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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Album Review: Frozen Planet….1969 - Electric Smokehouse

The new album Electric Smokehouse from Sydney, Australia's own Frozen Planet….1969 is fully instrumental, completely improvised and full on intergalactic.  Seriously, like nothing I have ever experienced before outside of a certain psychotropic.  Just an insane carnival ride through multiple dimensions that you don't want to end or you do want it to end or your not sure if it is ever going to end and you are going to be stuck like this forever.  One way or the other your life will never be what it was when it's done.   

The band is comprised of Paul Attard tripping out on guitar, Lachlan Paine bringing the heavy low end fuzz on bass and Frank Attard pulling it all together on drums.  Their songwriting style is to not write songs, why bother?  They just jam.  Man, they fucking jam.   

I just listened to the album for the third time in a row and am sitting here in silence.  Heart palpitating, a little short of breath and not sure what to do next.  There is nothing to follow this album up with except maybe a cigarette and some quiet time.  I feel exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. 

Electric Smokehouse will be released on January 11th through Pepper Shaker Records.  Of course there will also be vinyl (in black or transparent purple).  

You have to check this one out, you just may look at life a little bit differently after you do. 



  1. All of the guys at Fall of an Empire appreciate this compliment. Truly an honer to be recognized among our peers. The Croweater EP was just half of a full length record. Croweater part 2: The Last Wishes of Kings should be done by early March at the latest.



  2. Love this band. Such great guys. It is my pleasure to occasionally play with the brother's Attard. Truly privileged.


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