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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: CATTLE



We're called CATTLE, we're based in Leeds and we play noise rock in the vein of Big Business, Jesus Lizard and Godheadsilo. We're a three piece (bass, drums and vocals) and we started in summer 2012 having played in different bands around the Leeds scene.


"I'll have to admit, hardcore noise-rock is not really my cup of tea. When asked to review this band's latest EP I was quite hesitant. Forgive me if my statements may be a bit inaccurate, but this is what I hear when listening to the band's latest self-titled EP. Most noise rock in my opinion is exactly that...noise. Cattle is much more than noise. The opening track "Rockets" has a bass-heavy Primus kind of thing going on and is rather cool. For some reason I am hearing a bit of a Refused influence within these songs as well. The songs reverberate with a heavy fuzz and leave you feeling rattled while you are covered in a thick and murky sludge. The vocals are primarily yelled, but I suppose that is the hardcore aspect of the music. The songs are well-structured and dare I say melodic ("Sun Fangs and Wide Eyes").  Soft passages frequently give way to a gnawing slab of bone-rattling rawness and aggression as is the case with EP closer "Pyramid Shaped Hole" which even breaks into a nice little jazzy interlude. While listening to this EP a few times over I found myself really enjoying it primarily due to the fact that it had a varied sound."

The EP is available on Bandcamp for "name your price"

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