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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Devil's Child Records. X-Suns, Mos Generator, Sower, Year of the Cobra, Infinite Flux, Mammoth Salmon etc....

Devil's Child Records is the brainchild of Michael and Rachel Williams. Their love of heavy music and vinyl brought them to start up their own independent label and put out some tasty limited wax  from some of the Northwests finest in the genre's of Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic and Heavy rock.
Their first release is a 12" split from Mos Generator ( Doom the animated Movie, Maryland Doom fest etc..) and Sower (Stone Axe alum).
They followed that up with a co label release from Year of the Cobra which is pretty near sold out and a great record as well.
DCR will also be releasing albums from Infinite Flux, Mammoth Salmon, Teacher, Mother Crone and Teepee Creeper in the near future, (I have these bands CD's and they are on heavy rotation on my Ipod and in my car... as are Mos, Sower and YOTC). A DCR fest in seattle is slated for July with most of these and some others sporting the bill.
Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on all the bands DCR will be releasing. But right now let's focus on their April 16th record store LP  release from X Suns ( The Greys).

X Suns ( pronounced 10 suns) are an instrumental space rock, math rock, post-whatever, prog core, stoner, sludge noise behemoth from Seattle. Think Isis, Russian Circles or Pelican and these guys hit that head on the nail.
Listening to this album I hear them weaving guitar lines effortlessly in and out with gorgeous textures of sound then cascading into heavier arrangements to take you to the peak.  Skull Breach is the perfect example of the soundtrack I think I've heard while high on mushrooms laying next to a beautiful girl who may or may not have been naked and may have also been a hallucination. But I think you understand what I'm getting at.
X Suns are also currently part of a soundtrack for 'Songs For the Firmament', which is an abstract live concert movie from Chris Mathews Jr and Joonior studios, exploring some of the strange phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest.\
 I've read about how they came together and filmed this and what a feat!
This also features Mos Generator and will be showing May 14th on Queen Anne Hill at Siff Cinema Uptown Seattle Wa.
X Suns The Greys has already been a Pirates Press record of the week! And will be up for sale at 1Oam Saturday on the DCR link below.
Follow this label and their bands, it will make your earholes moist.

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