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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": The Hedons / My Sleeping Karma


The Hedons: Tomb of Stars 

Indiana Astro Doom heavyweights The Hedons have returned in glorious fashion with their latest full length Tomb of Stars. The trio were introduced as a New Band To Burn One To back in August 2011 with their debut Earth on My Nerves. Our Head Honcho [Reg] celebrated the very manifestation of the Heavy Planet soul in what The Hedons were creating. And you know... as I sip my cup of decaf Maxwell House, I couldn't agree with Reg more. The Hedons' self description of Astro Doom comprehensively expresses the blend of genres that bring us to Heavy Planet everyday. Tomb of Stars boast plenty of fuzz and distortion with big sides of cosmic effects and spaced out RIFFS. The band have also studied their influences diligently. Looking for some Black Sabbath-y stuff, spin At The Mountains. Need a touch of Wino? Album closer Ragnarok has you covered. But nothing quite hits home for me like the slow psychedelic burn of Sludgeflower, definitely my favorite track of Tomb of Stars and possible my favorite song title this year. Say it with me now... Sludgeflower. With an album this well put together, it's inevitable that The Hedon's will end up among the Heavy Planet hallowed.

Jace Epple – Drums // Vocals 
Jeff Kaleth – Guitars // Vocals
Robert Ryan Strawsma – Bass // Vocals



My Sleeping Karma: Soma 

After a few weeks of nothing but rollickin' rock, dismal doom, and sodden sludge there comes a time for quiet reflection. Now, by quiet reflection I don't necessarily mean silence. I enjoy music to much to deal with silence. Deciding to give some time to Aschaffenburg's [Germany] My Sleeping Karma and their introspective instrumental grooves on their latest release Soma I found just the quiet time I was in need of. This four-some's sound leave the lyrics to their listener's conscience while the gently plucked guitar entwine with the remaining trio's rhythmic foundation. Repetitive, yes. Meditative, even more so. Expect a more Red Sparrows vibe then Pelican. The heavy is there, its just a placid heavy. Check out my favorite track Ephedra below. The tracks steady and recurrent themes build to a luscious crescendo. Good karma isn't always easy to come by so get some now on vinyl or CD at My Sleeping Karma's web-store or download it from Amazon or iTunes. Peace be with you.


Matte - Bass 
Norman - Soundboard 
Seppi - Guitar 
Steffen - Drums

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  1. Love that new MSK album, got the ltd ed. marble vinyl and it's gorgeous.


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