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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Goskino

With the sheer volume of music that comes our way here at Heavy Planet, as much as we delve and strive to find the best of the best, sometimes the odd worthwhile band falls between the sleepless days and the feedback distortion of the again sleepless night. Sometimes we may be playing catch up, but when it comes to the fuzzed-out noise of Goskino, it is an encounter that has been worth the wait.

Having only released their debut in March of last year, the frenzied fuzz duo from Stratford Upon Avon, UK,  have stomped their feet firmly at the head of the heavy fuzz garage rock scene, with a sound that is very raw, full of primal urges, and killer punch lines. The duo of Tom Angell (vocals, guitar) and Greg McLeod (drums, vocals) are like two stoners brought up on razor wire garage rock with teenage angst frothing from their mouths. Their debut Fuzz Bomb is as raw and straight-to-the-point as you could wish for, with 11 tracks barely making 30 minutes, their DIY and punk ethos is a joy to listen to, making you cry out “why can’t every band do it this way?.”

Fuzz Bomb is one frenetic fuzzed out moment of the duo’s lives that could never be replicated, making it a fresh, welcome listen, but the riffs and drum destruction want  you to head bang your brains out of your ears, hold the membrane in your hands, lift towards the sky, and yell “FUCK YEAH”!


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