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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Shroud Eater

Today's "New Band To Burn One To" is Shroud Eater from Miami, Fl.

"Inspired by a common love of the dark and dirty sounds of late 70's heavy metal and 90's alternative, stoner and sludge rock, SHROUD EATER emerges as a three-pronged sewer beast onto the sunny façade of Miami, Florida. Merging gruff howlings with an arsenal of roughhewn, ragged riffs and locomotive rhythms, the band erupts with an impassioned fury that portrays the beating they dish out through the power of their music."

The band has just recently released a 3-song EP to some pretty good reviews, check'em out!

"HEY YOU! Yeah, you with the Melvins t-shirt and the High On Fire LP under your arm...wanna hear somethin' new and totally killer? Wanna hear some dude cavemanning the fuck out of his drums, while depth-charging bass rampages under dirty, nasty FILTHY dark fuzzed out guitar? Wanna hear some of the ballsiest female vocals these ears have heard in many a year? YOU DO? Then you NEED to hear SHROUD EATER!" Read more...

"Shroud Eater are a Miami, FL trio that plays, what they themselves describe as “loud and heavy rock’n'roll”. This is their self-titled demo / EP and, by all means, it sounds as good as any band with lengthier history. Its a modern day metal/sludge/rock done right – with all the ferocity (and a certain amount of groove) that one can expect from such band." Read more...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Stoner Rock/Doom Albums Of 2009 Submissions

Alright people, it is that time of year again. Time for the obligatory Top 10 Albums Of The Year lists. Every year you see the same albums on everyones lists. I would love to see as many reader submissions as possible. In doing that, I will be interested to see some possibly obscure bands that most of us may or may not have heard of. I will post mine sometime in the month of January. My last post of the year will be the "New Band To Burn One To" tomorrow, so I would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year!

\mm/ ~Reg~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Album Of The Week-"Heavily Ever After"-Devil To Pay (2009)

The "Album Of The Week" this week is "Heavily Ever After" by Devil To Pay.


"It'd be cool to say that with their third album, Indianapolis' Devil to Pay will finally hit the big time, but I have the sinking feeling that this four-piece will still be relegated to “local legend”/”should be bigger” status. Such is life in the trenches of underground riff rock. I'm sure the band's well aware of its destiny.

Still, it's not for a lack of trying. Sure, the band doesn't help maintain momentum by taking its time between recordings – three years have passed since Cash Is King and six since debut Thirty Pieces of Silver – and chewing through guitarists (new guy Rob Hough is their fourth) can't be good either, but as far as songs go, Devil to Pay has always not only consistently delivered, but they've also gotten better with each release. They may have started off as a more traditional stoner rock band, but they've grown into their own sound, finding the common ground between classic rock, classic doom, and classic metal.

That's a whole heapin' of classic, and it's reflected best in songs like “Distemper,” “When All Is Said and Done,” “Troglodyte Jive,” “Snake Charmer,” and “Zealots.” With frontman Steve Janiak's John Garcia-like howl and his and Hough's combined guitars supported by a rhythmic wall-of-sound from bassist Matt Stokes and drummer Chad Prifogle, these tracks (and to a slightly lesser extent, the other eight) show the band has a knack for heavy grooves that reverberate for days. I'd go on, but coming up with flowery ways of saying, "This is kick ass" goes against the band's straightforward approach. Ergo, understand that this kicks a serious amount of ass.

Sure, they could've trimmed Heavily After After down to a more economical ten numbers, but I wouldn't want to be the one choosing which song to cut (even the lesser “Mancuerda” is saved by clever, nonsensical lyrics like “swim through the mayonnaise”). At any rate, Heavily Ever After proves that these local legends should be bigger. Recommended." (John Pegoraro, StonerRock.com)

"Hold on tight to something, the tornadic Indianapolis, Indiana quartet Devil To Pay is back. After almost 3 years without a new batch of ear munchies. The new album "Heavily Ever After" is twisted fable of riffs that would make Iommi paranoid and Nugent want some poontang.

Life hasn't been a fairy tale for Devil To Pay's front man Steve Janiak, a few years ago it was almost cut short by a blood clot that formed after intestinal surgery, maybe this is how he gets the "Cobain on ludes" tone to his singing voice, and the apathetic yet inspiring lyrics, as though there is some inner demon just bubbling under the surface. These cats must play guitars dipped in syrup to get that muddy tone.

The tale: Heavily Ever After kicks off with the galloping rocker, "Distemper" which really shows off Chad Prifogle's wizardry behind the kit. He's really improved his chops on this one. The third track "Megistotherium" is another topic that has come up in previous D2P albums, Dinosaurs. The Megistotherium was a dinosaur that lived some 24 million years ago, is one of the largest terrestrial carnivorous mammals that ever existed, and has huge scissor-like teeth, able to rip apart huge prey. That should give you a good visualization of this heaving elephant of a song. The instrumental track Grimoires has an early 80's underground metal stomp to it, which makes me think, "Am I Evil?", merging perfectly into the head banging riff of "Thinning The Herd". The post-Apocalyptic groove of "Dead Wrong" might be my favorite track, although it's really hard to pick a favorite. These guys have the "it" factor, whatever the "it" factor is. I think it's different for everyone, to me its soul, being able to feel something. Art takes various forms. Sometimes it's a kick in the ass...

Production wise it's perfect, you're able to distinguish between every instrument at wall rattling volume, unlike a lot of releases lately where everyone is trying to be louder than everyone else and things get buried in the mix. This one will go down in my black book as one of the greats of 2009. Definitely play this loud and if you're close enough, see them live for the true effect, if you're not close check out their live DVD "48 Minutes". And always remember... no matter how bad life gets, we all live Heavily Ever After..." (Adam Walsh, Planetfuzz.net)

Track Listing:

01. Distemper
02. When All is Said and Done
03. Megistotherium
04. Morningstar
05. High Horse
06. Troglodyte Jive
07. Grimoires
08. Thinning the Herd
09. Mancuerda
10. Snake Charmer
11. Goat Leaves
12. Dead Wrong
13. Zealots

Official Website

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Wizardry

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Wizardry from Brooklyn, NY.

WIZARDRY is a psychedelic, mystical, arena ready, metal band complete with a fist bangin stage show and soaring anthems. They've been playing to a constantly growing fanbase in NY, as well as touring the South and Midwest to great reception. WIZARDRY has also been featured recently on WFMU 'Solid Gold Hell' and Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show with Mike "Big Cheese".


Monday, December 21, 2009

Album Of The Week-"Back From The Dead "-Dream Death (2004)

The "Album Of The Week" is "Back From The Dead" by Dream Death.

This band brings back some great memories. I remember seeing this band a few times at the Electric Banana in Pittsburgh, Pa. This place was pretty much a dive, but staged some pretty awesome bands during the seventies and eighties. I saw many shows there amongst mostly pretty sparse audiences, which made it all the better. One of the most incredible bands to play there was Dream Death. The band put out an awesome brand of Doom/Death metal and this album pretty much sums it all up combining all 3 of their demos on one album. Do yourself a favor and check out this largely overlooked but unbelievable band at their undeniable best.

"Combining elements of both thrash and doom with traditional metal styles and a hoarse, hardcore vocal style, Pittsburgh, PA's Dream Death were among the more unique underground metal acts of the 1980s. Brian Lawrence (vocals/guitar), Terry Weston (guitar), Ted Williams (bass), and Mike Smail (drums) formed Dream Death in 1984 and promptly recorded their first demo, entitled "More Graveyard Delving." This, along with regular gigging in local clubs eventually led to a deal with second-division thrash specialists New Renaissance Records, which released the group's debut album, Journey Into Mystery, in 1987. The album gained many positive reviews but little promotional support from New Renaissance, and when Williams defected to local thrash band Eviction, the remaining members of Dream Death drifted apart. Drummer Smail would resurface a few years later on the first album by English doom gods Cathedral, and all but Williams would later go on to found the enduring doom metal band Penance." (Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide)


"Combining elements of metal, doom, hardcore vocals, and speed, Dream Death gained popularity among the metal underground in the eighties, have returned to release Back From the Dead. Back From The Dead, compiled and produced by Mike Smail (drums) is the official release of the three Dream Death demos recorded in the mid to late eighties. The band's 1987 release, Journey Into Mystery, on New Renaissance Records, is considered an underground classic. After Williams’ departure from Dream Death, Mike Smail (Penance, Internal Void and Pentagram), Terry Weston (guitar), and Brian Lawrence (guitar and vocals) reformed with a slightly modified line-up under the name Penance. Lawrence left Penance after two releases, but Penance continues today with Smail as the only remaining original member. In addition to Penance, Smail has also lent his drumming skills to Cathedral, Silver Tongued Devil, Internal Void and the legendary Pentagram." (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles)

Track Listing:

01. Sealed in Blood
02. Rhaizes Shadows
03. Meet thy Maker
04. Wolves Bane
05. Under the Blood Red Moon
06. Dream Death
07. Journey Into Mystery
08. Back From the Dead
09. The Elder Race
10. Method to Madness
11. Bitterness & Hatred
12. The Unseen
13. A Wayfarer's Tale
14. Born to Suffer


For fans of: Trouble, Pentagram, Celtic Frost, Angel Witch, The Obsessed, Witchfinder General, Candlemass, Black Sabbath.

The band just released "Pittsburgh Sludge Metal" which features the very first Dream Death gig live at the Electric Banana circa 1986 with excellent soundboard quality audio. Songs are mostly from their first demo plus covers of Angelwitch and Celtic Frost exclusive to this live set only.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays From Heavy Planet!

I would like to take this time to wish all my readers at Heavy Planet a safe a happy holiday season. I am looking forward to hearing many great new bands in the new year, so keep those band submissions coming!. Right now I am a little backed up so after the 1st of the year, I plan on having two "New Band To Burn One To" posts. One will be on Wednesday and the other being on Saturday. I hope everyone is enjoying the content provided on Heavy Planet. It does take up a lot of my time, but I love doing it and want to help as many bands that I can to get heard. Thank you to those of you that are willing to contribute to the Heavy Planet cause. If anyone ever wants to provide anything to the blog please do not be afraid to hit me up. Again, thanks and Happy Holidays!

Doom on!!

\mm/ ~Reg~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Concert Review-Baroness W/Earthless And U.S. Christmas

On occasion I will post a concert review for you guys to check out. This particular review comes courtesy of my boy Toby from his very cool blog "The Year Long Music Binge".

Baroness with Earthless and U.S. Christmas

Rock n’ Roll Hotel
Washington D.C.
November 18th, 2009

"The Binge was at the Rock n' Roll Hotel this week, which is a very small, cozy venue in my favorite neighborhood in DC...the "up and coming" (which really means, keep to the beaten path or you may not make it home) Atlas District. The place is a freaky, little, hole-in-the-wall dive that doesn't hold much more than a couple of hundred people at best. And when I say freaky, I'm talking mannequins with steer skulls for heads, hanging from the ceiling freaky. So with that said, let's get to the business at hand.

U.S. Christmas
U.S. Christmas, hailing from a little town called Marion in my home state of North Carolina, was up first. The band literally crammed every square inch of the tiny R n' R Hotel stage as they consist of seven members! Lead by vocalist/guitarist Nate Hall, they played a psychedelic blend of stoner/sludge/doom rock. In addition to Hall, U.S. Christmas includes guitarists Matt Johnson and Chris Thomas, bassist Josh Holt, drummers B.J. Graves and Justin Whitlow and violinist Meghan Mulhearn. The dueling drummers, who quite literally blended together visually as if you were watching one drummer playing beside a mirror, provided a rhythm to the music that was heavier than all hell. And the subtle violin gave an eerie backdrop to the entire proceeding. Speaking of eerie, Hall had the skull of some mysterious, antlered animal hanging from his microphone stand, and to top it all off, he used it to hold his finger slide...weird! The band was nothing if not original, especially in a genre that has become oversaturated. Impressive.

San Diego's Earthless were second on the bill and although foreign to me, there appeared to be quite a contingent there to see these guys. Appearing to be the band's front man, Isaiah Mitchell, walked onstage, thanked the crowd for coming out and then pushed the microphone away from him and proceeded to create a wall of feedback that lasted for at least five minutes. I knew immediately that those would be the last words we would hear from Mitchell, and true to my inclination, Earthless turned out to be an instrumental act. The band also includes bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba, whose kit had one of the biggest bass drums I've ever laid my eyes on.

Earthless basically played one 40-minute song with Mitchell soloing for what seemed like 95% of that time. Now listen, I get what these guys are about and I have nothing but respect for it. Talent-wise, they have it in spades. With that being said, their shtick got old. Kyuss used to do this type of thing back in the day, but they did it much better. The difference? They had a vocalist, John Garcia, who would exit the stage and allow the rest of the band to play for what seemed like forever, but his presence alone ensured that you never, ever got bored with the music. Earthless weren't able to keep my attention in the same way. Perhaps they should consider adding a vocalist to the mix, even if it's only to offer the occasional distraction from all that guitar wankery.

Baroness, from Savannah, Georgia, is the current torch bearer for stoner rock in my humble opinion. The band plays an amazing blend of slowed down, Clutch-like beard rock with a slight dose of Van Halen-esque guitar flare thrown in for good measure. Quite honestly, I could have listened to this shit all night long!

You would have been hard pressed to know the band was kicking off the tour in support of their latest opus "Blue Record" tonight, as they hit their stride immediately. Apparently these guys have ties to the DC area, having grown up in nearby Lexington, VA, which explains their decision to start the tour in DC (and explains vocalist/guitarist John Baizley’s tie to local bands Darkest Hour and Pig Destroyer, for whom he’s done album artwork in the past).

Baizley is quite the imposing figure, sporting a shaved head, a mighty beard and eyes that drill holes through the audience. When the vocalist screamed into the mic, the veins in his neck stood out so vividly, I thought they might explode…and those damn eyes, I tell you the man looked possessed! Baizley managed to command the stage, despite having nothing to say to the crowd throughout the first ¾ of the show. It wasn't until Baroness left for an encore that he addressed his audience, offering a sincere thanks and saying..."you allow us to do what we do".

Meanwhile, pig-tailed bassist Summer Welch was a maniac onstage, never losing the wicked smile that adorned his mug the entire night. And Peter Adams was equally as psychotic on the other side of the stage, handling lead guitar duty and playing off of Baizley’s rhythm guitar perfectly. Drummer Allen Blickle completed the picture, tying the whole thing up into a nice, neat package of southern-prog-swamp-metal bliss.

Speaking of pictures, behind the band was a backdrop with Baizley’s cover-art from “Blue Record”. This guy’s work really is worth a look, as he is an amazing artist. If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favor and check out Baroness. Come for the music and stay for the art…just don’t get caught in the gaze of those eyes…"

Go to the blog for pictures from the show and to check out more badass reviews.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-The Atomic Bomb Audition

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is The Atomic Bomb Audition.

Hailing out of Oakland, CA, ABA (or The Atomic Bomb Audition if you're not into the whole brevity thing) presents its own brand of aural filmmaking. Tides of processed percussion and voice cascade around grand themes unfolding towards the horizon. In this vision, surf guitars make way for discordant soundscapes; electronic drones enter civil unions with folk melodies, and doom ascends from the abyss in riff form. To compress this vision, imagine Ennio Morricone leading The Melvins, or if Rod Serling produced the soundtrack to Fantasia. To date they've released two albums: Eleven Theatres (2006) and Light Will Remain (2008). Both of these are available for free download/streamingtheatomicbombaudition.bandcamp.com.

For fans of: Neurosis, Harvey Milk, Boris, Opeth, Isis, Tool, David Lynch films, cinematic film music.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Stoner Rock/Doom Releases For 12/15/2009

Here are a few notable New Stoner Rock/Doom Releases and reissues for 12/15/2009.

Various Artists-"Doomed"

Beaten Back To Pure-"The Burning South"

Ramesses-"We Will Lead You To Glorious Times"

Negative Reaction-"Under The Ancient Penalty"

Thulsa Doom-"She F*cks Me!"

Thulsa Doom-"...And Then Take You to a Place Where Jars Are Kept"

Karma To Burn-"Live 2009 Reunion Tour (DVD)"

For more recent releases check out All That's Heavy. They are THE best source for all your Stoner Rock needs.

Valkyrie Interview: Jake Adams on Reissues, New Material and Sharing His Brother with Baroness

Among the releases MeteorCity has set for the earlier part of 2010, two reissues from Virginia rockers Valkyrie are bound to stand out. The band’s 2006 self-titled and 2008’s Man of Two Visions were both records of exceptional quality, but even more than that was the fact that from one to the next, the double-guitar four-piece made leaps in terms of their sonics and songcraft. Not only was Man of Two Visions more intricate than its predecessor — and that’s not to take anything away from the album Valkyrie, which was powerful in its own right — but also more organic.

It had a natural sound and feel that came across in the songwriting, yes, but also in the performances of the players themselves. Guitarist and vocalist brothers Jake and Pete Adams — the latter also of Baroness — demonstrated an impeccable chemistry, playing off each other with harmonies and riffs that were flat-out gorgeous, while bassist Will Barry-Rec and drummer Warren Hawkins grounded the material and added a low-end thickness that made sure the band’s sense of heavy was always in tact.

For anyone who missed either of these two records, the MeteorCity reissues should be a clarion call. Both Valkyrie and Man of Two Visions were works of exceptional quality that proved the southern underground still had plenty to say in this new millennium. In the following interview, Jake Adams talks candidly the band’s sonic shifts, plans for the future, and how the success of his brother’s other band has played into Valkyrie’s ongoing work.

Read the interview here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Album Of The Week-Struck By Lightning-"Serpents" (2009)

The Album Of The Week is "Serpents"by Struck By Lightning.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING features Gregory Lahm (previously of Mouth Of The Architect) on vocals and guitars and is accompanied by fellow Columbus-ites Travis Kline, Mike Leach and John Peters. STRUCK BY LIGHTNING s Translation Loss Records debut Serpents serves as an ode to the fist pumping-basement punk rock of old, encompassing the aggression and crust slathering s of His Hero Is Gone and Disfear with the progressive rock and metal acrobatics of Mastodon and Big Business! With long time Mouth Of The Architect producer and engineer Chris Common at the helm, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING has created a ferocious and hairsplitting album full of blistering aggression that will undoubtedly take the world by storm.


"Ohio's Struck by Lightning has gotten off to a rather impressive start. Their debut record, Serpents, is far more focused and fine-tuned than many debuts, a fact that might be attributed to Gregory Lahm's leading presence (Lahm's previous claim to fame was being a part of Mouth of the Architect's The Ties That Blind-era line-up), but it may also be linked to the reasonable assumption that these four dudes have simply put in a ton of listening hours with High on Fire, Mastodon, Disfear records. Serpents is a blend of all three, throwing together equal doses of sludgy grit, intelligent riffage, and punk rock fervor. In a way, it shares a lot of similarities to Kylesa's early, more crust-punk influenced days. The musical path isn't exactly unbeaten, but due to the anthem-like qualities of so many of these tracks, it's hard not to get excited about these guys.

The formula here isn't terribly complex, as up-beat tempos, punk-influenced crossover drumming, and driving bass lines anchor the majority of the tracks. Leadoff track "Silent and Still" immediately hooks the listener with a strong melodic hook that leads into riffs sporting slightly thrashy rhythms. But it isn't until the track's first chorus that we are shown the disc's greatest asset: highly catchy, anthemic vocals. Serpents is densely populated with soaring, harmonized yells that are capable of upgrading even the most straightforward metal riff into something of near-epic proportions.

"Supercell" and "Widowmaker" also stand out as record highlights. Both sport energetic d-beat backbones and thick metallic riffs, proving that when they do find that sweet spot in between Disfear's and High on Fire's songwriting styles, great things can happen.

The only missed opportunity on the record is the limited variability in song structures. Aside from the interlude "Collection of Teeth," "Becoming Earth" is the only track that noticeably switches gears and plunges into slower, more groove-oriented territory. Playing around with the style might not have been one of the band's primary goals, but the song's main bass line alone is enough to warrant more activity in that songwriting area. Yes, the aforementioned sweet spot is definitely Struck by Lightning's bread and butter, but if one or two more tracks with the mentality of "Becoming Earth" were included and some of the more punk-oriented tracks were slimmed down (most hover around four and a half minutes, which can feel a little long at times), Serpents would emerge more well-rounded and stronger. After all, that variability is one of the reasons that High on Fire's Death Is This Communion turned out to be so fantastic.

Am I requesting that Struck by Lightning follow one of their greatest influences even more closely? Not quite. But I am hoping that in the future these dudes capitalize on some of those massive grooves that "Becoming Earth" hinted at to produce an album that destroys on more than one front.

Bottom Line: Struck by Lightning's debut record, Serpents, offers up a terrific middle ground between High on Fire, Mastodon, and Disfear. Punk song structures with driving tempos, great metallic guitar work, and stellar vocal parts make this record hard to pass up. If the band takes this formula and works in a little more experimentation in the world of bigger grooves, they might just be capable of producing a record that meets or exceeds the high bar set by their slew of main influences." (Lambgoat.com)

Track Listing:

01. Silent and Still
02. Nothing Sacred
03. The Watchful Eye
04. Supercell
05. Widowmaker
06. Tightening the Noose
07. Becoming Earth
08. Bottomless Pit
09. Collection of Teeth
10. False Hope
11. The Herd


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free Album Download-Marasme (EP)

This Experimental/Metal band from Spain has offered their new EP for you guys to check out.


1-Extremely slimness or weakening of human body.

2-Moral or phisical hanging, motionless.

Something athmospheric. Something chaotic, obsessive, melancholic. Claustrophobic and free: something dark, complex, painful. Marasme was born in January of 2008 when five twisted minds joined together to make something different: Jeroni (vocals; ex-Strangled), Tomeu (guitar; TeCorrs, ex-Venus Inferna), Manuel (guitar; ex-Stones From The Sky), Jaume (bass; ex-Dogma) and David (drums; ex-Dogma).


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The New Music Seminar (NMS) and OurStage.com announce the "Artists on the Verge" Winter New Artist Search. Enter to win this once in a lifetime opportunity aimed to help break aspiring artists' careers in the music industry though direct exposure and personal mentoring from some of the most influential and connected industry leaders of the new music business. The winner will also receive a special prize musical package including free musical equipment, video promotion, publicity services, legal work, CD pressing and much more.

Entries are open to all unsigned artists in the Urban, Rock or Pop genres, and will be accepted until December 22nd, 2009 at http://bit.ly/TheVerge

Ten Finalists - A Judge Panel consisting of music industry leaders will select ten finalists from the top 20 ranked artists from each of the "Artists on the Verge" OurStage Channels. These ten finalists will have their A&R promotional packages and EPKs delivered to 20 top record labels in North America for consideration.

Top Three Finalists - The top three finalists will be awarded travel funds and passes to Los Angeles to attend the New Music Seminar on February 2nd, 2010 following the Grammy Awards. The three finalists will each receive a live mentoring and critique session by industry experts (led by superstar artists, producers, radio programmers, and bloggers) in front of the NMS audience.

Grand Prize Winner -The One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen at NMS to perform at the NMS After Party and will receive a comprehensive music consultation package that will include special music prizes, services and offerings from some of the smartest and most connected leaders of the new music business. (See full details below)

"Last year 105,000 albums were released but sadly, less than 50 artists doing it themselves broke 10,000 album sales for the first time. The New Music Seminar along with OurStage is dedicated to helping new artists learn how to 'cut through the noise floor'. This contest will provide the opportunity and the right tools for the most talented new artists to break in the new music business," explains NMS Founder Tom Silverman.

"We are thrilled to partner with the such an important program such as 'The New Music Seminar' and to help deserving emerging artists increase their exposure and improve their craft," shares Ben Campbell, CEO of OurStage. "OurStage is in the business of delivering life-altering opportunities for worthy artists - so this is really exciting for OurStage and our whole community."

The Grand Prize Winner Package will include:

· Travel funds to attend New Music Seminar in LA

· New Music Seminar attendance

· Mentoring & Consulting

Ø Tom Jackson - The Premier Live Performance Producer and Consultant

Ø Tom Silverman - Founder of Tommy Boy and the New Music Seminar

Ø Dave Lory - Manager and Touring Expert

Ø Martin Atkins - Author of Tour:Smart - expert on touring and the live experience

Ø Linda Lorence Critelli - Free 1 hour consultation with SESAC on "The business of songwriting and music publishing"

Ø Pam Workman - Founder/Owner of WE + PR and Public Relations, in-depth PR consultation and strategy session

Ø Joe Serling - Serling, Rooks, Ferrara, McKoy & Worob LLP - $5000 worth of billable time for legal work and consultation

· Music Business Toolbox

Ø Tour:Smart book - Signed by Martin Atkins

Ø Music Success in 9 Weeks book - Signed by Ariel Hyatt

Ø Musician's Atlas Subscription

Ø Trendrr Pro Gold subscription

Ø Broadjam Subscription - One year to receive opportunities to get

Ø your music used in TV and Films

Ø Canadian Music Week - 2 Tickets to the convention in Toronto, March 2010

Ø New Music Seminar Guidebook

· Exposure

Ø A&R package critiqued at NMS by industry experts

Ø Performance at the New Music Seminar immediately after the final panel

Ø MySpace promotion

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For more details on the entry rules and contest please go to: http://www.ourstage.com/go/artistsontheverge

About The New Music Seminar

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About OurStage

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Komondor

Check out this Sludge band from upstate New York. They are called Komondor and are today's "New Band To Burn One To".

You can download many of their fine tunage at the following location:


Monday, December 7, 2009

Album Of The Week-"Stonerized"-Ponamero Sundown (2009)

Hell yeah!! Ponamero Sundown lays down some very tasty, fuzzed out Stoner Rock grooves proving that this genre is still alive and very well, thus making "Stonerized" by Ponamero Sundown the "Album Of The Week".


"Perfectly righteous heavy stoner rock from Stockholm Sweden. Simple basic cut straight to the chase stoner rock, heavy groove, bag loads of big riffs, all the fuzz you need. Nothing radically different, nothing you haven’t heard before, we could namedrop all the usual bands needed when reviewing this kind of stuff – Sabbath, Kyuss, Orange Goblin... Nothing clever needs to be said here, this is simply honest no messing righteous heavy rock that just hits all the right spots in all the right ways – in your blood, in your soul... This rocks, they rock, we like rock. Thick fuzzy in the vital zone no messing heavy fuggin rock!" (Organ Magazine)

"Ponamero sundown from Stockholm, Sweden offers a superior stoner rock dinner for two, a spicy and flammable taste in twelve acts that makes almost everything else feel tasteless. These titans are using only premium raw materials which makes this disc to a giant that easily places on my top ten list this year.

With four demos in luggage Ponamero sundown finally releases their debut album 'Stonerized' on the Swedish label Transubstans records. I got totally carried away, or should i say STONERIZED by this piece of jewelry when it started to spin, ok I wasn't that surprised by what I heard because Ponamero sundown's previous works have been splendid so far and the debut only make the band grow even stronger. These Swedes have much to offer and mixes the best of the 70's hard rock with modern fuzz rock in a mature and professional manner which I love. The ponamero's simply whips the shit out of most bands today!

First track out is 'Alcoholic deathride', a glowing projectile which drills into bone and marrow. This is crazy good, an excellent show-off how heavy rock should be done in the most spectacular way. Like a giant rock hammer 'Alcoholic deathride' slays everything in its path, lots of heaviness with heaps of groovy riffs and catchy vocals. I keep banging my head against the desk and I feel like a true rock hero, every second on this 'deathride' makes me shiver all over... yes sir! These guys can surely boogie!

Ponamero sundown rumbles on with 'Curtain call', not as fast as the previous but damn so good, heavy and melodic with a hard-hitting chorus which makes me fall off my chair in delight; this is definitely one of the outstanding songs on the album. These four pistoleros are unstoppable and are moving fast like a lawn-mower on dope. The list goes on and on and the hit songs whit densely on 'Stonerized' and almost nothing threatens these swedes from reaching the rock throne. Tracks like Reborn, Live the lie and Hell sent makes me run amuck through my flat and Ponamero sundown keeps reminding me that there might be a god after all.

The final track 'Double you' is absolutely one of the strongest songs and along with tracks like Alcoholic deathride, Curtain call and Hell sent is more than enough to make grandma's pacemaker to hit a few extra heartbeats. 'Double you' makes me think of bands like space probe taurus, Greenleaf and in some way The mushroom river band and will be played over and over again until my neighbors call the cops!... in fact the whole album will terrorize my neighborhood for the next few weeks.

Stonerized is a hellride in 300 dodge without inhibitions from start to finish line and Ponamero sundown clearly shows that speed limits are there to be broken. Track after track is being grazed off quite brilliantly and the band shows that they are to be reckoned with. This band have been waiting far too long in the'demoland' for the breakthrough and Transubstans made the right choice by releasing these songs, the guys in Ponamero sundown really deserves it.

There are no excuses and the god's will punish you if you're not buying this record!!!" (Planetfuzz)


Track Listing:

01. Alcoholic Deathride
02. Curtain Call
03. Reborn
04. Rotten Religion
05. Live the Lie
06. Intermission (Heartbreak Disease)
07. Hell Sent
08. The Race
09. Made of Stone
10. Doctor of Evil
11. Double You
12. Stonerized


Buy from Recordheaven.net

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Last Rizla

Well good luck trying to categorize this band from Greece. The Last Rizla create an interesting (for lack of a better word) blend of Experimental (once again for lack of a better word) Psychedlic Stoner Rock. Kooh (Vocalist for the band) states " won't cope categorizing into a genre - there's a lot of different sounds in there. Well, it's heavy." Their new album is available right here for free. If trying out new bands is your thing, then give these guys a listen. I'm diggin' it.

Download Link


"Last Rizla’s sound is definitely heavy and isn’t boring at all! It is truly a melting pot of styles ranging from space-psychedelic rock to fuzzy desert-stoner rock with pinches of doom, hardcore, jazz and even a hint of reggae …(Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludgeswamp)

"They make a bridge between the dark and emotional sound of Tool, they add some System of a down feel to it, it has the heavy almost tangible angst and agression from Henry Rollins, some nice postrock like angels, every now and the a hinch of dub, a punk ethic, a thriving almost pulsing bass line, rudimantary guitars that are always in touch with the feel of each song, the doomy athmosphere of Anathema's Silent Enigma record...(Open Your Arms And Welcome)


Free Download-Vere-"We Are Time (EP)"

This band Vere from Memphis, Tennessee submitted this a while back. I was cleaning out my e-mail and came across it.

Download link

Some bands that they have been told they sound like include: The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pink Floyd, Bauhaus, Deftones, Type O Negative, Mogwai, Down, Dredg, Hum.


NORIEGA launch E-Card; line up show with EYEHATEGOD.

Los Angeles' doom/hardcore band NORIEGA, have launched an E-card for their new album “Desolo”, where you can stream the album in it's entirety. “Desolo”, the bands debut album, comes out December 8th, 2009 on upstart label, Viable Records, in a limited edition digipak, and on cassette tape. You can view the E-card at http://www.viablerecords.com/Noriega-Desolo-Ecard.

NORIEGA have also been tapped to open for New Orleans sludge legends, EYEHATEGOD, on December 12th, at the Ultra Violet in Los Angeles. Vocalist Traevon Malone had this to say about the show: “I met the guys in EYEHATEGOD while working at the LA Murderfest earlier this year, and had a blast, as they're a great group of guys. We are extremely excited and anxious to share the stage with such a legendary band, and hope you can all come down early to catch our set”.

Upcoming NORIEGA shows:
12/4 – The Nitty Gritty - Rancho Cucamunga, CA
12/5 – CD Release Party – Chatsworth, CA w/ RIVERS
12/12 – Ultra Violet – Los Angeles, CA – w/ EYEHATEGOD, THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH + more

For more information visit www.viablerecords.com or www.myspace.com/noriegaband

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Releases December 1, 2009

Here are a few New Releases for December 1, 2009.

Dec.1-Witchfinder General-"Death Penalty"(Import)

Dec.1-Nadja-"Under the Jaguar Sun"(Beta-Lactam)

Dec.1-Freedom Hawk-"Self-Titled"(Meteor City)

Dec. 1-Village of Dead Roads-"Desolation Will Destroy You"(Meteor City)

Dec. 1-Egypt-"Self Titled"(Meteor City)

Here are a few you might have missed.

Subarachnoid Space-"Eight Bells"(Crucial Blast)

Saviours-"Acclerated Living"(Kemado)

Cable-"The Failed Convict"(The End)

Monday, November 30, 2009

RADIO MOSCOW last minute tour dates with NEBULA!

RADIO MOSCOW last minute tour dates with NEBULA!

Dec 3 @ Kensington Club – San Diego, CA w/ Nebula
Dec 4 @ The Royal Dive – Oceanside, CA w/ Nebula
Dec 6 @ Origami Records IN-STORE LA, CA w/ Nebula
Dec 8 @ The Prospector – Long Beach, CA
Dec 10 @ Silver Lake Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
Dec 12 @ Five Stars Bar – Los Angeles, CA

Featured on the FREE Exploding In Sound compilation

Storming out from Story City, Iowa, Radio Moscow have been making an impressive name
for themselves over the past few years with their raucous amalgamation of blues, garage, and
stoner rock that shines pure and uncompromising. While comparisons to a heavier version of
The Black Keys are inevitable, not too shockingly the band was first “discovered” by The Keys’
Dan Auerbach who produced their debut album. Radio Moscow has made an enormous leap
since their debut, with their most recent offering Brain Cycles, a fuzzy, psychedelic, time shifting,
jam inducing, freak-out. - Exploding In Sound

Alive Records

Album Of The Week-Iron Giant-"Creator Of Scars" (2008)

The Album Of The Week this week is "Creator of Scars"by Iron Giant.

“IRON GIANT IS A FUCKIN' MACHINE.......a crushing, relentless, bulldozer of a band. The intensity of their live show is as legendary as their off-stage insanity, and, unlike most, you should believe the bullshit. Returning in the spring of 08’ with their second recording effort, The Giant is out to prove a point. With down tuned fury and blue collar frustration, they plan to show you that they fight, and bleed, for what they believe in. Few can match their blood and piss conviction while doing so. Iron Giant's, Sabbath meets Motorhead monstrosity is the heaviest of the "Rock" with enough ball-rumbling groove to get the whole room going."


"Passionate and dynamic, motivated and roaring, Creator of Scars is like a fully-loaded semi uncontrollably barreling down the highway at a puny Toyota. You can imagine what happens when said transport finally connects."
-Exclaim! Magazine

"From the word “GO” the group lays down dirty, heavy riffs sure to please the most ardent metal or stoner rock fan."

"Simply put, this one's too good to allow it to fall through the cracks."

"Their mighty music moves enough meat, muscle, and testosterone to live up to the moniker they have chosen to take on the world."

"Creator of Scars and is sure to impress hard rock/rock ‘n roll fans everywhere"
-Cosmos Gaming

Track Listing:

01. Creator of Scars
02. Blind by Midnight
03. Fuel on the Fire
04. I Need to
05. Black Hides the Sun
06. Workin' Class
07. Nothin' Means Nothin' to Lose
08. Everytime
09. I Bleed
10. Ain't So Bad
11. Flip the Switch
12. One Million Times

FOR FANS OF: Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Goatsnake, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity and The Sword


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stoner Rock/Doom, Etc. News For Week Ending 11/28/2009

Here is all the Stoner/Doom,etc. related news stories for the week ending 11/28/2009.

CLUTCH Frontman Interviewed On 'The Alex Jones Show'; Audio Available

MASTODON Members Talk Vinyl Records

THE BINARY CODE: 'Suspension Of Disbelief' Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

EYEHATEGOD, DEATH ROW Confirmed For Holland's ROADBURN Festival


EARTHEN GRAVE: New Tour Dates Announced

WOLFMOTHER: Oakland Footage Available

CLUTCH: End-Of-Year Shows To Be Filmed For Forthcoming DVD

SWALLOW THE SUN: 'New Moon' First-Week Sales Revealed

BLACK SABBATH's BILL WARD Talks Food With 'The Rock 'N' Roll Cook' Blog

DOWN: Video Interview With PEPPER, KIRK Posted Online

CLUTCH Interviewed On BRUCE DICKINSON's Radio Show; Audio Available

Finisher Updates

Dark Castle Tour Updates

Saviours Bag a Goldie

Elektrohasch News and Updates

The Resurrection Sorrow to Release Debut Full-Length

Brutal Panda Records and Red Sun Industries To Release Fight Amp

Eyehategod Vocalist Releases Spoken Word/Power Electronics 7"

Dusted Angel Announces West Coast Mini-Tour With Nebula

Ichabod`s End-Time Broadcast: 2012

Baroness to Head to Europe, Japan

High on Fire to Tour With Lamb of God

Priestess Premieres Brand New Song

Sinking South Posts Free Download

Nebula Announces West Coast Tour Dates

Falling Down Compilation Due in 2010

Revocation Films Video, Posts MP3

Valient Thorr Announces UK/European Headlining Tour Dates

Tweak Bird Posts Music Video

Cortez News

News courtesy of Blabbermouth.net and StonerRock.com

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-The Vagitarians

The "New Band To Burn One To" comes to you from Poland. The band is called The Vagitarians and create their own concoction of Stoner/Sludge/Southern metal.

Everything is in Polish on their MySpace, but the music speaks for itself. If you dig grimey Stoner/Sludge a la bands like Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar, EyeHateGod, etc. then you should give these guys a listen.

Download Demo here!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Release Tuesday-11/24/2009

There are not too many New Releases out this week due to the fact that it is nearing the end of the year, but here is one that may be of some interest to you guys.

Megasus-Megasus(EP)(20 Buck Spin)

2009 debut from the Providence, Rhode Island outfit. Riding forth like thunderbolts cast from the hammer of Thor, the eight hooves of the Megasus burn a trail of ice across the winter sky. Combining elements of Heavy Metal titans like High On Fire, Slayer, Pentagram, and Karp, Megasus delivers a debut of amazing power and volume with riff after riff of neckbreaking Metal fury.


"This is the debut album from filling-rattling metal Providence-based supergroup Megasus. "Swords", "Hexes/Szaadek" and "Iron Mountain" all are over six minutes long, combining slow dirge, distorted blood curdling screams, massive riffs and furious double kick pedal mayhem. At some points, I thought of a gonzo Saint Vitus. But on top of the music, this has one of the most impressive vinyl packaging ever to pass through these hands. I doubt I could withstand their live show, as whenever I see the "No Wimps" sign I always turn around and go home"(75orLess)

Here are some New Releases from previous weeks to check out:

11/17/2009 House Of Broken Promises-"Using the Useless"(SMALL STONE RECORDS)

11/17/2009 Luder-"Sonoluminescence"(Small Stone Records)

11/17/2009 Swallow The Sun-"New Moon"(Fontana Universal)

11/17/2009 Them Crooked Vultures-"Them Crooked Vultures"(DGC/Interscope) Features DAVE GROHL (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), JOSHUA HOMME (Queens of the Stone Age) and JOHN PAUL JONES (Led Zeppelin)

11/3/2009 Raise The Red Lantern-"Raise the Red Lantern"(At A Loss)

10/27/2009 Tia Carrera-"The Quintessential"(Small Stone Records)

10/26/2009 Pelican-"What We All Come To Need"(Southern Lord)

10/26/2009 Wolfmother-"Cosmic Egg [Deluxe Edition]"(Interscope)

10/20/2009 Fu Manchu-"Signs of Infinite Power"(Century Media)

10/20/2009 Shrinebuilder-"Shrinebuilder"(Neurot Recordings)

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Album Of The Week"-The Company Band-"Self-Titled" (2009)

The "Album Of The Week" this week is the first full-length self-titled album from The Company Band.


"The Company Band is an aptly-named little project. Featuring Neil Fallon of Clutch on vocals, Rev. James Rota of Fireball Ministry and Dave Bone on guitar, Jess Margera of CKY on drums, and Fu Manchu bassist Brad Davis, the band is an all-star collaboration of hard rock and stoner metal’s blue collar best. Supergroup you say? No way in hell. This is just five drinkin’ buddies playing ball-busting hard rock the way they know best. With equal inspiration from the source bands (except for CKY), this self-titled effort is ten songs of stoner-boogie, blues-based hard rock, and should easily please fans of the band members, and in much more than typical side project fashion. It more than delivers on the promise of their debut EP, Sign Here, Here and Here, and is a helluva fun way to start rounding out 2009.

“Zombie Barricades” lets the listener know from the first second that they’re in for a serious bounty of rock. There is no secret to what these boys are doing here. It’s verse-chorus-verse rawk-n-roll with shitloads of meaty-yet-simple riffs, driving (and occasionally deft) drumming, and Fallon’s signature vocal delivery. Speaking of Fallon, he is the undisputed star of this show, even more so than he normally is in Clutch, due in large part to the devilishly infectious choruses strewn throughout The Company Band. Each is punctuated by his undisputed charisma and goofball-genius lyrics (of which “Hot Topic Woman” is particularly hilarious). From the Fu groove of “It’s A Confusing World” and Clutch quirk riffs of “Djinn and Pentatonic” to the softer, very bluesy “All’s Well in Milton Keynes,” the album actually has a fair amount of variety. The latter is even enhanced by a touch of Allmanesque slide guitar and some moody drumwork from Margera. Immediately following is the much heavier (and, again, ludicrously catchy) “Who Else But Us?” The production is on the warmer side of amp sounds, and nicely reveals the nuances of each (slight) style variation.

Pointing out highlights on such a complete album is essentially pointless, as each fan will have their own favorites. So in the interest of just talking about a couple more great songs, I’ll offer my own. First, “CD&W” is a shuffle-crazy blast with the most sing-along chorus of them all (really conjures some Blast Tyrant), and even a touch of space rock during the bridge. In a just world, this would have limitless rotation on rock radio (alas, it is not a just world). Second, “Lethe Waters” is the emotional highlight of the album, again showing off the power of Fallon, and ending the album with a slightly darker, yet equally drinkable, mood.

This album just demands the inclusion of brews and buddies. Call it “tailgate metal” if you want, best mixed with equal parts bratwurst and pale ale. The Company Band are certainly doing their best to help us forget how shitty the weather outside is getting. In a year already featuring great albums by Clutch, Fu Manchu, and Bible of the Devil, The Company Band is yet another quality slab of metal and rock’s have-a-blast side. So kick back, grab a cold one, and allow yourself about 40 minutes to forget about the world’s problems, you’ve worked hard to deserve it." (Zach Duvall, MetalReview.com)

"After issuing their IPO in the form of the recently-vinylized Sign Here, Here and Here EP (on CD through the band’s own Venture Capital Records in 2008), the five-piece supergroup The Company Band return with a change in lineup and general approach on their self-titled debut full-length. The Company Band, produced by Andrew Alekel (Foo Fighters) with additional tracking by J. Robbins (Clutch), is ten tracks of straightforward pop songwriting that is tight and given an edge because of the players involved...(Read more)

Track Listing:

01. Zombie Barricades
02. It's a Confusing World
03. Djinn and Pentatonic
04. Inline Six
05. Hot Topic Woman
06. All's Well in Milton Keynes
07. Who Else But Us?
08. CD&W
09. Love Means Never Having to Say You're Ugly
10. Lethe Waters

Listen Now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heavy "F'n" Planet Update

I have decided on a new format for the blog. Now that I have a more definite schedule, here is the way the weeks events will transpire starting this Monday.

Sunday-No posts
Monday-"Album Of The Week"
Tuesday-"New Releases"
Wednesday-"New Band To Burn One To"
Thursday- Feature a fellow blog to check out
Friday-No posts
Saturday-News from the past week

In the meantime, I will try to make an archive of all the "New Bands To Burn One To" just in case there are some that you may have missed along the way.

As usual, keep those requests for band promo coming. I will make sure to get to them some way some how.

If any of you have a great review about a show you attended and would like to have it posted here just send it to me.

Alright, have a great Saturday!

Doom on!!! \mm/

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"New Band To Burn One To"-HYPNO5E

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is HYPNO5E. These guys come to you from France and create an exciting blend of ambient/experimental/prog metal. Their sound lies somewhere between Gojira and Pink Floyd.

Showing an all around approach to the arts both musically and visually, their videos consist of their custom movie archives and extracts, which are also projected at their live performances. I highly suggest you go to Hypno5e’s YouTube channel, for each video they create is both thrilling and chilling, and their virtuosity with the art of film is incredible:

The Ripple Effect

“Experimentally proggy, technically over the head, and brutal all at the same time, these guys hear music in their own unique way and aren’t afraid to stretch their sound to distant and, as of yet, unimaginable dimensions... This is the type of album that will make you question all that you know, or think that you know, about music… ”

Metal Underground

“From breakdowns behind classical female vocals to gut-wrenching screams and syncopation, the band covers more ground than Rambo ripping through a jungle… A surrealistic venture through several genres of haunting ass-kickings, because this is an album meant to frighten, impress, and envelope the listener.”

Be sure to check them out on their North American tour starting in January 2010.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"New Band To Burn One To"-Rat King

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is RAT KING!! RAT KING are an experimental/ambient/dark lounge metal band from Chennai, India! This is a band like you've never heard before, fusing elements of psychedelic, ambient and folk themes with experimental, industrial metal. If you haven't heard their music, now is the time! With influences as diverse as David Lynch, Fantomas, Philip Glass and Andrei Tarkovsky, this is a band like nothing you've ever heard before.

Rat King have recently released their second album 'Larva' as well as a re-master of their 2008 release, 'The Plague Of Hamelin'. The 2008 edition of 'The Plague Of Hamelin' received critical acclaim from international webzines such as Industrialized Metal, Kvltsite and Metalwave.

'The Plague Of Hamelin' is a morbidly distorted version of the Grimm Brother's fairy tale, The Pied Piper Of Hamelin, and 'Larva' deals with a psychopath, whose recurring nightmares and visions lead him into complete and total disintergration.

The artwork of 'Larva' has been done by Emerson P Williams (Veil Of Thorns, Choronzon) and looks fantastic! This album is a must have, I'll tell you that much.

For fans of John Zorn, Mike Patton, Godflesh, Ministry, Type O Negative, Carcass, and Gnaw Their Tongues.


Track Listing:

1. Egg
2. Hour Of The Wolf
3. The Duel
4. The Wake
5. Spiracle
6. For Absent Gods
7. Tranquility Lane
8. Smorgasbord
9. Vapour

You can buy the new album 'Larva' at this location.

More info:

Gimme Sound

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"New Band To Burn One To"-Sad Breakfast

The "New Band To Burn One To" comes to you guys from Mexico. They call themselves Sad Breakfast and produce an awesome blend of instrumental post-rock music. The band has just recently released their new CD and it is available for free from their website. If you are into bands like Pelican, Isis, Tides, etc. then you should check these guys out!

Download here

Track listing:

1. Atahualpa Yuyeti
2. Antlia
3. Aldeano
4. Camaleón & Andromeda
5. Enloquece Rabino, Enloquece
6. Munaf
7. Rompiendo Cosas

Official Website

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


To the 3 of you that responded to my post for help with the blog, I would like to thank you. The new format will not take place until the beginning of the new year so stay tuned. In the meantime, I will continue to post when I can. Hopefully more than I have. This week I will have a couple "New Bands To Burn One To" as well as a an "Album Of The Week". I really didn't like the Two For Tuesday feature because I just felt like I wasn't giving each band the exposure they deserve. For your enjoyment, here is a list of a few stellar releases you should hear.

1. Shrinebuilder-"Self-Titled"-Supergroup featuring Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om), Dale Crover (Melvins, Porn, Altamont), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), and Scott "Wino" Weinrich (The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand, Saint Vitus and Wino).

2. Fu Manchu-"Signs Of Infinite Power"-2009 release, the 11th album from the SoCal Alt-Rock quartet. If life is a highway, Fu Manchu s its soundtrack. Over the last dozen years, the Southern California quartet has perfected the art of the riff, mastered the depth of the groove and sharpened the edge of the hook. As Signs Of Infinite Power proves, the group's always-rockin' van still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Although Fu Manchu's alumni include such decorated names as Brant Bjork (Kyuss, QOTSA), the group's lineup has been rock-solid since 2001. If you're craving a fix of unpretentious, classic-minded Hard Rock in its most timeless form, look no further than Fu Manchu.

3. Iron Age-"The Sleeping Eye"-Austin, Texas' Iron Age have been slugging it out in hardcore and punk circles since the middle of the decade, touring with such contemporary hardcore luminaries as Rise And Fall and Fucked Up, while steadily honing the riffed-out hardcore sound established on their 2006 debut Constant Struggle. With The Sleeping Eye, Iron Age remains a modern torchbearer for the long tradition established by the crossover classics but twists the NYHC-inspired thrash of their debut to create something bigger and darker, enhancing the violence of their former efforts with mammoth Lovecraftian atmopshere.

4. Naam-"Self-Titled"-Naam manifests a signature brand of super-sonic and ultimately mesmerizing heavy psychedelia. Trance-like and punishing at times, this trio of psychonauts (John Bundy-bs, vox; Ryan Lugar gtr, vox; Eli Pizzuto drms) mold elements of classic psychedelia and prog with modern elements of jam-heavy bliss and apocalyptic amplitude. Naam's self-titled debut is more so an aural-intoxicating odyssey than an album. In its increasingly dark and sinister progression, the album depicts an unholy spiritual journey in the search for a higher plane of enlightenment. RIYL: Deep Purple, Hawkwind, Sleep, Floyd.

5. Baroness-"Blue Record"-Blue Record announces the re-awakening of Savannah s rock giants BARONESS. The follow-up to 2007 s Red Album, Blue Record is an instantly-classic album, with all the peaks and valleys, textures, and nuances that timeless records yield over repeated listens. Deep and dark; Blue Record overflows with gossamer melodies and striking, earnest riffs that have become the band s signature. Swollen and Halo , Jake Leg , War, Wisdom, and Rhyme , The Sweetest Curse , are just a few of the tracks that are both instant and unforgettable, making Blue Record the most poignant moment in the BARONESS canon to date.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two For Tuesday-"New Bands To Burn One(Two) To"-Behind The Sun/Sihr

Today I have two very incredible bands for you guys to hear. The first "New Band To Burn One To" is Behind The Sun. Behind the Sun are five musicians writing and performing heavy rock music in Israel. Gad Erez, vocals. Saar Gur, drums. Yoram Allouche, guitars. Dan Levy, bass. Aaron Lieber, guitars and vocals. The band was formed on the edges of the vast Negev desert. The music and lyrics speak of their personal trials and tribulations living in this heavenly but harsh land. Behind The Sun has just released their self-titled debut album. The contents: heavy, electric, tube driven riffing, blended with progressive styles and sensibilities and their own skeptical, cynical, but in the end positive philosophy as written word and amplified sound. Influences range from Queens of the Stone Age and Opeth, to Baroness and Rush.



The second "New Band To Burn One To" is Sihr. Sihr comes to us from Tempe, Arizona. The Sihr is heavy, sludgy, fuzzed out metal with elements of experimental noise, prog, psychedlia, and stoner grooves. For fans of Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Mastodon, Melvins, Clutch, Bongzilla, Intronaut, Big Business, Kylesa, Minsk, Young Widows, Cursed, The Sword, Mouth of the Architect, Hawkwind, Ufomammut, 35007 etc.
The band has just released their first album to "Beneath the Twelve Mile Zone" to much acclaim.

"download this band before they become household names in the Doom/Sludge world.This is so good and so freakin heavy....Essential listening 10/10" Earthdogsvisionofdoom

They have also been featured on Scott Kelly's (Neurosis) KMBT Radio Show

For more info.:

The Sihr Blog
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