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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Band to Burn One To: The Playlist-Volume 4

Wow! Volume 4 already. It is amazing how fast a month goes. Today we have some amazing music to rattle your eardrums. From the insane post-metal sludge of Chicago's Taken by the Sun to the classic heavy doom of Buenos Aires's El Caos Reptante there is something new for you to discover. We also have some killer new tracks from the highly anticipated releases from Causa Sui and Sasquatch. We thank you for checking out Heavy Planet and hope you enjoy our weekly playlist. Most importantly, if you find a band that you dig, help them out by buying their music and merchandise. Also, if there is a band that you like, why not tell everyone that you heard them on Heavy Planet! If you want a band heard, then spread the word.
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Now crank this mutha up!
Astral Shepherds - Enslaved
Causa Sui - Eternal Flow
Crowlord - Blue Lights
EL CAOS REPTANTE - La Cabra de los 10.000 RetoƱos
Hollow Leg -Ride To Ruin
Huge Rat Attacks - Organic Babies
Lizard Queen - Fuzzy Rat
Mother Engine - Weltraumwolf
Mothertone - Voyager
Sasquatch -The Message
Stone Titan - Alaskan Thunderfuck
Stonehenge - Scorch the Earth
Sunburster - Rusted Shut
Sutrah - Sandoval
Taken by the Sun - Watch the Skies
Using Bridge-Black Rebel
Waning Moon -Ruler Of Dust
Whoremoan-By The River

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