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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zac's "Quik Drag": Hungry Brains

Zac's "Quik Drag": Hungry Brains

Hungry Brains: Centre Of The Omniverse

If for some strange reason you missed Hungry Brains single Crooked Eye on last weeks NBTBOT Playlist this Quik Drag will bring your ears up to speed.  Hungry Brains is a UK based progressive metal band with a stoner rock disposition and an excellent taste for cover-art.  Centre Of The Omniverse's Salvador Dali inspired cover piece is one of the best I've seen this year.  Enough pictorial art though, lets get to the sound!  Hybridizing the technicality of Mastodon and the syncopation of Tool, Hungry Brains exercise their rhythym section continuously, making for a groove focused sound.  That groove / art metal character is contrasted by a huge vocal delivery.  Part Dream Theater's James LaBrie and part Dio, Callum's hardened vocal chords add an extra jolt to the sound.  Hungry Brains' are currently preparing the release of The Mule, which should be out sometime this autumn.  In the mean-time check out my favorite jam Dawn Of A New Age above.  If the infectious sludge RIFFS don't convince you then the battery from Hungry Brains bass and percussion certainly will.


Paul Daly
Callum Armstrong
Orestis Papisback

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