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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Demo EP Review - Mountain High

Mountain High from Philadelphia play straight up, no bullshit, stripped down and low down doom metal. There are no words, the riffs speak for themselves and they come in great waves of bong raising splendor. Sleep-like, their riffs are long smoked out affairs, they savor the sustained throb of lowend and every crushing note without letting up for a moment.

The 3 instrumentals that make up Mountain High's demo EP consist of:

"Gravity" which opens with a thoroughly baked riff that takes it's time in developing but stays consistently crushing throughout the track with slow but devastating drums and an acid drenched wah'd bass jam half way. Huge riffs are bashed out with a very stoned lean while Mountain High take their time in churning them out and blowing a thick haze of green stained heavy fuzz into your ear holes.

"Shroomie" is more of the crushing same and as it has come to that time of the year again where I am, this track serves as a great reminder and a perfect soundtrack to my upcoming explorations. The riffs on this beast come in great torrents of satisfying doom metal, no pretense, just fucking heavy riffs and big drums ahoy.

"Suneater" ends the demo with a mellow psychedelic intro that builds from feedback to a most pleasing drop into yet more bong raising riffs bringing to mind the likes of Warhorse and early Electric Wizard. The massive riffs and snail paced drumming has this track lumber forth like an obese mountainous beast; heavy and lazy and loaded down with long stoned grooves. This is doom metal to raise your bong to without having to sit up from your couch and it is most excellent indeed.

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