that I started to do in the beginning was to offer free album downloads and MP3s from sources found on the internet: from other blogs, file sharing sites, etc. but kept on getting e-mails from bands, labels, etc. to take them down or get sued. How all of these popular sites do this I still do not understand and there are so many of them. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, all that I would like is a little input as what I can do to keep these new visitors coming back. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I would love to hear from you. Alright enough already, on with the posting...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ORANGE GOBLIN: First New Songtitles Revealed

British doomsters ORANGE GOBLIN have issued the following update:

"Songwriting for the next ORANGE GOBLIN album is ongoing but looks very promising with the skeletons of four or five new songs already in place. Two rough working titles for the new songs so far include 'Red Tide Rising' and 'The Bishop's Wolf'."

ORANGE GOBLIN previously announced that it had postponed the recording sessions for the band's new album "due to unforeseen circumstances." According to the group, "complications beyond the band's control have meant that we have fallen behind schedule with the writing process and a decision was made to put the recording back to ensure that we deliver the best album possible. [Producer] Sanford Parker [NACHTMYSTIUM, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, PELICAN, RWAKE, UNEARTHLY TRANCE, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, MINSK, BURIED AT SEA] will still be in the producer's chair when we do hit the studio. We apologize to the fans, but can assure them that it will be worth the wait!"

ORANGE GOBLIN's performance at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland on April 23, 2009 was scheduled to be recorded for a limited-edition, vinyl-only live album.

The band's latest CD, "Healing through Fire", was released in May 2007 through Sanctuary Records. The album was initially released as a CD with a bonus DVD featuring live footage from the band's headline show at London's Mean Fiddler in December 2006.

Angel Of Metal conducted an interview with ORANGE GOBLIN at the Hard Rock Hell II festival, which was held in early December 2008 in Prestatyn, Wales, U.K. Watch the 10-minute chat below.

Upcoming ORANGE GOBLIN shows:

Jun. 21 - Clisson, France - Hellfest
Jul. 25 - Gdynia, Poland - Globaltica
Aug. 14 - Castellina Marittima, Nr. Pisa, Italy - Musica W
Sep. 12 - London, UK - The Camden Underworld

SLEEP: 'Holy Mountain' To Be Reissued

Acclaimed San Jose, California stoner doom metal band SLEEP will have its classic Earache debut album, "Holy Mountain", reissued on June 16. The special edition will feature the BLACK SABBATH cover "Snowblind" as a bonus track along with a video for the song "Dragonaut" video. Rare photos will also be included in the package.

SLEEP will reunite for two U.K. shows this weekend as part of All Tomorrow's Parties' (ATP) The Fans Strike Back festival. The band will perform the album "Holy Mountain" in its entirety as well as selections from "Dopesmoker" and more.

In an interview with BrooklynVegan, SLEEP bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros stated about the group's decision to reunite, "Promoters have constantly tried to get that band back together, so that was never an impetus. It was really more about when we were ready as people. The main reason, the only reason really... The three of us as friends had gone through an indescribable disappointment with SLEEP... it never blossomed in the way that we focused our youthful energies, and then it broke... When it ended at the last practice, we were all devastated... heartbroken and really just shattered. It was debilitating, in this catatonic state for all of us. Anyway, we've always reserved an option as to how it would be really healing to play those songs again on our terms, and not Earache's or London's or certain I-don't-even-want-to-mention terms... but for us, the friends that met in school. Since SLEEP ended, those songs have remained as trapped energy in all of us for essentially 12 years. These shows offer a way to heal, and to close it with peace and a smile inside. It's an opportunity to have catharsis and put those songs in the sky where they belong... to move forward and let it purge."

CLUTCH: New Album Artwork Unveiled

Veteran Maryland rock quartet CLUTCH is putting the finishing touches on its ninth studio album, titled "Strange Cousins From the West". Produced by CLUTCH and J. Robbins at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore, the effort is the first CLUTCH studio LP to be released on the band's own Weathermaker Music, through RED Distribution. It will be available both digitally and through retail on July 7. The first single and video, "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" will be officially released prior to Memorial Day weekend.

"Strange Cousins From the West" includes the POPPO'S BLUES BAND cover song "Algo Ha Cambiado", which CLUTCH vocalist Neil Fallon sings in Spanish. Poppo was a legendary Argentinian hard rock singer/guitarist throughout the '70s and '80s.

The title "Strange Cousins From the West" was taken from a line in the song "Minotaur".

Although CLUTCH has toured the world extensively over the past two years and released multiple CLUTCH-related projects, "Strange Cousins..." is the band's first original studio work since 2007's "From Beale Street to Oblivion" which featured the hit "Electric Worry".

"Strange Cousins From the West" track listing:

01. Motherless Child
02. Struck Down
03. 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
04. Abraham Lincoln
05. Minotaur
06. The Amazing Kreskin
07. Witchdoctor
08. Let a Poor Man Be
09. Freakonomics
10. Algo Ha Cambiado
11. Sleestak Lightning

CLUTCH is planning a seven-month worldwide headlining tour which takes flight in the U.S. on May 6 with support acts WINO and MAYLENE & THE SONS OF DISASTER, followed by a July U.S. tour with BARONESS as main support. Look for the band to appear on some popular music and art festivals, including Austin City Limits later this fall, U.K.'s mammoth Download festival on June 14 and more to be announced.

MASTODON Eyeing 'Crack The Skye' Movie

Gary Graff of Billboard.com reports: A film adaptation of MASTODON's latest album, "Crack the Skye", is well within the realm of possibility — albeit not in production yet.

Drummer and lyricist Brann Dailor tells Billboard.com that the heavy rocking Atlanta quartet sat down with a film director, who he declines to name, and "wrote out a screenplay that reads from song to song. We didn't storyboard it, but we wrote a screenplay." Three different directors, he adds, have expressed interest in taking on the project.

"That'd be killer if it actually happens," Dailor says. "That's something that's cool about making concept records, that opportunity for more to be done, artistically. If you just had an album with a bunch of songs that didn't have anything to do with each other and there was no common thread, that aspect of the art wouldn't be there. But with ('Crack the Skye'), we have that possibility."

Read the entire article from Billboard.com.

Monday, May 4, 2009

REZIN/WINO Bassist JON BLANK Dead Of Suspected Drug Overdose

Jon Blank, bassist for REZIN and, more recently, Scott "Wino" Weinrich's (ST. VITUS, THE OBSESSED, SPIRIT CARAVAN, THE HIDDEN HAND, SHRINEBUILDER) solo band, was found dead this past Saturday night (May 2). The cause of death has not been confirmed, but a drug overdose is suspected, according to an online post by Jon's sister Andrea.

Blank recently played the Roadburn Festival in Holland with Wino.

Jon's funeral will be held Tuesday, May 5 at 2 p.m. at the following address:

King David Memorial Gardens
7482 Lee Hwy
Falls Church, VA 22042

All are welcome and encouraged to come celebrate Jon's life.

Wino solo band — which consisted of Jean Paul Gaster (CLUTCH, THE BAKERTON GROUP) on drums, Jon Blank on bass, and, of course, Weinrich on guitar and vocals — made its live debut on February 7 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.

Video footage of the performance can be viewed below.

HEAVEN & HELL: North American Dates Announced

HEAVEN & HELL — the band featuring BLACK SABBATH members Tony Iommi (guitar), Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Geezer Butler (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) — will bring its wicked world tour to North America for a select number of shows this August. The band will start its summer headlining music festivals across Europe before bringing its macabre stage show of metal classics to North America starting on August 7 in Vancouver. Tickets for most shows go on sale the weekend of May 8. There will also be a pre-sale for all shows, except Baltimore, beginning May 6 at 10 a.m. local time. COHEED AND CAMBRIA will provide support on all shows except the Seattle date on August 8, which will feature NEUROSIS in the supporting slot.


Aug. 07 - Vancouver, BC - Thunderbird Arena
Aug. 08 - Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater *
Aug. 10 - San Jose, CA - Event Center Arena
Aug. 11 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater
Aug. 12 - Phoenix, AZ - Dodge Theater
Aug. 14 - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
Aug. 15 - Denver, CO - Red Rocks
Aug. 18 - Cincinnati, OH - PNC Pavilion
Aug. 19 - Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion
Aug. 21 - Detroit, MI - Meadow Brook Pavilion
Aug. 22 - Cleveland, OH - Nautica Pavilion
Aug. 23 - Baltimore, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Aug. 25 - New York, NY - WaMu Theater @ MSG
Aug. 27 - Wallingford, CT - Chevrolet Theatre
Aug. 28 - Boston, MA - Bank Of America Pavilion

* With NEUROSIS (COHEED AND CAMBRIA will not appear on this date)

OUTLAW ORDER: Entire Houston Performance Available Online

OUTLAW ORDER, the band which features in its ranks several members of New Orleans conspiracists EYEHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN and HAWGJAW, played the White Swan in Houston, Texas on April 26. The entire performance is now available for viewing at this location.

OUTLAW ORDER headlined last year's edition of the Raise the Dead festival on November 1, 2008 at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans.

OUTLAW ORDER enlisted Paul Webb (SPICKLE, HAWG JAW, THE MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT) to play bass for the Raise the Dead concert. Pat Bruders (CROWBAR, ex-GOATWHORE) will handle the bass duties for OUTLAW ORDER on a more permanent basis.

OUTLAW ORDER's latest album, "Dragging Down the Enforcer", was released on November 25, 2008 via Season of Mist.

The track "Siege Mentality" is available for download at this location.

OUTLAW ORDER has united under one negative war banner to blast the system with a twist to the N'awlins sound of rebellion and pollution. A fully realized organization, these null percenters follow no one. They do however wear the Louisiana influence on their black armbanded sleeves and shine a stolen police flashlight into the darkened rooms inhabited by law enforcement cockroaches. This is truly a new separatist set of rules.


Michael D. Williams (EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM) - Vocals
Gary Mader (EYEHATEGOD, HAWGJAW) - Guitar
Joey LaCaze (EYEHATEGOD) - Drums
Pat Bruders (CROWBAR, ex-GOATWHORE) - Bass

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/outlaworder.

OUTLAW ORDER performing at the White Swan in Houston, Texas on April 26:

IRON MONKEY: Early Albums To Be Re-Released With Bonus Tracks

Two long-out-of-print releases from cult U.K. aggro-doomsters IRON MONKEY will be reissued on May 25 via Earache Records, housed in one value-packed set, retailing for the price of a normal full-price CD.

The band's 1997 self-titled debut effort, "Iron Monkey", introduced the world to how warped and twisted the blueprint that BLACK SABBATH put down almost 30 years before could become. It was followed by the perverse "Our Problem" in 1998,

Produced by Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, CRADLE OF FILTH, EXODUS, NEVERMORE), these excellent albums are complemented by four bonus tracks — three songs from the sought-after "We've Learned Nothing" split with CHURCH OF MISERY, and a raw BLACK SABBATH cover version making a total of 18 tracks housed in a smart slipcase sleeve. Topped off with liner notes written by original guitarist Steve Watson, including unpublished photos from his personal archive, this is a must for all fans of EYEHATEGOD, GRIEF, BONGZILLA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, early CATHEDRAL and the heavier end of the Rise Above roster.

CD 1:

"Our Problem":

01. Bad Year
02. Supagorgonizer
03. Boss Keloid
04. IRMS
05. House Anxiety
06. 2 Golden Rules
07. 9 Joint Spiritual Whip
08. Omi Bozu (Wisdom of Choking)
09. Sleep to Win *
10. Arsonaut *
11. Kiss of Death *

* Bonus tracks taken from the deleted "We've Learned Nothing" split with CHURCH OF MISERY

CD 2:

"Iron Monkey":

01. Fink Dial
02. Web of Piss
03. Big Loader
04. 666 Pack
05. Black Aspirin
06. Shrimp Fist
07. Cornucopia *

* Bonus BLACK SABBATH cover

Album Of The Week-Black Pyramid-"Self-Titled" (2009)

You want dedication? I am writing this post between the 1st and 2nd periods of the Pens/Caps game. I don't have much time, but I would like for you guys to be aware of a great band called Black Pyramid. They just released their full-length debut album on Meteor City Records and it is fuckin' awesome. Without further delay, I now present to you the self-titled by Black Pyramid as this week's "Album Of The Week".


"Black Pyramid play doom with the rumbling down-tuned tones of stoner metal gods like Sleep, Electric Wizard, and High On Fire, but with the epic arrangements of old school metal and doom acts such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and The Obsessed. Add to the sonic brew perfectly executed forays into vintage psych and progressive rock, along with the apocalyptic lyrical ravings about war, the occult, and general alienation, and you've got an accurate picture of what the band is all about. Prepare to be crushed by the weight of the Black Pyramid."

Track Listing:

01. ...And the Gods Made War
02. Visions of Gehenna
03. Mirror Messiah
04. No Life King
05. Celephais
06. Twilight Grave
07. The Worm Ouroboros
08. The Cauldron Born
09. Wintermute


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heavy Planet Updates

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates. I have been very busy and was away this weekend. I'll be back to my regular schedule this week. Just for future notice I will be on vacation from May 15th-May 23rd and probably will not have time to provide any posts.


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