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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Powerhead

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Today's New Band To Burn One To is Powerhead. They are from Australia. Their style is a down and dirty stoner rock. Very cool indeed.Their latest album is called Celestial Frankenstein and it's a monster. Their sound is a bit of hard rock and stoner.
Stoner Rockers POWERHEAD have been kickin' around the Sydney underground for a few years, living up a reputation for fun live shows, and sheer heaviness. Starting off in a more Rock'n'Roll Stoner direction the sound has developed into a grinding, doom laden, down tuned, progressive onslaught while retaining a sense of Melody and song.

Featuring long time warhorses Anthony Keena on guitar and vocals whom is also a respected live Sound Engineer in Sydney. Paul Hardcorben drives the Ludwig, x - seminal noise/metal act Public Hanging, and Charlie Holmes on bass and vocals, a talented illustrator and ideas man. Paul also plays in Rock'n'Roll act "The Devine Electric".

POWERHEAD have released one demo and an EP- "Shadow of the Thunderchief" a good recording reflecting the band a few years ago, but now the guys have completed a new Slab, the epic "Celestial Frankenstein" Recording and production was handled by Anthony to reflect the bands true sound of heaviness and intensity. Celestial Frankenstein is now available at iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Napster.

So If you are sick of glammy mamby pamby indie lightweights, Or the false posturing of nu-metal and you yearn for big sludging riffs with cerebral headtrips that pay hommage to the past, but in no way get stuck in it. Then check out POWERHEAD at their next gig.....we aim to please yo assssss!!!


  1. Celestial Frankenstein now available on ebay as well as online.

  2. Powerhead is so badass, Your album - SOTTC is downright bitchin' for roadtrips or any other feats of awesome journeying, shagging, partying ect.
    but celestial frankenstein BLEW MY HEAD OFF, seriously beyond epic! Should be reserved for massacring an assload of nazi's, a field trip into HELL with your chipper tour-guide SATAN or ploughing a dodge charger (modded by the A-team) through scores of trendy, emo zombies.....


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