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Thursday, January 31, 2008

KYUSS- The Kings Of The Desert

Whether you call it Stoner Rock or Desert Rock, one band single-handedly put the genre on the map. That band would be the giant collectively known as KYUSS. The band has also spawned many other successful bands from members of the group. You owe it to yourself to see why this band was so dominant and brought forth a new genre to the world of Hard Rock/Metal, that is if you haven't already. "Welcome To Sky Valley" remains one of my top 5 favorite albums of all-time. Here are a few videos for you to check out.

KYUSS-"Demon Cleaner"

KYUSS-"Green Machine"

Band members:

Nick Oliveri-Bass, Rhythm Guitar (MONDO GENERATOR)
Brant Bjork-Drums (FU MANCHU)

For more detailed information check out these awesome websites:


Band links:





Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tony Iommi Is God!!!!!

Word has it that Tony Iommi is currenting putting riffs together for a new HEAVEN AND HELL record.

Author/journalist Joel McIver interviewed Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN AND HELL) last week for Total Guitar magazine. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Total Guitar: Is it true that HEAVEN AND HELL are writing songs for a new studio album?

Iommi: Yes, we will be. I'm just putting some riff ideas together now. Then Ronnie [James Dio, vocals] will come over to my house and off we go. We're really looking forward to it, I'm interested to see what will come up. When we've got the basic ideas for the songs ready, we'll probably go over to L.A. and rehearse with the other guys.

Total Guitar: You've been asked about the possibility of a new HEAVEN AND HELL album since the project was announced two years ago. Have you just recently made the decision to record again then?

Iommi: Yes. We talked about it on the last part of the tour. In Japan I said to Ronnie, "Are you up for doing a new album, or what?" and everybody seems really keen to do it.

Total Guitar: Presumably this new album pushes any new recordings from the Ozzy Osbourne-led lineup of BLACK SABBATH further into the future?

Iommi: It does, yes. This project will be a lot quicker, because it makes sense to go into a HEAVEN AND HELL album soon after the tour — while it's still remembered, really.

Total Guitar: Ten years ago I bet you wouldn't have predicted that you'd now be recording a new album as HEAVEN AND HELL, right?

Iommi: No! You just never know. It's been like that for our whole lives, to be honest with you. We do things because they seem like a good idea at the time.

Visit www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk to buy the Total Guitar issue (TG175) containing the entire Tony Iommi interview.

If you did not get a chance to go see HEAVEN AND HELL on tour this past year you can buy the DVD at this location.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

MetalHead Hockey Players

Being a huge hockey fan, I found this story to be rather interesting. Brann Dailor, drummer for MASTODON recently penned a blog about metalhead hockey players in the NHL. Here is how the blog reads.

"I’ve had a chance to meet several hockey players in the past few years and it’s always really cool to spend some time with them and compare stories about our lives as musicians and their lives as hockey players.

That’s another reason why I am excited that I can go to the All-Star Game in my hometown to see so many of these great players on one stage.

I’ve met some of the Thrashers, although it can be hard because they are so busy with their season while they are here and we can be busy with touring or making a new record. But, we did that thing on Inside the NHL with Atlanta defensemen Garnet Exelby and Mark Popovic and that was pretty cool. They’re both fans of the heavy music, so that was a lot of fun.

I’ve also recently hung out with Drew Stafford and Toni Lydman of the Buffalo Sabres. They had a Sunday game down here a little while back and they got in on a Saturday and we had them over to the house to hang out. My wife made lasagna and I picked their brains about being hockey players and they picked mine about being a musician.

They live a really cool lifestyle, but I’ll still take playing the drums. Their season seems like such a grind with all the games and everything. I guess they are compensated well for it, but I’ll still take being a musician.

They also came by our practice base, too, and hung out. Drew actually jammed with us. He plays the guitar and he is pretty good. He knew our song “Wolf is Loose” off our latest record, “Blood Mountain.,” so we played that. And, he had this pretty cool song of his that he presented to us and played and I got some drum tracks to go along with it and we just jammed. He was really good.

I had met Toni Lydman before at a music festival in Finland. We were playing this festival and he came up to me after the show. I had no idea who he was and we were just chatting and then he asks if we are ever going to play in the Buffalo area and I’m like, What do you care? That’s when he told me he lived there and played for the Sabres. I was like, “Oh my God!”

There seems to be a lot of hockey guys that are into the heavy metal music.

I feel that style of music totally fits the sport better than anything else. It’s like total speed and just, you know, people getting their heads bashed apart.

And, the level of skill you need to have to play heavy metal is like the level of skill you need to play hockey. I think some of the most skilled musicians are some of the death-metal and speed-metal guys out there, you know?

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, we have a couple of shows to play with Neurosis in Brooklyn tonight and tomorrow night, but we’ll be back in Atlanta for the weekend. Stop by tomorrow and I’ll give those of you lucky enough to be heading into Atlanta for the game some of our favorite haunts in the city."

Go here to read more.

As a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I'd be curious to know how many of them are into metal. By the way, GO PENS!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TROUBLE: 'Simple Mind Condition' To Receive U.S. Release In February


"Simple Mind Condition" , the latest album from the Chicago doom legends TROUBLE, will receive its long-awaited U.S. release in February via Escapi Music.

The follow-up to 1995's "Plastic Green Head", "Simple Mind Condition" was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL).

TROUBLE has scheduled the following U.S. dates:

Jan. 26 - Vnuk's Lounge - Cudahy, WI
Jan. 27 - House of Blues – Chicago, IL

TROUBLE will team up with DRAGONLORD and COVERED CALL for a European tour in April 2008.

The band was scheduled to begin shipping its long-awaited "Unplugged" CD last month. The first 100 copies to be sold were to be signed by the band.

The track listing for the "classic" portion of the "Unplugged" CD is as follows:

01. Misery Shows Act II
02. Flowers
03. Rain
04. Requiem
05. Tragedy Man
+ two new tracks

Escapi Music reissued TROUBLE's classic first two albums, "Psalm 9" (1984) and "The Skull" (1985), on October 24, 2006. Both were digitally remastered and are packed with rare photos and brand new liner notes. "Psalm 9" includes an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a public-access TV performance from 1982. "The Skull" comes with an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a 16-track live performance from 1984.

Thanks Blabbermouth
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