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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Meris

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Today's New Band To Burn One To comes to us from San Francisco. They play a bit of classical rock mixed with metal. Add in a little Fu Manchu, The Bronx and even some Atomic Bitchwax and that's the sound you get.
We're a metal-type band from the Bay Area. We play music we like and do what we can to have fun while playing it. That might include some head-banging, some grandma-panty-throwing, or the occasional fake mustache.
They have one album out now called Abandon All which will reviewed here. Check out their Myspace page for a few songs.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock n’ Roll Salvation Festival

Rock n’ Roll Salvation Festival
Saturday September 18th
5PM Door | Blue Star 2200 East 15th St. Downtown LA 90021 | 18+ | $10

From the dark shadows of vacant buildings and the settled dirty dust of downtown Los Angeles, there is a beacon of light. Behold, a rising star shining in the midst of cracked black tar & tetanus-laden rust, The Blue Star Bar.

This is where Armadillicious Music will be honoring the holiest of holy. It is our homage to the one and only guitar god, Jimi Hendrix, on this anniversary date of his heading to the great beyond. We are proud to bring you a feverish, frenzied, tent revival Rock n’ Roll time; a musical rendition reminiscent of the faithful speaking in tongues, caterwauling snake handlers and sinners lining up in droves for a dose of Rock n’ Roll Salvation. These bands will baptize you into the realm of the sonic spirit. Your soul will be washed clean by the sheer force of the Rock n’ Roll.

We are thrilled to bring you the following:

FIREBALL MINISTRY – The tent thunders with the shouts of the devotees who beg for a release from their mundane existence. The pleas ring out for a break from the ties that bind them to their mortal coil. They have the belief in something greater and that which is greater is known as the mighty Fireball Ministry, who are dyed-in-the-wool, resolute believers of the Rock and the Roll. With a brand new Self titled, Restricted Release album in the holsters, Fireball Ministry are ordained in the Mack truck version of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". They will drive over you to reach salvation, dragging the empty shell of your body behind as your spirit reaches new heights into the black darkness of the beyond. Your hands will bleed at the palms while you try to hang on to what you know. Your stigmata will not save you; your faith will not save you. The only thing that will save you is the Rock which they are delivering; tearing your flesh from bone to bombard your soul. Beware, they are holy knights bent on delivering you from this wretched life.


SASQUATCH - Wreaking havoc on those who lack faith, Sasquatch lead the way by brandishing their fiery sword of rock n' roll. With their third Smallstone release, unleashed on the unsuspecting masses, no longer do you hear the trumpets of heaven calling; you’re now brought to eternal rest by a trio of destruction. 70's hard rock mixed with a dash of metal carried by an unmistakable undercurrent of psychedelic sounds permeate their songs. You are anointed at the alley entrance of the not-so-pearly gates. Since you are not worthy, the one and only casts you back out because these angels haven’t finished recalling your sins and as they hold you hostage with a super-heavy, bone-crunching onslaught, you are reminded why the meek inherit nothing. Sasquatch will not only knock you on your ass, their collective boot will keep you pinned to the ground while the angry fist of the righteous pummels your face.


HALLOWED ENGINE - Southern fried thick riffs and nonstop energy are brought to the stage with a vengeance. Be prepared to be brought to your knees by the gospel of their guitar-driven, bass-heavy, groove-laden tunes. These are further enhanced by lead singing bass player Laurie Es, whose voice is tailor-made for rock n' roll courtesy of a church choir that could only have been formed by the devil himself. All of these components fit perfectly into the steamrolling sound that is Hallowed Engine as they careen down the path of sin. This is a testimony to the down-home, homegrown feeling which is brought about when you know you’re being so, so bad but it feels oh so good.


SYLVIA JUNCOSA – She preaches the gospel by way of SG as she leads the unsuspecting lambs to slaughter. Her veracity untainted by the years she’s been manipulating six strings; the only truth is the truth of her boundless energy, her brilliant playing, her ferocious attack and the tender love of it all. After a long sabbatical, she’s returned to bring the uninitiated to the altar with the blistering hymns of those who know no other tongue. with a A lofty resume of SST recordings, Sylvia's beneficence is exalted by way of rapturous rock. She not only leads the way, she carves the path. Do not forget, it’s not a guitar in her hands; it’s an instrument of the gods.


TRASH TITAN – Blues was born into the world through suffering. This band stands on the pulpit of that pain and sings right through your soul. The agony of your very existence is spoken for through the musical bounty of blessings you will receive whilst this band recalls those who have come before them. There is no theft here mind you; this band honors those who died for the sake of this sound. They have wiped the beads of sweat from their brow with rags dipped in the holy water mixture of whiskey and gasoline. From the consecrated cocktail of drunken devotion, we rise to behold their glory.


ZINNGESCHREI – The tongue twisting name is German and describes the sound of mechanically manipulated tin. However, the word is a misnomer when it comes to this band. There is nothing tinny about their sound. Ethereal yet with enough crushing gravitational mass to rival a black hole; their deeply hypnotic, angelic resonance rebounds through the vast dark matter of our minds. One listen is never enough. Their musical orbit propelled by the 12 heavenly notes circle the galaxy of one ear to another and the next thing you know, eons have gone by.


This is a Rock n’ Roll Revival of the highest order. We promise to ignite and inflame the passion of the soul of Los Angeles' bonafide down n' dirty rock n' roll. These musical saviors of sonic fortune keep the true spirit alive. Show up and praise all that is ROCK. We will leave you on your knees shaking with the sounds of salvation!

The camp meeting begins at 6:00 PM and a mere $10.00 dollars guarantees you’ll be inscribed in the book of life for the following year. There’s no need to fast either as you’ll find tasty, cheap eats for a mere buck as we move you to heaven.

The Blue Star Bar is located at 2200 E. 15th Street in downtown Los Angeles, 90021 and is easily accessed from the 10 Fwy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge, Etc. News For Week Ending 8/28/2010

Here are the top Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge, Etc. news headlines for week ending 8/28/2010.

KYLESA: New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

CANDLEMASS's 'Nightfall' Gold-Colored Vinyl Reissue To Include New Liner Notes

THE SWORD: 'Tres Brujas' Video Released

DOWN: 'Diary Of A Mad Band' DVD To Arrive In October?

TORCHE: 'U.F.O.' Track Available For Streaming



BXI's First Official Performance To Commence Alongside ALTAR Next Week

EARTHRIDE: Kings Of Maryland Biker Doom Unleash New Record

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT:Aussie stoner rock demons unleash debut album in September

For more headlines check out StonerRock.com and The Soda Shop

New Band To Burn One To - Lert Somboon Festival of Love

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

Todays New Band To Burn One To is from Chicago. They are a psychedelic stoner jam band. Here's their bio:

The Lert Somboon Festival of Love is a rock power trio from Chicago, Illinois. They performed in the Midwest on and off since 1987, and this is their first CD collection of songs. Members include Steve Ediger on vocals and bass, Evan Singer on guitar and J.J. Tindall on drums. Their style has been compared to Neo-psychedelic and Stoner Metal bands like Sleep, Killdozer, and Pontiak. The sludgy, fuzz guitars, sloppy, psychedelic leads, hairy bass, spacey noise jams, galloping and creeping rhythms, and organic drums contributed to the early 90's Chicago band scene and they continue on with their unique sound.

Frank Zappa, Sleep, OM, Killdozer, and Tom Lehrer are listed as their influences.

Very cool stuff indeed. Since they're local to me, they've perked my interest to go and check them out live.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Blaak Heat Shujaa

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Blaak Heat Shujaa was born in 2008. The band members weren’t outcasts, but they weren’t exactly the social type either. Dying old and lonely after a lifetime struggling to feed their psychedelic music habit while living in the city of high fashion and through-the-roof beer prices wasn’t a happy prospect. This is why when they met, too happy to have found one another in a sea of opulent, cash-worshipping, cocktail-sipping conformists, Thomas Bellier, Antoine Morel-Vulliez, and Tim Gacon immediately formed BHS.
The band took time to develop its own sound and reach its current cruising speed, as external factors led its members to spend time abroad. But instead of getting in the way of BHS’s development, those travels to foreign lands (California, Tanzania, Uganda, Spain) have allowed each member to bring in and incorporate influences from inspiring and peculiar horizons into their work.
This probably accounts for the fact that the sound BHS developed has been described as truly original. In fact, the band members have always loathed the idea of simply trying to recreate another band’s sound, as so many bands ufortunately settle for today. The BHS material aspires to provoke mental introspection and spiritual trip through dreamy effects and fuzzy riffs while at the same time paying homage to the heritage of 1990s heavy music.
This might be the reason why BHS have never felt part of a “scene”: their sound doesn’t fit pre-established musical categories, but rather spans several genres, including neo-psychedelia, stoner rock, and desert rock. However, the band’s recent involvement with former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder (producer of BHS’s 2010 debut album : Blaak Heat Shujaa), as well as the other bands with whom they have shared the bill, definitely make them a part of today’s ever-evolving stoner rock scene.

They currently only have 3 songs up on their Myspace page which sound pretty damn good. They're a mix of stoner, desert rock and psychedelic rock. They remind me a little bit of Naam. Their debut album is due out next month. Look for a review soon. Meanwhile, check out their Myspace page for a few songs and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heavy Rotation-Gozu-"Locust Season"

Here is a band that just surprised the absolute shit out of me. As I was perusing the Small Stone records website, I came across Gozu and figured I'd give them a listen, and man am I glad I did. The tunes are not only catchy but chug along with that warm and fuzzy stoner rock groove. Think of a heavier version of Queens of the Stone Age but with a better singer (sorry not a big fan of Josh Homme's vocals). Listen. Repeat. Listen. Repeat...


Gozu first appeared on the scene in 2008 with the the release of their seven track EP. Consisting of members of bands such as Wargasm and Triphammer, Gozu laid down the rock but also brought the groove on songs such as the human-empowerment anthem “Rise Up” and D.A.R.E.-baiting “Meth Cowboy”. Fronted by the man with a plan, Marc Gaffney, aka Gaff, who has the pipes Chris Cornell used to possess before he started modeling men’s cologne, Gozu plays the sort of rock tailor made to be blasted out on radio airwaves nationwide, ala early Queens of the Stone Age. It’s the kind of rock music that pulls up alongside you while you’re walking down the street minding your own business, demands that you “get in the f@*ing car”, proceeds to drive 90 mph down the wrong side of the highway, and then drops you off miles from home at some abandoned rest stop. After a line-up change which brought on board bassist Jay Cannava of Miltown and Clouds infamy, Gozu continues to chug along at its own pace. Axe slinger Doug Sherman peels off riffs and solos like they’re going out of style and drum god Barry Spillberg beats his drums like they owe him money, and the whole thing just cruises along on a bed of melodies most bands would die for. Small Stone Records snapped up Gozu in 2009 and the band is currently working on its debut for the label, which will no doubt leave many a listener scratching their head, wondering how in the hell Gozu does it and makes it look so easy. But don’t let your guard down, because next thing you know you’ll be on the outskirts of town wondering how you got there and what that catchy song stuck in your head is and where it came from."

What others are saying:

"Gozu, man. Seems like they came out of nowhere, and no, that’s not a slag on Boston. I just mean it seems like the four-piece formed in 2008 and got signed to Small Stone almost right off the bat. Now they’re finally giving the public a taste of their riffily metallic wares with Locust Season, offering a bit of East Coast aggressive crunch with the swaggering rock. It’s their first full-length, obviously, and as an introduction, it is driven with some surprisingly individual flourishes that add character to the songs and an overall nuanced feel only heightened by song titles like “Kam Fong as Chin Ho,” “Regal Beagle” and “Jan-Michael Vincent.”

They aren’t shy about toying with pop sounds and quirky guitar lines, and that has earned them comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age, but Gozu are far more heavily toned guitar-wise than the Josh Homme outfit, whatever similarities of playing s t y l e might crop up. The vocals of guitarist Marc Gaffney are a point of commonality, however, and huge part of what sets Gozu apart from the pack. He is both soulful and well-enunciated, not losing sight of the fact that early Locust Season cut “Mr. Riddle” is a rock song even as he adds a second accent layer of higher-pitched vocals behind his straight-up track. He’d done the same thing on the catchy but wordless chorus of opener “Meth Cowboy,” and it appears at several other intervals, but as each track on Locust Season seems to have something to distinguish it from the others, that’s what does it there.

“Jan-Michael Vincent” is perhaps the poppiest of the songs on Locust Season, at least in the radio-friendly sense of the word. It has some competition for catchiest track, especially from “Regal Beagle,” but at just under four minutes, the atmosphere is less weighty than in the chugging verses of that song, which is propelled almost frenetically forward by the rhythm section of bassist Jay Canava and drummer Barry Spillberg. “Kam Fong as Chin Ho” works some keys in with Gaffney’s and Doug Sherman’s guitars, perhaps appropriately evoking a television theme song while treading close on the edge of a misstep to derail the song and not quite crossing over. The organs on “Jan-Michael Vincent,” liberal ooohs and aaaahs throughout and spells of quirky bounce have already shown that Gozu can get away with plenty when they feel like veering from the norm.

The swagger picks up and continues through the jam that eventually fades out on “Jamaican Luau,” with Spillberg’s performance just as much of a highlight there as the guitars of Sherman and Gaffney. The two six-stringers get their revenge on “Rise Up,” however, which is a (once again) catchy stoner rock song that makes heavy use of the space it has left for lead playing. “Rise Up” is something of a comedown from “Jamaican Luau,” and a relative drag point on Locust Season, since it doesn’t really add anything new that Gozu haven’t already presented on the album, but taken out of the context of everything around it, there’s nothing actually wrong with the track, it’s just a less than perfect fit where it is on the record.

I can hear a lineage of Small Stone bands (Roadsaw, Dixie Witch, etc.) continuing and being refreshed on “Meat Charger,” on which Gaffney’s vocals are again a highlight. It’s easy to sound overproduced when slipping into and out of harmony with yourself, but he doesn’t, and in fact the elaborate arrangements only work to enhance the songcraft. One of the label’s many offerings to have been put together at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA, by engineer Benny Grotto, Locust Season definitely benefits from the professional-grade recording job it’s been given. As the slower-paced “Alone” (also the longest track at 7:56) closes out the album, the focus is less on catchy straightforward rocking or even adding new elements than it is on embracing that elaborateness entirely and giving the sound of the band over to it. The result is Gozu doing something different, but it also works with the eight tracks preceding.

After the song has rumbled to a close, a little girl comes in to sing “Tomorrow” from Annie. I cannot condone artists putting their children on a record, but it’s easily-enough skipped in this age of technological wonder. They get a pass on it because it’s their first album and all the rocking and whatnot.

It should be interesting to see over the course of their duration if the heavier crunch of their guitars or the more rock-based elements of Gozu ultimately win out in their sound, or if perhaps by blending them seamlessly the four-piece can concoct a brew entirely their own. Keeping in mind just how new a band they actually are, there’s still a lot of growth to come, but there’s no denying that with Locust Season, Gozu are off to the proverbial great start." (JJ Koczan-StonerRock.com/The Obelisk)


New Band To Burn One To - Chickenhawk

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Today's New Band To Burn One To is Chickenhawk. Chickenhawk is a 4 piece hardcore band from the UK. Their style is brutal and fast. Their Myspace only has 2 samples of songs available but they do have a cool video (also embedded below) which involves a lot of Zombies and blood. My only complaint at this point is there isn't more music to sample.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Home

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

The next New Band To Burn One To is not an easy band to find using Google. Try it. The band is a three piece of brutal heavy hardcore metal from Austria and their name is simply called Home. They are offering their 3 track promo for free so go and check them out and be prepared to have your nutsack kicked inside out for the duration of it all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Grave Siesta

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Today's New Band To Burn One To is Grave Siesta. They are a doom metal band from Finland. They are a fairly new band having only been around for less than a year. They have 3 songs up on their Myspace for sampling. No word yet on an album but head on over to check them out. Their sound is pretty neat. Very heavy riffs that thrust your neck out of socket.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heavy Rotation-Droids Attack-"Must Destroy"

After the release of Droids Attack's previous effort Fatal/Error, I didn't think the band could get any better, man was I wrong. This CD has been in heavy rotation on my MP3 player for the last few months. Although the band incorporates some pretty silly lyrics into their music, I could seriously care less. I have always been one that really doesn't care what a band has to say, I just want to fuckin' rock, man and these guys do not hold anything back. If you are in the mood for some serious classic stoner rock riffage with a punkish feel then I strongly urge you to listen to "Must Destroy"


"Because of its lighthearted approach and riffy goodtime vibes it would be easy to gloss over Droids Attack’s third full-length, Must Destroy (Crustacean Records), as a kind of joke release. Song titles like “The Great Wall of ‘Gina,” “Astro Glider,” “The Unforgiven 4,” and “Koko Beware,” while hilarious, support the position. But there’s more to the Madison, Wisconsin trio than goofy lyrics and a robot mascot (although, in many cases, that would probably be enough). They seriously rock.

Guitarist/vocalist Brad Van would seem to be leading the charge, and while one can pick out influences from Melvins to Helmet to High on Fire in his playing, never so specifically as to make the songs redundant. At the same time, they never reach so far beyond the stoner milieu as to be unfamiliar, which winds up adding to the accessibility of Must Destroy. In a way, the party atmosphere is a big part of what helps distinguish Droids Attack, but if one were to experience the album without the artwork, titles or any other context, the music would still stand up. The rhythm section of bassist Nate Bush and drummer Tony Brungraber is a big part of why. Not only do they keep up with Van’s riffing, but they add flavor and personality to the songs. Brungraber’s drums could have stood to be a little higher in the final mix, but even from hearing them as they are, it’s clear the complexity of his playing is an essential element to making these songs work.

The songs are filled out to varying degrees by Tim Thompson’s keyboard work, usually keeping to an organ sound that’s a well-established component of the classic stoner rock feel. I keep hearing Suplecs in “The Arcade Bully,” but that might just be coincidence. The title track which follows immediately is the album centerpiece but not necessarily the highlight. It’s up there, definitely, but it’s hard to discount the later upped aggression of “The Crisis in the City (It’s Increasing)” or the memorable instrumental finale of “Astro Glider,” on which Thompson’s keys come to the fore.

In some ways it feels like by giving it a close reading I’m taking the piss out of Must Destroy, missing the point somehow, and to that end, I’ll keep it (relatively) short. What Droids Attack have on their third album is a successful meshing of solid, thick riff rock with an engaging, friendly mood. I don’t know if I’d vote them for president, but I’d definitely have a beer with these dudes, even if I had to go to cold-ass Wisconsin to do it. In the meantime, drinking by myself and listening to Must Destroy will do just fine. Recommended for anyone not afraid of enjoying themselves." JJ Koczan (StonerRock.com)

"I'm a sucker for big finishes and when I first heard the thrashy, controlled pummeling of "Koko Beware" switch over to "Astro Glider," an extended solo of an instrumental that closes out Must Destroy, I was sold on Droids Attack's latest - and yes, greatest. It wouldn't have mattered if the preceding seven songs were your garden variety, stump dumb riff rockers - "Koko Beware" and "Astro Glider" elevate the album above the cluttered wasteland of "Good for What It Is" and into the more sparsely populated "Damn Near Great."

But hey, those initial seven tracks rock pretty hard as well. If they don't quite hit the same level, they don't miss by much and they certainly set the tone for what's to follow. You could say - and I am - that starting with opener instrumental "The Unforgiven 4," Droids Attack lean into you and never ease up. It may be via bludgeoning (the High on Fire-y and perfectly titled "Great Wall of 'Gina"), it may be filtered through an Only Living Stoner Witness prism ("The Arcade Bully," "Canadian Death Bus"), and it may be downright Sabbathian in its Sabbath-ness (""Must Destroy"), but what it's not is soft or insipid. The riffs are big, the grooves are deep, and most importantly there's always a hook strong enough to hold onto while the band throws down another inspired track.

Those who heard Fatal/Error may think they know what the band's capable of, but it turns out that was just the barest of hints. Must Destroy shows tremendous growth and puts Droids Attack is miles ahead of the curve. The ending makes the album damn near great, but when you add it all up, it's more like "Damn Near Perfect." Highly recommended." John Pegoraro (StonerRock.com)

"You’re not likely to get more bluesy riffs and swagger on any other album this year. Droids Attack have again pushed all the right buttons, when it comes to my love for big, classy riffs and Must Destroy will probably end up on my next, horribly disfigured “year end best of list” as a result of their groovy prowess." - Jay Snider, (HellRide.com)

"Understanding the need for unyielding attitude, these guys are still somewhat intellectual, stepping just beyond the psyche-influenced rock'n'roll that Priestess and Valient Thorr have been mining for some time now. It results in a powerful, churning effort high on creativity and virtually devoid of the genre's typical lazy approach: wringing one substantial riff to death." - Keith Carman, (Exclaim.ca)

"Van keeps things on the good-humored side of macho and lets his obsessions with video games and robots leak in, with song titles like "The Arcade Bully" and "Koko Beware." (Speaking of titles, it's impossible to respond to "The Great Wall Of Gina" without shooting Pabst out your nose, even if you're not drinking one.)" - Scott Gordon, (The Onion)

"Wisconsin's Droids Attack strike the target with a swaggering stoner-rock/metal gem that's sure to appeal to cloudy and clear-headed individuals alike who crave heavy doses of infectious, fuzzy, igniting fret-fury." - Michael Wuensch, (MetalReview.com)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Heavy Glow

As also seen on The Soda Shop

The Soda Shop review of their latest EP which explains what we feel about their latest EP.

HEAVY GLOW is frequently compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Cream, and Blue Cheer. The band has released two EPs over the past year and a half, their first produced by Stevie Salas (Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger) and released on StockXChange Music Group (Australia.) They have recently released a follow-up EP entitled, "The Filth and the Fury." The EP’s single, “Hot Mess” will be featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s July Edition.

Their music is receiving reviews and airplay worldwide:

Berkley Place Blog writes, “Are they like The White Stripes? A little. But their music is tighter, better organized. Are they like Black Keys? A little, but the vocals are much better and they focus on extended 1970s-style guitar solos.”

“Heavy Glow will rock your world! Reminiscent of days gone by, Heavy Glow has the uncanny ability to transport you to a time when bands rules and auto tune was not even a concept! Classic rock without sounding dated is a great way to explain the Heavy Glow experience!” ~Tim Pyles (FM 94.9 San Diego)

“I don’t think I have heard any other band capture the classic sound of 60s/70s guitar rock as effectively as Heavy Glow…This trio rocks it like it’s 1969.” ~Bill Sullivan The Rock and Roll Report

Here is a bio of the band as well:

Heavy Glow

Jared Mullins and Joe Brooks formed San Diego-based power rock trio, Heavy Glow, in August of 2008 following the break-up of their first band. The group set out to record their first EP at Velvet Revolver’s Studio in Los Angeles with legendary producer, Stevie Salas.

Their self-titled debut EP contains six songs that capture the band’s ability to communicate raw, visceral music. Under the production of Salas, who has worked with such artists as Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, George Clinton, Justin Timberlake and T.I., the EP was recommended by San Diego radio station 94.9 KBZT-FM in June. Singles “It’s Too Late” and “Better Line” received regular airplay on San Diego stations 105.3 KIOZ-FM and 91.1 XTRA-FM as well as podcast play in Italy, Canada and Germany.

The band is often compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Cheer, and The Black Keys.

According to Mullins the band strives for “hard-hitting, gritty, infectious and melodic rhythms to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.”

With the addition of new drummer Dan Kurtz in 2009, the band released a follow-up entitled The Filth & the Fury. The EP contains 5 new songs all cut with the band playing live in one room over a period of six hours. Singles include “Hot Mess” and “Love Ghost.”

The Filth & the Fury was released January 2010 and is available online through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and Rhapsody.

Heavy Glow is:

Jared Mullins: Vocals, Guitar

Joe Brooks: Bass

Dan Kurtz: Drums

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Sonic Medusa

The New Band To Burn One To today is Sonic Medusa.

Including former members of some of the genre's more prolific groups, Including:

Tom Five- NYC ( White Zombie, Angelrot ) Guitar and Vocals
Steve Darrow - L.A. ( Hollywood Rose, Rat Salad, Super Heroines etc.) Guitar
Greg Rogers- Knoxville, Tn. ( The Obsessed, Goatsnake ) Drums
Scott Renner- Wilmington , NC. ( Sourveign, Brickbat ) Bass and vocals

Sonic Medusa have just finished recording with SCOTT REEDER ( Kyuss, Unida, The Obsessed etc.) Bassist & Producer deluxe, at his So.Cal Desert Studio. Sonic Medusa has in the their fairly short existence had the pleasure of opening gigs for a few of the their own childhood fave Heavy Rock pioneers, including BLUE CHEER & PENTAGRAM. As well as a few of the better local band's of the genre, including BIGELF, ED MUNDELL (Monster Magnet), Angus Khan, Hallowed Engine amongst others. If Sonic Medusa comes your way make sure to check them out.

What others are saying about Sonic Medusa:

"Sonic Medusa is a brand-new quartet of heavy rock veterans like Greg Rogers of The Obsessed and Tom Five, who played in a sludge-metal band called Angel Rot—before joining White Zombie. (Their other guitar player has him beat though. He played with Axl in the Hollywood Rose days...) When you can get Scott Reeder to record your demo tape, you`re clearly not a band of nobodies.

And yet, this record isn`t what you`d expect of a rhythm section from Goatsnake and Sourvein. Medusa is, after all, a lot less Angel Rot and a lot more Angel Witch. (And like every other 80`s metal group, they shall now be referred to by the second word in their band name for the duration of this review.)

“Cold Wind” starts the album off in grand fashion, sounding like desert rock with some NWOBHM guitar harmonies, a sorta power metal power ballad, with a three-chord breakdown that makes you wanna scream “You`re an Angel Witch!” or some such nonsense. “Never Had a Clue” features a Steve Harris bassline with some solid double leads and a hard-hitting chorus. “Used to be Cool” sounds like Motorhead used to, albeit with more time changes, while “Knife” shows shades of Diamond Head.

“Clones” is the one true doomy standout, an old-school slice with a touch of Vitus. I half-expected “Wolf`s Prayer” to be the album-ending ballad a la “Winterdreams” from Accept`s Balls to the Wall album. (Yes, that was the first album-closing ballad that came to mind. I fuckin` love Accept...) In that regard, it doesn`t disappoint, although it`s more 90`s desert rock than 80`s Teutonic metal.

Unlike all those lamer bands that wanna bring back the bad aspects of 80`s metal *cough*Steel Panther*cough*, these guys are retro in a good way. If you prefer the Soundhouse to the Sunset Strip, keep an eye out for Medusa!" (Gruesome Greg, StonerRock`s Canadian Correspondent (TooHighToGetItRight.com)


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Blue Gillespie

As also seen on The Soda Shop
Today's New Band To Burn One To is from Newport, Wales United Kingdom. Their name is Blue Gillespie. They are a four piece hard rock group that plays hard rock/stoner and metal music. The guitars are fast and furious and even doomy at times. The vocals are like a little Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and a little like Joe Sweet (Brand New Sin).
Following the two successful Cave Country EP's, Newport based progressive metal band Blue Gillespie present their first full length Album "Synesthesia". After two years of hard work, Blue Gillespie are now energised in the belief that they have found their sound.

The name of the band originates in the idea that all of us have an alter-ego manifesting itself in the most negative aspects of our personality i.e. arrogance, jealousy, hate, despair, self-loathing and rage. One way to purge our angry doppelgängers and keep them from surfacing in polite company is to indulge them through music.

Gillespie is the name of the band’s collective evil alter-ego. The lyrics are his mind, the bass is his foot, the guitar is his hand and the drum his heart. Given a live platform Blue Gillespie invite an audience to join in this release of negativity through sludgy epic riffs, brutal intricate beats, aggressive bluesy vocal lines and on the spectators part, sweaty relentless head banging.

Blue Gillespie is meant for an audience who recognise a "Gillespie" in themselves. The angry voice inside, spitting and cursing at a world which never seems to offer a foothold as leverage to enlightenment. The desperate raging voice that has no ear in everyday social surroundings.

By vanquishing their alter-egos through the music, listeners may feel closer to the more positive, optimistic aspects of their nature.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Sleestak

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Todays New Band To Burn One To is Sleestak. They are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and play an experimental/psychedelic/metal. They have some pretty heavy and trippy tunes. Definitely a good one to listen to when passing fatty around with your best buds (pun intended).

DOOM. PSYCHEDELIA. STONER ROCK. The three terms which solidify and justify the existence of this musical anomaly known as SLEESTAK.

Formed in late 2003 with former members of Sixinch, Atomic Number 9, and Planet Delirium, Sleestak have become one of the midwest's most unique bands, gaining fans in the region and abroad with their metal/psychedelic fused doom rock. Sometimes labeled a "metal jam band", the band often delve into the bluesy realms of improvisation and embrace free-flowing instrumentals, taking the music into epic mind-altering depths. Through live demos, bootlegs, and studio recordings over the past couple years, Sleestak have garnered radio play, media praise, and positive comparisons to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Isis, Colour Haze, The Melvins, Godflesh, Ten Years After, and other groups that thrive on experimentation, originality, and heaviness.

The "Skylon Express" full length album was officially released May 2010 in digital format worldwide and can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, MediaNet, Shockhound, and other digital media outlets. Featuring 8 songs that span the first 4 years of the band's existence showcasing a disregard for a standard style of music and a sure love of strangeness and experimentation. One thing is certain - it's HEAVY.

2010 also brings the band's next studio effort "The Fall Of Altrusia", set to begin recording in mid-July. This will not be a typical album by any standard. One can expect a journey, an experience like no other that will take the listener for a mind trip of emotions for nearly 60 minutes. Greatly influenced by other epic long-playing compositions from the likes of Cathedral, Sleep, Ufomammut, and Pink Floyd, "The Fall Of Altrusia" promises to deliver the psychotropic goods.
And deliver the goods they do

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Powerhead

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

Today's New Band To Burn One To is Powerhead. They are from Australia. Their style is a down and dirty stoner rock. Very cool indeed.Their latest album is called Celestial Frankenstein and it's a monster. Their sound is a bit of hard rock and stoner.
Stoner Rockers POWERHEAD have been kickin' around the Sydney underground for a few years, living up a reputation for fun live shows, and sheer heaviness. Starting off in a more Rock'n'Roll Stoner direction the sound has developed into a grinding, doom laden, down tuned, progressive onslaught while retaining a sense of Melody and song.

Featuring long time warhorses Anthony Keena on guitar and vocals whom is also a respected live Sound Engineer in Sydney. Paul Hardcorben drives the Ludwig, x - seminal noise/metal act Public Hanging, and Charlie Holmes on bass and vocals, a talented illustrator and ideas man. Paul also plays in Rock'n'Roll act "The Devine Electric".

POWERHEAD have released one demo and an EP- "Shadow of the Thunderchief" a good recording reflecting the band a few years ago, but now the guys have completed a new Slab, the epic "Celestial Frankenstein" Recording and production was handled by Anthony to reflect the bands true sound of heaviness and intensity. Celestial Frankenstein is now available at iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Napster.

So If you are sick of glammy mamby pamby indie lightweights, Or the false posturing of nu-metal and you yearn for big sludging riffs with cerebral headtrips that pay hommage to the past, but in no way get stuck in it. Then check out POWERHEAD at their next gig.....we aim to please yo assssss!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heavy Rotation-Black Tusk-"Taste The Sin"

One album that has caught my ear over the past few weeks is the new album by Black Tusk called "Taste The Sin". It looks like Georgia is becoming the hot bed for some great bands of late. Compared to luminaries such as Mastodon and Baroness, Black Tusk stamps their unique take on the ever so crushing mix of Southern-fried hardcore sludge metal.


"Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Black Tusk is a 3-piece band and their sound is described as swamp metal. I have seen them compared to bands such as Baroness, Kylesa and Eyehategod, among others. The cover art was contributed by John Baizley of Baroness.

At just under 35 minutes long, you might think that each song blows by without leaving much of an impact. You’d be wrong there. The songs “Snake Charmer” and “Unleash The Wrath” both have a slight doom metal feel to them a la Electric Wizard and others as well, even picking up a bit of Baroness (at least to my ears). Elements of sludge and punk exist in “Embrace The Madness” and “Red Eyes, Black Skies”.

I feel that “Way of Horse and Bow” is one of the strongest tracks, bringing together all of the influences into a track that has the punk intensity and in ways, is slightly reminiscent of Municipal Waste. Tracks 7 through 10 are actually four chapters known as “Double Clutchin” and as the song titles suggest, are there to sonically capture the act of double clutching in a drag race and the car nut in me can only dream of double-clutching a Dodge Charger. All four songs slowly fuse together, and if not for the profanity in the last track (which may be bleepable?), would work together if played back to back.

This is a fantastic album from an up-and-coming band who can only get better with time. While it’s easy to think that Black Tusk a clone or knock-off of similar bands from the same area, you’d be doing them a grave disservice if you didn’t listen to this album from start to finish. Taste The Sin is easily one of my picks for 2010."


"Black Tusk have kept the blogosphere abuzz with their steady slew of splits, EPs, and one full-length since 2005. The recent signing to Relapse was no shocker, and their association with some of the biggest names in the sludge/beard metal scene only served to throw the hype-meter into overdrive. So does Taste The Sin meet these potentially unrealistic expectations? Absolutely, and it does so by sticking to the script, with the band delivering their best set of songs the band self-described as swamp metal boot-stompers. Black Tusk rip through this ten song beast with no pretense and plenty of down-home swagger, striking a balance between a Southern-fried Motorhead and a sludgy aesthetic.

From mud-caked blues riffs to the Jaeger, weed, Black Sabbath, and the “don’t know where I’m goin’ but I ain’t goin’ slow” snarl, this thing isn’t afraid to ride a monstrous groove and just deliver on the promise of some straight up rollicking rock ’n roll (“Way of Horse and Bow” anyone?). This is the kind of release where the influences are obvious, but instead of governing the thought process they provide a foundation from which Black Tusk have built their identity. Taste The Sin is an unkempt affair, so leave your sundresses and pleated khakis at home.

Now about those big-name associations: much has been made of a perceived connection between Black Tusk and fellow Georgian metal bands Mastodon and Baroness, and though I have no idea if this is a real camaraderie or an imagined geographic and sonic comparison, what I do know is that out of the three Black Tusk seem most willing to get their hands dirty. Instead of a rambling concept album about some sort of space czar, this feels like a gritty, direct look at the dark underbelly of the Dixie delivered by men who cherish their Miller High Life and their Sleep records. These guys have way more Down, Weedeater, and even some punk in their stew than either Mastodon or Baroness, and while it may not have the same progressive bent, Taste The Sin more than holds its own against Crack the Skye and Blue Record as their rough-around-the-edges but charming-as-all-get-out cousin." -Jake Oliver, DecoyMusic.com

Track Listing:

01. Embrace the Madness
02. Snake Charmer
03. Red Eyes, Black Skies
04. Way of Horse and Bow
05. Unleash the Wrath
06. Twist the Knife
07. Redline
08. Takeoff
09. The Ride
10. The Crash


Recommended for fans of: Mastodon, Baroness, Eyehategod, Kylesa

New Band To Burn One To - Mutts

As also seen on The Soda Shop

The next New Band To Burn One To hails form the windy city, Chicago, IL.
Mutts first played together while recording Pretty Pictures EP in July 2009. The session was partially something to do on a week off from touring, and partially a release from record label politics. Drummer Chris Faller had recently left Fueled By Ramen standout The Hush Sound (in which he played bass) after their second album, citing two suffocating studio experiences among his reasons. Bassist Bob Buckstaff’s prior band Wax on Radio also achieved national recognition, before parting ways due to disagreements with Downtown Records over their debut release. And keyboardist Mike Maimone had met Buckstaff in January, when both were hired to play for Wind-Up Records band Company of Thieves. Fresh from his self-released debut recording, Maimone quickly learned that a young band on a big budget label endures scrutiny at every turn.

While on tour in early 2009, Buckstaff pitched the idea of recording a follow-up EP to Maimone’s album by tracking an impromptu session live to tape. They called on mutual friend and engineer Jon Alvin to record the project. He suggested Stereophonic Studio, an old warehouse on the north side of Chicago with a 1960’s 8-track tape machine, and also enlisted Faller on drums. The trio hadn’t played together, and the songs were just ideas Maimone had recorded to his phone on hotel lobby pianos. But with tape rolling, the trio arranged their parts and came up with a 4-track EP, becoming a new band in the process.

Back on the road with their other projects, Mutts play shows whenever they return to Chicago. These have recently included Logan Square Auditorium, Lincoln Hall, multiple Beat Kitchen dates, and Schuba’s coming up on August 30th. They have earned a reputation for chaotic and spontaneous sets, playing the EP songs, covers such as a honky-tonk piano version M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, and revamping cuts from Maimone’s solo album.

In early 2010, a lineup change threw a wrench in plans to record a second EP. But it wasn’t a change in Mutts’ lineup; Company of Thieves replaced Buckstaff with Faller on bass. With his rhythm section suddenly at odds, Maimone invited drummer and friend Cory Healey to play on the session. The trio returned to Stereophonic with Jon Alvin again engineering. This time Maimone left the acoustic piano, playing a vintage Wurlitzer though a Leslie and various tube amps. Again finishing the arrangements as they went, We Float EP was tracked in 3 days and became an immediate and honest reaction to a turbulent time.

We Float EP and Pretty Pictures EP are both available as free downloads on MuttsMusic.com, as well as Bandcamp and other digital sites. Both EPs are also free on CD at shows, and available in the mail via MuttsMusic.com for $5 to cover shipping & handling.

This summer Mutts finished tracking their 3rd release – The Tells of Parallels EP – to be released in October. A vinyl re-issue of all 3 EPs will be available in early 2011.
Head on over to their sites and get your EPs for free. Their official site has MP3 format. Their Bandcamp site has FLAC as well as formats and the ability to buy a physical CD. Enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Ape!

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

The next New Band To Burn One To is from the Philadelphia/Delaware area. Their name is Ape!. Their style is a punk'd up garage rock. Think Nirvana, meets the Stooges. Their influences are Karp, Nirvana, The Stooges, The Melvins, Neurosis, The Wipers, The Jesus Lizard, Mclusky, Black Sabbath and Kyuss. They currently have one album, 2 splits and a practice tape available for purchase. Check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Review - Geronimo! - Fuzzy Dreams

As also seen on The Soda Shop

A few days ago I featured Geronimo! as a New Band To Burn One To here and on The Soda Shop. I had a chance to listen to the album and at the time I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not. Upon a second, third and fourth listen I think this is a really brilliant album. It's quick, it's quirky, it rocks and as part of the album title says, it's fuzzy.

The opening track, Thunderbattles," had me thinking I was listen to Alice in Chains. The songs starts out a lot like "I Don't know Anything" by the legendary band however it quickly changes pace and separates itself. "Design Yourself A Heart" continues the fastness but by the third song, "Fill Me Up," it slows down a bit and becomes a little more ambient sounding and mellow but picks up steam. "Deep Warmth" is an almost 8 minute ambient track that changes speed throughout. It doesn't get really heavy and even has a 90's alternative rock feel to it. it really mellows out at the end. It really should have been the last track on the album but it still fits in well where it's at. The last track, "Judgment Day" features some really well played out acoustic guitar as well as a brass section. It's a little weird at first but after you listen to the track you can really appreciate it.

Geronimo! have been around for about 3 years and I find it odd that I'm only hearing about them now seeing that we share the same hometown. No time like the present though. The album is still fairly new and now I'm glad I can share in spreading the buzz about this fine album. The first listen waas good but after multiple listens, I'm really hooked on it and like it a lot. Check the band out on their Myspace page, feel free to download the first track off their album and if you like it, buy thr album from the band. It only cots $5.

Geronimo! links Myspace / Thunderbattles (free download) / Facebook / Buy the album

New Design For Heavy Planet

Well, as you can see I redesigned the blog. I stayed with the same color scheme but went with a different layout so I can add more exciting features on the right hand side of the blog. My wife designed the new logo going with a comic strip type of design. Look for more exciting stuff coming in the next few months to Heavy Planet. Let me know what you think of the new design.

Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge, Etc. News For Week Ending 8/8/2010

Here are the top Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge, Etc. news stories for week ending 8/8/2010.

Reunited 'Animosity'-Era Lineup Of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: First Video Footage

RAVENS CREED Announces New Singer

Reunited BUZZOV*EN Announces U.S. Tour Dates


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Guitarist Talks 'Animosity' Lineup Reunion, Future Plans

MONSTER MAGNET To Release New Album 'Mastermind' In October

MASTERS OF REALITY: 'Pine/Cross Dover' To Receive U.S. Release In September

ARGUS To Enter Studio In The Fall

KYLESA: New Video Interview Available


For more news check out StonerRock.com and The Soda Shop.

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New Band To Burn One To - Priority Orange

Also seen on The Soda Shop

This next kick ass band for the New Band To Burn One To is Priority Orange. They hail from Australia. They describe their music as alternative/metal/grunge. Think Alice in Chains which happens to be an influence).

Born out of a rebellious necessity in the current dirges of popular music, Priority Orange seek to bring an element of volatility and individuality into an otherwise stagnant and predictable scene. Taking cues from the last four decades, the band primarily aim to fuse early-90s heavy-grunge in the style of Alice In Chains and Helmet with the 70s progressive rock sensibilities of bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, while presenting the assembly in a aggressive quasi-industrial modern metal approach reminiscent of the works of Nine Inch Nails and Devin Townsend. A debut self-titled EP was released in 2009 which highlighted the former set of influences in a raw, scathing burst, and in 2010 a second EP is to be recorded that will reveal a heavier and more focused side of the band.
They have 4 tracks up on their Myspace page for you to sample and an EP to purchase as well as a second EP on the way. Check them out now.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Warhound

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Todays New band To Burn One To is from Richmond, IN. They are Warhound. Here's how the band describes their music because they sum it up real good.

Warhound was formed out of a necessity for a "return to roots" ideology. Originally the band got together in Jan. 2008 just to "mess around" and see what happens. But then things started clicking and bammo! A new band. If you could put Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Led Zeppelin in a blender and have Bob Pollard mix it, you'll have something close to what Warhound sounds like. Includes former and current members of Twelve Tribes, Shroud, Stiltskin, and Drench.

That kinda sums it up there. Vocalist Chris Sullivan has a voice that is very similar to Chris Cornell during the early Soundgarden days. Their sound is pretty close too. Right now there are only 3 demos on their Myspace page but they are very good demos. It's a good indication of things to come from this kick ass band.


Warhound Myspace

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Friday, August 6, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Charlie Hustle

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

Charlie hustle is one of those very cool stoner rock bands from Ohio. First I'll let you see their description stolen straight from their Myspace page

Charlie Hustle was formed in 2008 in Columbus Ohio. Nick Swig and Joshua Jamerelli had been playing guitar together for years in multiple hardcore projects and found themselves with an opportunity to jam with singer and long time drinking buddy Matt Ridgeway. The three of them had talked for a while about starting a straight forward rock n roll band and this was the perfect time to finally get to dive into it. In an ever changing time in the music world with the internet and the decline of records sales Charlie Hustle brings something real to the table. After going through a few different bass players and drummers the line up was finally solidified with the addition of long time friends and long standing Columbus musicians Tony Ruble on the bass and Terry Gruber on drums. What seemed to take forever has finally come to life with a final solid lineup and a beyond excellent chemistry. The sound comes from a group of guys who grew up on classic rock n roll and lived in the heart of the mid west. Also the unique fact that most members played in various hardcore bands (ie. Kingpin , Yesterdays Youth , For the Proud , Ground Control , Outta Line) add an aggressive touch to there classic style of rock n roll. Charlie Hustle is still in its early stages with five guys who believe in rock n roll and will settle for nothing less than the top. These guys believe they are bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to what sometimes seems to be a stagnant scene of bands constantly biting each others style. Charlie Hustle is a guitar driven no gimmicks party rock n roll band trying to bring a good time back to a music culture that at times can take itself to seriously. Hope you enjoy the jams and and rock n roll will never die.
That said I'd like to say that I'm so glad that I get to do this feature (Thank you Reg). I get to discover kick ass bands like Charlie Hustle. My best description is they're a mix of The Highgears, Truckfighters and a little Five Horse Johnson. They play fuzzed out stone rock. They have 8 kick ass tuns on their Myspace page for your enjoyment. Sadly no music for purchase or free download. Maybe they can set up a FREE Bandcamp account and offer some??? (hint hint). Check them out!


Charlie Hustle Myspace

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

Next is hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA, a fine stoner/metal band from Italy.Their style is a very cool downtuned desert rock style of stoner rock with some hints of post grunge, experimental rock. very very cool stuff indeed. Check out their Myspace to hear some sample and make sure you grab their free track they are giving away on their official website.




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