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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LP Review: Rhythm & Booze by PIST

It was March ’14 when our ears were introduced to the savagely groovy metal riffs on Manchester, England’s, PIST, with their debut EP Riffology, in our New Band To Burn One To section, and it’s with great joy that the long awaited release of their debut album captures everything that we first loved about the band: brutal, drink infused riffs, husky, angered vocals, and a percussion section that leaves you moshing around every dark, beat-down dive you’ll find these guys demolishing.

The aptly named Rhythm & Booze record kicks off with what will soon be regarded as the band’s trademark sound on the track ‘Shitstorm’: a compact amalgamation of razor riffs played along a fuzzy metallic edge, pounding drums, and a screaming vocalist that wants to rip your face apart while at the same time pouring a beer down your neck and partying till dawn. ‘Dirt on Me’ is fucking brutal! It’s perfect party music for you and your stoner/metal/rock friends to smash beer cans together and through each other round in the party to end all, well, weekends. The one thing you cannot say about PIST is that they don’t give it everything they’ve got, because they do, and then chuck in the last of the drip tray too. ‘Detached’ has riffs that make your guts curdle, teetering between sludge and metal, all the while keeping a Southern Rock styling, which can be strange to hear from lads from a northern city in England.

PIST aren’t just about drinking, fighting, fucking, and partying (although if they were that’d be enough) they’re also great songwriters and musicians, raining in their animalistic instincts to create solid songs that form a well-rounded record, and not just a long onslaught of noise over belching.

As the record closes with the delightfully named ‘Cunt Lip’ and ‘Chunder’, you soon realise that the eighth beer you’ve somehow managed to down in one has made you aware of the hairy dude across the bar, who is eyeing up your woman and is calling you a pussy, and that he wants to brawl, and that everyone in the room is up for a good old punch up, and you let yourself go into the flow of the night’s brutality. This is all come about through Rhythm & Booze, and it was worth it. You can thank PIST for your black eye!

Rhythm & Booze is out now through When Planets Collide.

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