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Monday, August 5, 2013

EP Review - "Warm II" by Warm

There is nothing pretentious about Connecticut's Warm or this EP; this is how post metal should be played! Loud and fucking proud!! I've listened to a lot of post metal/rock and it's many deviations so far this year, some brilliant and some not so much, but Warm II is up there with the very best of them. I knew this with certainty by the end of my first hearing. It is stunning.

The EP opens with "Dissonance Frees" which explores the many levels that post metal can take with the transitions into each being seamless. There is anguish and conflict by the barrel load here but it is invigorating and had me feeling the tingles up my spine. This doesn't happen often with me so I warmed to Warm immediately.

"Verbuse" follows and lays on a heavy iron slab of Neurosis' proportions and with a lividly howled vocal and pace changes aplenty this track is high-octane post metal that in some sections boarders on the sludge side.

"Polar" starts off quite lightly in comparison to what was before and what is to come with an almost QOTSA-like riff and harmonious vocals striking a contrast to the plunge into huge sludgy riffs and loud howls with Warm blending these elements together perfectly. Midway there is a breakdown into intelligent guitar, bass and drum work while a blistering white hot lick takes the track to a triumphant fist raising metal conclusion.

Final track "In Margins" kicks off in a stoner metal vibe with mystical and wafting lyrics that drift airily over chunky drums and chugging stoner metal riffs. Huge sludge and monolithic drum bashing then enters which swells and morphs the track into a towering titan of metal which just gets heavier as the track progresses with an echoed heart slicing guitar lick that sees this track fade to silence and me asking "why isn't there more?"

I definitely want to hear more from Warm so I wait eagerly for a follow up LP which you can be sure will be getting a review here on Heavy Planet. Grab this EP now which is very kindly offered by the band as a free download from their Bandcamp.

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