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Friday, August 6, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Charlie Hustle

As Also seen on The Soda Shop

Charlie hustle is one of those very cool stoner rock bands from Ohio. First I'll let you see their description stolen straight from their Myspace page

Charlie Hustle was formed in 2008 in Columbus Ohio. Nick Swig and Joshua Jamerelli had been playing guitar together for years in multiple hardcore projects and found themselves with an opportunity to jam with singer and long time drinking buddy Matt Ridgeway. The three of them had talked for a while about starting a straight forward rock n roll band and this was the perfect time to finally get to dive into it. In an ever changing time in the music world with the internet and the decline of records sales Charlie Hustle brings something real to the table. After going through a few different bass players and drummers the line up was finally solidified with the addition of long time friends and long standing Columbus musicians Tony Ruble on the bass and Terry Gruber on drums. What seemed to take forever has finally come to life with a final solid lineup and a beyond excellent chemistry. The sound comes from a group of guys who grew up on classic rock n roll and lived in the heart of the mid west. Also the unique fact that most members played in various hardcore bands (ie. Kingpin , Yesterdays Youth , For the Proud , Ground Control , Outta Line) add an aggressive touch to there classic style of rock n roll. Charlie Hustle is still in its early stages with five guys who believe in rock n roll and will settle for nothing less than the top. These guys believe they are bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to what sometimes seems to be a stagnant scene of bands constantly biting each others style. Charlie Hustle is a guitar driven no gimmicks party rock n roll band trying to bring a good time back to a music culture that at times can take itself to seriously. Hope you enjoy the jams and and rock n roll will never die.
That said I'd like to say that I'm so glad that I get to do this feature (Thank you Reg). I get to discover kick ass bands like Charlie Hustle. My best description is they're a mix of The Highgears, Truckfighters and a little Five Horse Johnson. They play fuzzed out stone rock. They have 8 kick ass tuns on their Myspace page for your enjoyment. Sadly no music for purchase or free download. Maybe they can set up a FREE Bandcamp account and offer some??? (hint hint). Check them out!


Charlie Hustle Myspace

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